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One of the teenage suspects in the fatal carjacking of a 73-year-old New Orleans woman had 7 previous arrests on 25 charges.

WWL-TV obtained John Honore’s criminal rap sheet that shows the 17-year-old was arrested seven times on more than 25 charges.

His first arrest – criminal damage to property – occurred when he was just 12 years old.

The long list of charges include armed robbery, possession of a firearm, auto theft, flight from an officer and 18 car break-ins.

One law enforcement official wondered how Honore was released back on the street with his criminal history.

“What you’ve uncovered does not surprise me,” Rafael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission told WWL-TV. “I would term this offender, based on the documents that you’ve presented to me, a walking crime wave.”

Honore – along with three 15-year-old females – are charged with carjacking Linda Frickey and dragging her to her death on Monday, March 21.

The four teens were arrested after two of the parents turned their children into police.
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Orleans Parish PD

All four teens are charged with second-degree murder and are being held without bond in a juvenile detention facility.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams is still deciding whether to charge the teenagers as adults.

In 2020, Honore and four other teenage males were arrested following a violent home invasion.

Honore allegedly beat a woman who was holding her young child. He continued to beat the woman while she was curled up on the floor in a “fetal position.”

Because of the senseless violence, Honore’s case was moved to adult court. He was awaiting trial when Williams’ office called the court to say he was dropping all charges.

One of the victims was related to then-15-year-old Honore and did not want to press charges.