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The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating why the woman who drove the getaway car after rapper Nipsey Hussle's shooting was sent home when she turned herself in to police.

The unidentified woman turned herself in to police in the days after her boyfriend, Eric Holder fatally shot the rapper outside his clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on March 31.

Page Six reports the driver testified to a grand jury that she went to the 77th Street police station after seeing her car on the news.

The woman and Holder were publicly identified on Side-by-side photos of the pair were circulated on by gang members before Holder was arrested in Bellflower, California.

During her grand jury testimony, the woman said she drove Holder to the strip mall where the rapper owned several businesses including a clothing store and fast food restaurant.

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Holder, 29, had approached Hussle, who was with a larger group of men, and the two men chatted for about 4 minutes. At some point the conversation turned to snitching.

"Apparently, the conversation had something to do with [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching,” Deputy Dist. Atty. John McKinney told the grand jury. "The conversation wasn't particularly intense. It wasn't particularly belligerent."

Holder was overheard telling Hussle, "So you've never snitched?" or "Haven't you snitched?"

According to the 515-page court document, Holder and the woman departed, and, while in the car, Holder pulled out a gun and told the woman to drive around the block. He directed her to pull into an alley and told her he'd be right back.

Surveillance video footage from a nearby business shows Holder walk up to Hussle and fire multiple rounds at him from two different guns.

Holder jumped back into the car and ordered the woman to drive away. When she asked what happened, he told her to drive or he would slap her.

"I didn't do anything. I didn't know this boy was gonna do this," the woman said she told her mother after driving Holder away from the strip mall where the shooting occurred.

But when the woman and her mother went to the police station, a confused desk officer sent them away.

The woman said the officer told them, “Don't worry about it," according to the grand jury transcript, obtained by Page Six.

"Don't listen to the news,” the officer told them.

The woman said her mom called police again, and this time she spoke with detectives on the case who urged them to come in.

LAPD Detective Cedric Washington confirmed that the woman had initially been dismissed.

"That is true, according to the desk officer that I spoke to about it," Washington said.

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney responded that the desk officer must have missed a briefing in the police chief's press conference that day, and he was confused when the mother and daughter came in to police headquarters.

LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein told the Los Angeles Times last week that the desk officer thought the woman was reporting that someone was recording video of her car on TV.

The LAPD has launched a probe into why the woman was turned away. The woman and her mother have been offered police protection. The driver's photo is still being circulated on social media.

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  • 9 Mind

    She was turned away because the police don't give damn about a race of people who don't give a damn about each other!!! We have to value each other if want the same in return. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

  • Branch Davidian

    Maybe she is related to OJ Simpson?

  • Ghetto Real Name

    Holder pulled out a gun and told the woman to drive around the block. He directed her to pull into an alley and told her he'd be right back.
    And we ALL know what in the FUKK that means. Its why I say her silly ass needs to be charged.

  • Carrington

    Raise your hand if you looked real real close at all the periods in this article, hoping one was a link to her photo?

  • Ghetto Real Name

    Its out there. Google Nipsey Hussle getaway driver and go to images. And BAM. She cute but dumb as a bag of rocks

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  • morenYAHdelsur

    Nipsey did value “each other.” We do value each other. ERIC HOLDER doesn’t value any form of life. Is that this “race of people’s” fault? Deflection doesn’t help and further reinforces racism and prejudice. SIMPLE!

  • CardiB’sAbs

    How are you that lazy and incompetent on the job?

  • BTweekin

    I'm Sure They Didn't Charge Her, Because They Need Her To Testify In Court. They Will Use Her As A Witness. It Happens All The Time On The Fist 48.

  • Strappyheels

    She was following protocol or she wasn’t in the loop..

    I vote for the latter..

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong

    Exactly! He pulled out a gun. Told you to go back around the block, park in an alley and wait. WTF did you think was gonna happen?! Stfu. Should've drove your ass down the street and been Bennett.

  • KarmaBackAround

    Im convinced more now that he was set up to be murdered..he supposed to met the next day with LAPD after his murder..the girl who is damn near responsible for facilitating his death (transport) turns herself in and is "mistakenly" turned away...i call bull! They plotted to kill this man smh and the LAPD, Rollin 60s are involved!

  • that_VA_thickchick

    Completely agree

  • tintin

    ummm thx but cute.... that's a far stretch. 20 more lbs adn braces off will probably fix her up

  • tintin

    homegirl needs to go get dem coins.

    she could definitely be all over the news if she wants and make some money to get outta dodge. I 'm sure there's a bounty on her head right now.

  • Kimocha

    Mannn let somebody come to the car and grab a gun and tell me to meet them in some damn back alley... I would be OUT so fast!!!

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  • KcoolMuziq

    Nipsey's strip mall was immaculate when I last went by there.

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  • bemetoo

    Yea that bih looks like Mr Ed the ?

  • Society has changed

    Going by this weekend since I’ll be in the city

  • Society has changed

    There are lots of incompetents working the front desk!!! Officer should’ve never turned away someone who contacts a station with info like this... should’ve called the watch sergeant, watch commander or a detective immediately and ASKED!!!! That’s protocol, not tell the person “take your butt home and mind ya business” in other words!

  • MsChocCookie

    Seriously though, when is enough, enough? He’s more popular in death, compared to when he was alive.....let that man rest............

  • Alextra Ballard

    The girl is an accessory to Murda....the only reason she hasn’t been charged is because she is cooperating with investigation. They need her bad

  • Kimberly King

    If I'm driving someone around and they pull a gun out and says "I'll be right back," I'm pulling THE fuck off as soon as they go inside or around the corner. I'm not tryna stay for NONE of it. The hell is wrong with her? She is an accessory and she should be charged accordingly.

  • jay

    LAPD is the most grimy and rude force in the U.S. make the NYPD look like angels. I remember visiting LA years back and for simply pulling over to ask a guy for directions i was told by a Police man to keep it moving. No traffic. late at night. No blocking the street. When i said i was lost he did not even attempt to help me. Thanks a lot for the hospitality LAPD. Me being from the South what was i thinking !!!!

  • Ms.Devereaux
  • currvalicious

    That's what I thought. Why didn't she just leave after crazy left the car?? I'd have driven straight to the police station. No way you're jumping your ass back in my car.

  • currvalicious

    But they have other witnesses. The group Nipsey was talking to when that cave demon came up. They should be able to corroborate what she's saying. She wasn't there during the actual confrontation, only those men talking to Nipsey would e privy to their exchange.

  • currvalicious

    I'm shocked that he used 2 different guns to execute this man. What kind of insanity is this??? I neverheard that reported before. Such a shame. There had to be more going on than someone calling you a snitch. It was overkill.

  • currvalicious

    I'm shocked that he used 2 different guns to execute this man. What kind of insanity is this??? I neverheard that reported before. Such a shame. There had to be more going on than someone calling you a snitch. It was overkill.

  • Maxima

    A total set up. This is where America is going... the grimey isn't even trying to be covered. He was shot by his own gang member, LAPD not only didn't arrest the accessory, but turned her away. SMDH.

  • 11pink123

    Big U, Jay Z, Puma, Khalid and Diddy. They coming..... y’all must did not get approval from y’alls Grand Mason or whatever these ppl called.

  • 11pink123

    Im guessing Big U might have a couple connects but I don’t believe LAPD was down with this assassination as a unit. I believe LAPD as a whole supported Nip more than ppl think. Nip was always getting into shyt, if they wanted him in jail, they been had many reasons to put him there. For the most part Nip did what he wanted and when he wanted.

    If LAPD did this as a unit, it would’ve been a cleaner job. It would not have been on camera and released. If so they would have took Holder out next, and the one desk officer who turned the girl away would not be in question. They would’ve never stated he left with 1 gun and returned with 2. Police are not this stupid.

    This seems like the wannabe elite crew aka Big U (gang leader), Roc Nation and Puma trying to play mafia and they weren’t as smart as they thought nor did they get they Masonic or Illuminati approval. Cause this mess is unwinding and it look like 30 niggaz is about to be in trouble.

  • 11pink123

    I believe they were there to make sure it happen.

  • the guest

    The police ignored the getaway driver away when she turned herself in because Nipsey Hussle was assassinated. Had the people not risen up in mass global grief for Nipsey, the city and the police would have let his assassination be covered up as much as they could get away with.

    The police really underestimated the magnitude of the GLOBAL LOVE AND GRIEF FOR NIPSEY. The police and city honored Nipsey because THE PEOPLE WHO LOVED NIPSEY showed their love all over the world.

    In Los Angeles, city that leads in hunting black people who so much as litter or jay walk, the LAPD for the first time in the history of mankind sent a black accessory to murder home with no questioning.

    The police desk clerk wasn't "CONFUSED", she sent the getaway driver co-hort in Nispsey's assassination home because that's what the police desk clerk was informed, prepped, and delegated to do by her superiors way before the co-hort and her mother went down to the station of their own free will.

    Now they're trying to figure out how to get their murder for hire agent Eric Holder to accept a plea so he won't tell the truth about the assassination plot during trial to save himself.

    Eric Holder walked over to Nipsey, played cordial, knowing full well the police instigated buzz around him being a snitch because he was a snitch, he knew that buzz reached everyone including Nipsey. He knew Nipsey's honorable nature and he knew Nipsey would dismiss him as a snitch based on the police orchestrated street buzz. Nipsey was set up to follow his own moral code and dismiss a snitch which was the reaction planned for as an excuse for Holder to assassinate Nipsey.


  • the guest

    It was an assassination plot.

  • the guest


  • the guest


  • Lady” Youngblood

    You said it right, he was shot by his own gang member. Because unfortunately live by the gun die by the gun. You can’t have one foot in the streets and one foot out. That’s not how this work. You in the way now! If I’m doing videos with John legend and DJ Khaled’ I don’t give a Fu(k who snitching. You ever heard the term barking up the wrong tree. Well that’s what Nipsey did the day he got killed. He was sleeping on son” he tried playing him calling him a snitch, told him don’t come back you or you’re bit(h. He was clowning him while everyone stood there laughing with the super star. And he quickly found out the same thing that makes you laugh can make you cry. And I didn’t see no group of men when he got shot. Just two dudes that got shot as well. Everybody that he thought would save him didn’t come out the store until he was dead.That girl had nothing to do with that if you never been around a dude with a gun that’s wilding out. Then please keep your thoughts to yourself he has gun in hand instructing you on what to do and as mad as he is and have a gun in his hands you better do what he says. Because he’s a killer so you’re best bet is not to push him. Rip nip

  • Michelle Reese

    I will agree that NH had no business mingling with his past---at least not without a bodyguard--that was the mistake he made. He loved his neighborhood and because he never let the celebrity go to his head he felt he could still move the same; yes, that was his mistake. But, shitty the murderer went there to kill Nipsey because it was a set up from the beginning. The police turned away the driver because they could care less about a black man getting murdered. Nothing still would be done had the grand jury transcripts not been made public and revealed that the driver was turned away. Now lapd have to 'pretend' like they are doing an internal investigation which is bullsh-- because they knew the fact all along but did nothing for three months. However, with that being said, it still does not make a case for the driver not being arrested. Did you read the grand jury transcript? She knew shitty was going to kill somebody--she may not have known it was going to be Nipsey Hussle. She sat there, watched this sub human animal load two guns, tells him 'you ain't doing a drive by in my car' then once he leaves her vehicle she hears gun shots but still waits for him to come back, then lets him spend the night at your home---and all the time hearing about Nipsey getting shot--but it doesn't occur to her that Shitty was the one doing the shooting? Can't say she was afraid of him because she let him use her id to get a hotel room the next day and went back to visit him at the hotel room. She should be charged the same as shitty. rip nipsey hussle!

  • Lady” Youngblood

    You have very Val-let points. But I believe she was moving like a scared female just doing what she was told to do, because you’re dealing with a angry man with two guns in his hand and if you make any mistakes he might kill you to.