Draya Michele took to Twitter to ask “scamming scammers” a question about paying back a small business loan.

Every two-bit hustler on Black Twitter lurked on her timeline waiting for the answers.


In her tweet, which is still live on her feed, Draya asked:

“Hey I got a question for my little scamming scammers. Lol. If you get a SBA loan and it’s under a business name what are the steps to paying it back and if it is under the business name and you go into default does it go under your personal credit?”

Photo may have been deleted

As you know, the Small Business Administration loosened requirements for pandemic-related loans. Those requirements have since been tightened after every swindler and scam artist took advantage of what they believed was free money.

The Biden Administration created a task force and gave them a wide net to catch most of the amateur scammers who applied for thousands of dollars in loans.

Many of the applicants were from low-income neighborhoods and now reside in a jail cell.


Anyway, back to Draya’s cryptic tweet.

Her followers advised her to delete the tweet before it caused trouble for her.

One Twitter user who used to work for the SBA told Draya that questions like hers motivate the feds to open an investigation.

Others advised the socialite to consult with an attorney or accountant.

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