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Getty, TikTok

Lil Wayne hit back at his former chef who’s suing him for $500,000 for wrongful termination.

Morghan Medlock filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the rapper after she was let go for asking for time off to visit her sick child. Medlock is seeking $500,000 for lost wages and pain and suffering.

In court documents obtained by, Medlock alleges she suffered retaliation and unlawful practices.

However, Wayne’s camp says the rapper fired the chef for posting photos of his meals on TikTok without his authorization, according to a statement on The Neighborhood Talk Instagram blog.

One TikTok video shows sandwiches that Morghan prepared for her former boss. She captioned the video: “Lil Wayne’s Favorite Sandwich By Chef Morghan.”

Another video shows the young chef stocking Lil Wayne’s private jet with candy, beverages and meals.

The video, titled “Private Jet Set-Up For Lil Wayne,” racked up over 150K views.

Chef Morhan’s TikTok is public facing, but her Instagram page is private.

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