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Black Twitter mocked LeBron James for lying about listening to the Migos rap music in 2010.

The Migos didn’t release their first mixtape until August 2011.

The 37-year-old Lakers star was so humiliated by the viral memes that he sat out Monday night’s game against the Utah Jazz in Utah.

LeBron claimed he had foot soreness, but he seemed fine after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 114-100 at home on Sunday.

NBA fans note that LeBron has a history of lying and exaggerating for attention over the years.

LeBron was caught lying about the Migos after group member Takeoff was killed in a shootout in Houston on Nov. 1.

“I was listening to those guys my first year with the Heat in 2010. You can ask any one of my teammates back then, they had no idea who the Migos was… I was like ‘I’m telling you these guys are next.'”

But fans were quick to note that the Migos’ first hit single “Versace” was released in 2013.

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Migos member Quavo, 2nd from left, and his half brother, Migo Bands (red cap) are pictured with LeBron at the Drew League Pro-Am on July 16, 2022 in Los Angeles.

Did LeBron simply make a mistake? He was only off by one year. But he has a habit of stretching the truth.

“LeBron James lying about innocuous stuff is the funniest thing to me because there’s absolutely no reason for it,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another Twitter user wrote: “LeBron James is a generational liar. I get it. He’s had a mic in his face since he was 16 and feels the need to give a good quote. So he says what you wanna hear.”

While a third person tweeted, “LeBron is arguably the greatest NBA player ever but his basketball abilities pale in comparison to his generational lying.”

LeBron will probably sit out Friday’s game against the Sacramento Kings so he can shed tears at Takeoff’s funeral at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.