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Keyshia Cole withdrew her oldest son Daniel Gibson Jr. from Ye West‘s Donda Academy amid the rapper’s ongoing anti-Semitic scandal.

The Grammy Award-nominated singer responded to a fan who asked why her son attended Ye’s school.

The fan wrote, “Donda Academy shut down and I have to ask… what kind of parent sends a kid to an unaccredited religious indoctrination center where you have to sign an NDA to enroll? For $15k/year? Who listens to Ye speak and goes ‘I’ll trust this man with my child.'”

The mom-of-2 replied that her son is no longer enrolled at Donda Academy. “I took my DJ out of Donda sadly after ye said he was back to shoot the school up, that scared me a bit [sic].”

In another post, Keyshia wrote, “And there was no NDA signed. Idk who may have but that wasn’t brought up to us.”

The principal of the Donda Academy sent an email to parents announcing the school was closed until next fall. But hours later, he sent a second email saying the school would reopen the next morning.

Photo may have been deleted
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On Monday, Morehouse College canceled a basketball tournament with Ye’s Donda Academy. The basketball team was also booted from a tournament earlier this month. They have no upcoming games on their schedule.

NBA stars Jaylen Brown, Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin offered support to the team in a video session on Monday.

On Sunday, Ye hinted that the $15,000-per-year private school may be closed again.

In an Instagram post that tagged Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, Ye wrote, “Can you find a place for the Donda Academy kids to go to school that’s properly zoned for a school? I got about 60 children that have no place to be as they look to transfer.”

Ye was suspended from Instagram again after he referred to Emanuel as “masa” and accused him of a digital lynching.

According to reports, multiple teachers have quit Donda Academy.