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A Chicago woman who stepped in to rescue an interracial couple from a mob of teens on Sunday is being hailed as a hero.

A mob of about 100 angry teenagers swarmed downtown causing injuries and property damage after Walmart announced it was closing 4 stores due to rampant stealing.

D.J. and Ashley — tourists staying at an Airbnb — were beaten and robbed of their cellphones, wallets and shoes when they went out to dinner.

Photo may have been deleted

Lenora Dennis says she stepped in and rescued the couple after several police cars drove by without acknowledging her pleas for help.

Dennis took the couple to the police station and to the hospital. She also went home to get shoes for them to wear.

On Feb. 28, Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost the election to Paul Vallas — who was then defeated by Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson in the runoff election on April 4.

Dennis lashed out at Lightfoot for “sugarcoating” the so-called “Teen Takeover.” Lightfoot insisted the riots were not “mayhem.”

Photo may have been deleted

“I’m sorry, Lightfoot. I voted for you, but I can’t be involved in any level of sugarcoating what I saw,” Dennis told FOX 32 Chicago. “That was mayhem.”

Dennis said when she took the couple to a police station, the desk sergeant told her the violence “was going to keep happening because Brandon Johnson got elected.”

Both mayors, Lightfoot and Johnson, seemed to condone last weekend’s violence in separate statements.

Lightfoot said, “The mass majority of the young people who came downtown, came downtown because there was great weather and it was an opportunity to enjoy the city. That’s absolutely, entirely appropriate. There are a few that came with different intentions. They have and they will be dealt with. But I’m not going to use your language, which I think is wrong, to say there’s ‘mayhem’.”

In a separate statement, Johnson compared the rioting thugs to minor children who “make silly decisions.”

He said the youths need “spaces” to “gather safely and responsibly, under adult guidance and supervision, to ensure that every part of our city remains welcome for both residents and visitors.”

Johnson added that “it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

No suspects have been arrested, according to FOX 32 News.

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