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Bronny James is considering postponing his first semester at the University of Southern California after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest on July 24.

A source close to the family told DailyMail.com that LeBron and Savannah are concerned for their 18-year-old son after his heart stopped during basketball practice.

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“LeBron and the rest of the family have talked about putting off Bronny’s school requirements during this fall semester to allow Bronny to fully recover,” the source told DailyMail.com. “They are also looking to see if he can take classes from home, so he can start school at the time he intended.”

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The source said, “Decisions are 50/50 right now on what they will all do next, and they will also continue to look into possibly having Bronny play basketball again.”

While some athletes were able to return to their sport after suffering a cardiac arrest, others were dealt a final blow.

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Former Loyola Marymount University basketball player Hank Gathers collapsed when his heart stopped during a game in 1989.

Hank was resuscitated and later diagnosed with exercise-induced ventricular tachycardia (rapid irregular heartbeat).

Hank returned to play later that same season but he collapsed again in March of 1990 and was pronounced dead at 23 years old.

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