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Rapper Boosie Badazz‘s 21-year-old daughter Iviona, a.k.a. Poison Ivi, came out on Instagram, and Black Twitter says it’s karma.

In an Instagram photo, Iviona poses with her lipstick lesbian girlfriend. Iviona is a masculine-identified lesbian with apparent daddy issues.

Iviona, an aspiring rapper, captioned the image: “Endlessly in love with you.”

Boosie has seven children spread out in multiple households. It can be difficult to divide his time between the children and his rap career.

When girls/women have daddy issues, they form trust issues that may affect their sexual identities and interpersonal relationships with men.

Boosie, 40, made headlines in February 2020, when he was heavily criticized for comments he made about male-to-female trans Zaya Wade, the then-12-year-old child of retired NBA star Dwyane Wade.

Among the insulting comments Boosie made to Wade was, “Don’t cut his d*ck off, bruh.” He also said outlawing physical punishment made parents too lenient and gave their children too much power over parents.

Also in February 2020, Boosie was asked to leave a Planet Fitness gym in Georgia after his comments about Zaya went viral.
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In other videos, Boosie was criticized for his unusual parenting skills which included hiring a stripper for his minor son. In a video, Boosie bragged that he hired his son a “bad bitch” to perform fellatio on him for his birthday and allowed the boy to watch p0rn.

At the time, Boosie said watching p0rnography was more suitable than allowing children to watch “cartoons with two men kissing.” He later said he was only kidding.