Photo may have been deleted

Tasha K wants you all to know that the show goes on after she was ordered to pay $4 million in damages to rapper Cardi B.

Last week, Cardi B won a defamation lawsuit she filed in 2019 accusing Tasha K of slandering and libeling her in a series of videos.

Prince Williams/WireImage

In the videos, Tasha, 39, called the 29-year-old rapper a prostitute who used drugs and tested positive for herpes.

The videos have since been deleted from Tasha K’s YouTube channel.

According to RhymeswithSnitch, Tasha K is not backing down.

In a video posted on her Youtube channel an unrepentant Tasha K blames ‘the machine’ for her court room loss and implies Cardi’s record label financed the lawsuit to protect their investment. Tasha K also vowed to fight for her first amendment rights all the way to the Supreme Court.

Watch Tasha K’s unrepentant video below: