A Los Angeles jury deliberated for less than 24 hours before finding rapper Tory Lanez guilty on Friday.

The jury convicted the Canadian rapper of shooting his ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion, following a party at Kylie Jenner’s mansion in July 2020.

Lanez, who was free on $350,000 bond, was handcuffed and marched out of the courtroom, according to Law & Crime senior reporter Meghann Cuniff.

As the guilty verdict was read in court, Lanez’s father stood up and yelled: “This is a wicked system!”

His wife joined him in hurling abuse at the jurors. Lanez’s father implied that Jay Z and Roc Nation paid the jurors to convict his son, since Megan is signed to Roc Nation.

A minor scuffle broke out between Lanez’s father and deputies in the courtroom.

On Thursday, Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta said Lanez shot Megan because he was jealous of her rap success.

“It’s the defendant who’s on trial, not Megan,” Ta told the court in her rebuttal to the defense attorney’s closing arguments on Thursday.

“The defendant had a bruised ego because Megan was more successful than him,” she told the jury.

“She was disrespecting him as a rapper and that pissed him off. How dare she have the audacity to disrespect him, then get out of the car and walk away from him? So he reasserted his dominance.”

Lanez faces up to 22 years in prison at his sentencing hearing on Jan. 23. After completing his prison sentence, Lanez could be deported back to his native Canada.