Photo may have been deleted

Thank you to friend of the blog Omar “Slimm” White for sending me this audio clip of Dr. Umar Johnson speaking on Clubhouse in November.

Photo may have been deleted

Slimm (pictured) is very active in the Clubhouse community where he holds regular chats about pressing issues that affect the Back community.

In the audio clip below, Dr. Umar specifically addresses a tweet by President Biden saying the “number one civil rights issue of this era was transgender equality…”

Umar notes that “not a single Black person said anything about it.”

“It’s clear that there’s a social agenda to destroy the Black family,” Dr. Umar said. “Why would you need to teach prepubescent children about sex at all.”

Dr. Umar said children do not become interested in sex until after they hit puberty and their hormones begin to fire off. He said “That’s when your body begins to prepare itself to impregnate a woman if you’re a boy, or to become impregnated if you are a girl. That is the first time your hormones begin to fire… and you answer the call to copulate.”

Dr. Umar said puberty is “engineered into us by almighty God” to preserve and maintain the human species.

He asked: “What is the purpose of teaching 5, 6 and 7-year-olds about gay sex or straight sex? I don’t want children learning about sex at all at 6, 7 or 8.”

Dr. Umar accused the left of going after children early when they are at a vulnerable stage for mental development.

Listen to the audio below.