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Azealia Banks stooped to a new low by attacking a single mom's child in a series of text exchanges, which she then shared on

The 30-year-old singer called Julia's son a "crack baby" in a series of text exchanges and Internet posts.

"Talk shit about my son again," Julia wrote, to which Azealia replied, "Okay, your son is a crackbaby.... What next?"

The tense text exchange started after Azealia commented on Julia's denial that she was heartbroken after Kanye West abruptly dumped her.

Azealia brought up rumors of Julia's past drug use — and how it could affect Kanye if his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, drags him into court for a child custody hearing.

"You're a liability sis," Azealia told Julia. In another message, Azealia wrote:

"We already know the tea foolio! u came to miami looking for sex work, same lawyer was in contact with ye and it was a weak pr stunt from jump. What did u hustle him for? A bag some Lucien's? You absolutely did not come up. Because if this is how women who "always date billionaires" behave when shit goes south, - threatening tell all books... You can kiss your days as a low rate escort goodbye sis." [sic]

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