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Dwight Howard is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by openly homosexual Youtube star and author Masin Elijé who accused the NBA star of sexual harassment back in November.

In his lawsuit, Elijé, left, claims Howard’s pastor threatened him if he didn’t turn over all evidence of an alleged sexual relationship between himself and Howard. Elijé claimed he was the ex-boyfriend of the Washington Wizards star.

Now, Howard is hitting back. He filed a lawsuit of his own alleging his relationship with Elijé never happened and he is asking for $10 million in damages for his pain and suffering.

According to published reports, Howard, 33, filed a federal lawsuit for slander, invasion of privacy and abusive litigation.

Howard’s countersuit claims:

“Mr. Howard is an upstanding citizen in all respects. Unfortunately, his public life and generosity have made him the target of the plaintiff as unrelenting and hostile smear campaign. And Maurice Singletary continues to aggressively harass, threaten, call and text Mr. Howard and besmirch his reputation on various social media platforms.”

Howard is asking for a jury trial.

So far, Elijé, who was born Maurice Singletary, has not responded to Howard’s counterclaims.

Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images