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Las Vegas PD

A Las Vegas man and his wife were arrested and charged with child abuse and cruelty to children.

Las Vegas police were called to a domestic violence incident at an extended stay apartment complex near Flamingo Road and Valley View Boulevard in Las Vegas on June 11.

Police body cams show the officers trying to convince children inside the apartment to let them in. But the children were told by their father, Travis Doss, not to open the door to anyone.

After the maintenance man urged the children to open the door, police found six children and two pitbull dogs living in squalor inside a one-bedroom apartment.

The children — ages 2 to 11 — were left alone in the apartment with the dogs, police say. Two boys — ages 9 and 11 – were found locked inside a pet kennel together.

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Officers broke the padlock on the cage and freed the children.

The children were starving and hadn’t eaten a full meal in weeks. One boy told police he shared one large McDonald’s fries with his siblings.

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According to a police report, one of the children had “two black eyes that were swollen shut, multiple marks and bruises all over his body, and he was emaciated,” the police report stated.

The two pitbulls showed no signs of abuse.

Police arrested the children’s father, Travis Doss, 31, and charged him with multiple counts of child abuse and child cruelty.

His wife, Amanda Stamper, 33, fled to a nearby drug store and was found hiding in a stock room. She is charged with seven counts of child abuse.

Stamper later told investigators she was a victim too. She said she was hiding because her husband was trying to kill her.

Stamper is a prostitute by trade. The family lived off the money she earned tricking. She told police Doss is her pimp.

According to Stamper, the couple moved from Atlanta to Las Vegas in January 2018 to earn money in the sex industry, according to The NY Post.

Stamper is the biological mother of one 2-year-old child, who was not in the apartment. Doss is the baby’s father.

Stamper is the stepmother to Doss’s six children who were found in the apartment.

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Doss is an aspiring rapper who performs under the stage name Trap Montana. His rap music videos show him living in mansions, flashing stacks of cash and driving luxury cars.

A grand jury indicted the father-of-seven on 40 charges, including child abuse.