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Shocking allegations from a 1995 article claim actor Chris Noth beat supermodel Beverly Johnson and even threatened to kill her dog.

Beverly Johnson accused the former Sex and the City star of beating her into submission and “vowing to kill her dog.”

Noth, 67, is accused of raping two women in separate incidents in 2004 and 2015.
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Now old accusations of abuse against Johnson – first published in a 1995 National Enquirer magazine – have resurfaced online.

A screenshot of the article was posted on Instagram account Diet Prada after the bombshell report in The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

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Johnson, now 69, alleged in court documents that Noth – whom she dated between 1990 and 1995 – “beat her” silly during arguments, and that he also threatened to disfigure her in phone calls “25 times a day”.

Johnson reportedly “told a pal” that she had “never been so frightened in her life”, according to the article.

Johnson made similar allegations in a lawsuit against another boyfriend, professional golfer Mark Burk.

But Burk hit back with a counter-lawsuit, accusing Johnson of lying and referring to her as “unstable”. Burk planned to subpoena Noth to testify on his behalf.

Noth starred as Detective Mike Logan on popular crime show Law & Order at the time.

Noth has vigorously denied the rape allegations by the two women, and he denied the 1995 accusations made against him by Johnson.

“There is no basis to the claims Ms. Johnson made back in 1995. I was approached about Mr. Burk’s situation, but I haven’t been subpoenaed,” he said.