Photo may have been deleted

Lance Reddick was unaware that his death was imminent when he sat for an interview with Kelly Clarkson a week before he passed.

The 60-year-old “John Wick: Chapter 4” star died suddenly at his Studio City, CA. home on March 17. Police said he died from “natural causes.”

Reddick and costars Keanu Reeves and Ian McShane promoted the 4th installment of the John Wick movie franchise in a pre-taped segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show that aired Thursday, March 23.

Photo may have been deleted

Reddick praised costars Reeves (left) and McShane (2nd from right) about the bond they shared, saying they were like family.

“Family’s such a huge theme in this particular film, more than any others — literal family,” he told Clarkson. “But also, you see, with the three of us, that it’s not just the family you’re born into, but the family you’ve created, and how much we really are family.”

McShane, 80, then pointed out how Reddick and Reeves, 58, starred in all four John Wick films, “So there’s a deep understanding of each other.”

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Reddick, who was fully vaccinated and boosted, looked healthy and physically fit during the interview. He had no apparent pre-existing medical conditions.

The actor routinely criticized those who refused to take the mRNA COVID vaccine. In this home video he said, “Even with all the vaccines, people acting a fool.”

Reddick was best known for his work on HBO’s “The Wire” and the “John Wick” movie franchise, in which he played Charon.

The character actor was also involved in the franchise’s fifth film, a spinoff titled Ballerina.

Watch the interview below.