Photo may have been deleted

Jada Pinkett Smith has a warning for fake friends who pretend to be her allies.

In a video on her Instagram page, Jada sent a cryptic warning to the “lion” who lied to her.

“It’s the ones, it’s the allies. It’s the ones that are standing right next to you — who look to you and nod to you as if they got your back and they’re on your side.

“And they nod to you like they’re ready to charge. And you look over and you nod back. And you guys start charging towards the other side together. And that joker takes out their sword and cuts your throat. Those are the tricky ones.”

Jada added:

“You are doing yourself the greatest disservice by excusing that behavior. By letting it slide and by ignoring what that represents… I see fire on the horizon. So that means it’s gon’ be some smoke. But I’m ready. I’m ready.”

She captioned the video: “Make sure that those who claim to be allies are truuuuuue…

Jada’s celebrity friends — concerned that she might be referring to one of them — chimed in.

Singer, actress Kelly Rowland wrote in the comments:

“Can someone PLEASE pass around the offering bucket! This woman just gave us a heart felt word!! Thank you Jada!”

And actor and family friend Duane Martin wrote: “BARS,” followed by three fire emojis.