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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp won re-election, defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams in a landslide on Tuesday.

Kemp won by 53% of the vote to Abrams’ 45% on Tuesday night. Unlike in 2018, Abrams called Kemp to concede her loss.

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In her concession speech, Abrams told her supporters she will “do everything in my power to ensure that the people of Georgia have a voice.”

In the 2018 gubernatorial race, Abrams lost by 55,000 votes. She blamed her loss on “voter suppression.”

The Democrat spent $105 million in her failed rematch against Kemp.

After the 2018 midterms, Abrams filed a lawsuit alleging voter suppression tactics. She spent $9 million in donor funds on legal fees. But a Black federal judge who was appointed by former President Barack Obama tossed the lawsuit in September.

In an interview leading up to the midterms, Gov. Kemp said Abrams “profited personally” from “destroying trust in the voting system.”

Many Twitter users agree that the defining moment in Abrams’ failed campaign came when she posed maskless in a classroom of children who were forced to wear masks.

Others say that moment came when she convinced Major League Baseball to move the All-Star game out of Georgia.

One person tweeted: “What was Stacey’s “basket of deplorables” moment? Was it posing for a photo with a classroom of children while not wearing a mask or was it when she said a baby’s heartbeat is fake news?”

Another Twitter user wrote, “I worked for Abrams last time. There was a lot more effort and she still lost. Stop running, @staceyabrams and let someone who wants to win actually do it.”

While a third person tweeted: “Well at least you still have the whole president of the earth thing.”

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In a much closer race for the U.S. Senate, incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and former NFL running back Herschel Walker are headed for a runoff election in December.

Their race was too close to call since neither candidate broke the 50% barrier to avoid a runoff.

Photo may have been deleted