Jordan Craig recently won a huge victory in her child support battle with baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

According to Radar Online, Tristan was paying Jordan $15,000 a month in child support for their son, Prince, 2. But the 27-year-old Instagram model and blogger told the court she couldn’t give her son the same lifestyle that Tristan can afford.

In her deposition taken on January 31, 2019, Jordan tearfully said she wants her 2-year-old son to live the same affluent lifestyle as his half-sister, Khloe Kardashian’s daughter True Thompson, 1.

“I would like for Prince to just not feel some type of complex,” Jordan said, adding that she wants Prince to wear the same expensive luxury brands as True Thompson. “Like if he’s playing with his sister and he’s not wearing, like, designer clothes and things – luxury that Tristan can give him that I can’t.”

Jordan said Tristan is an absentee father who rarely sees his toddler son.

When Thompson’s attorney, Peter Lauzon, asked Jordan how she knew what Thompson was paying for True’s name brand clothing, Jordan replied, “It doesn’t matter. The child is living a lifestyle where parties are thrown. So my point is, these are luxury things that I’m not able to afford for my son. So you ask what else I would like. I would like to be able to provide things that Tristan provides to [True] The lifestyle of that child should be the same for my son.”

Court documents show that in May 2019, Tristan, pictured above with his mother, Andrea Thompson, and his youngest brother, Amari Thompson, agreed to increase Jordan’s child support to $40,000 a month, and to pay $200,000 in retroactive child support.

He can afford it. Tristan is the 58th highest paid NBA player in the league. He has a guaranteed $82,000,000 contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the 2018-19 season, Tristan earned a base salary of $17,469,565.

In addition to Amari, Tristan has 2 brothers who live at home with Andrea.

Photos by George Pimentel/Getty Images, Instagram