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A therapist who was fired for bashing her Black male clients on TikTok reveals she is struggling with depression.

Shabree Rawls was fired from her job last year for using strong language while telling Black men to expand their “emotional vocabulary.”

Rawls specifically spoke to young Black men who were raised in single parent households. The response to her male-bashing video was swift and furious.
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In a new video, Rawls tearfully shared her personal struggles with depression.

“People tell you [depression] is just like not being able to get out of bed, but it’s so much more than that,” she sobbed. “There’s, like, the aches and the pains and the ideations, and sometimes the inability to cope with regular sh-t.”

She continued: “It’s incredibly debilitating. I hate the fact that I wake up most days… and I know that that’s the depression talking.”

Rawls captioned her video on Twitter:

“I talked about this more in depth on TikTok. I hope this provides a bit more clarity to people who are struggling with this like I am. I hate putting myself out here especially on Twitter but if it will save a life it’s worth the smoke. Be Well y’all.”

Rawls’ Twitter followers encouraged her to seek help and not to focus on the replies from angry Black men.

One person wrote:

“I hope you overcome your depression and find the peace that IS inside of you. Depression sucks but you’ll find your way again. Trust your mind and your body. Trust yourself.”

Watch the videos below.