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Tiffany & Co.

Beyonce and Jay Z are catching heat for their “embarrassment of riches” pose with a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting in an ad campaign.

Tiffany & Co. launched a modern love campaign featuring Beyonce and Jay Z, according to

The luxury jewelry retailer included a never-before-seen Basquiat painting in the campaign.

In one image, Jay Z, who has an obsession with the late painter, is sitting in an armchair while Beyonce poses in a curve-fitting black dress.

Tiffany’s executive vice president Alexandre Arnault stated:

“The investment will be pretty impressive. It’s our biggest campaign. Also, it’s the only year-long campaign that we have. It marks a clear evolution of what we’ve been doing from a creative standpoint.”

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Jay Z and Beyonce are known for their champagne tastes and vulgar displays of material wealth.

Black Twitter slammed the couple for posing with a Basquiat painting — since the painter was an anti-capitalist who loathed pretentious displays of riches.

One Twitter user wrote:

“Jay Z (a venture capitalist) ironically rocking a Basquiat (famous anti-capitalist, anti-colonial artist) look while investing in ankle monitors, while Beyonce rocks Tiffany (Blood) Diamond is Neo-Colonialism in Blackface.”

Another user wrote: “Ohhh so Jay Z is tryna look like Basquiat. Ok…..”

A third person tweeted:

“Basquiat would hate Jay Z. or at least talk some f*cken sense into the guy. anyway not my problem.”