Halloween costume

Usher Raymond, who dressed up as rapper Andre3000 for Halloween, is seeking a gag order to keep embarrassing details of his herpes lawsuit from going public.

Earlier this year an Atlanta woman named Laura Michelle Helm filed a lawsuit against Usher accusing him of infecting her with Herpes.

Her lawyer initially dropped the case, but Helm retained a different lawyer to refile the lawsuit.

Now Usher, 40, has filed a motion to keep the details of the lawsuit from going public.

In court documents obtained by Bossip, Usher requests a gag order claiming he is facing embarrassment, ridicule and damage to his public image if his medical records and sex partners become public.

Usher is also concerned about the blogs using the information for profit.

A ruling is pending, but, according to Usher’s fans, the damage to his public image has already been done.

in the photo above, Usher dressed up as Andre 3000 of the iconic rap group Outkast for Halloween.