Photo may have been deleted

A TikTok video, titled “Black women professionals” is going viral after a group of career-minded bridesmaids upstaged the bride on her wedding day.

In the video the stunning bridesmaids stroll towards the camera while proudly announcing their occupations.

Photo may have been deleted

The group includes 2 emergency medicine resident physicians, an internal medicine resident physician, 3 OBGYN resident physicians, a lovely dermatologist, 2 gorgeous lawyers, a flight attendant, and a property manager.

The beautiful bride is no lightweight — she’s a plastic surgeon resident physician.

The video sparked online debates that divided the sexes. Women were proud that the bridesmaids got their shine on at the expense of the bride. While men were intimidated by well-educated women who don’t need them.

One male commenter on a manosphere message board wrote:

“Chics that use their job title like this are usually very self centered and obnoxious. I don’t know if I could sit through a whole Convo with them [sic].”

Another male commenter wrote:

“Those are literally some of the most obnoxious and self-centered women in the world. Their whole identity is structured around that degree and how esteemed it makes them compared to others.”

Others accused the ladies of acting like men by throwing their job titles around.

One man wrote: “As long as careers keep being presented as if they’re men there’s always gonna be a disconnect.”

While another male wrote:

“You can tell they have this air of arrogance about them. Their whole identity is their job lol and they assume nobody’s on their level like medicine is the only profession where nikkas are hard working and getting money. Its them ones who will either marry a white dude or end up 40 years old wondering where all the good men are… refusing to ‘settle’ for somebody sic].”

Another person wrote: “More degrees than a thermometer and most have nothing to show for it but debt and a bad attitude.”