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An arrest has been made in the brutal slaying of Orsolya Gaal whose body was found stuffed inside a hockey bag and left on a Queens street.

David Bonola, 44, was arrested early Thursday and charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon. He is accused of stabbing Gaal 58 times on the first floor of her $2.2 million Tudor-Style home early Saturday.

According to police, Bonola is Gaal’s ex-lover and handyman who knew the layout of the house and knew where a spare key was kept.

Gaal, 51, went to a show with girlfriends on Friday night. She then went to a bar alone around midnight. S he left the bar 40 minutes later for the short drive home.

Bonola was reportedly waiting inside Gaal’s home and killed her minutes after she arrived. He then cleaned up the crime scene and left the house with the duffel bag and a DVR containing surveillance footage from the home’s security system.

A neighbor’s Nest doorbell camera captured a shadowy figure pulling a rolling bag containing Gaal’s remains around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Investigators say Bonola left behind “crucial evidence”. A pair of blood-soaked boots were found in a trash can outside the garage.

His DNA linked him to the boots, the NYPD confirmed.

Gaal’s 13-year-old son, Leo, was home at the time of the murder.

Gaal’s husband and 17-year-old son were away visiting college campuses in Oregon.

Police say the couple had an open marriage and Gaal texted several men on the night she died.

Bonola, from Richmond Hill, has no prior arrests, according to police.