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Music producer Timbaland caught the wrath of Britney Spears fans when he said her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake should have “put a muzzle” on her.

Timbaland made the disturbing comment during a live interview with 9th Wonder at the Kennedy Center on Oct. 29.

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Timbaland was asked about Britney’s bombshell revelations about Justin in her new memoir. Britney accused Justin of asking her to abort their unborn child when they dated back in the day.

Timbaland said: “She goin’ crazy, right? I wanted to call JT, ‘Man, you gotta put a muzzle on that girl.'”

He continued:

“But you know what? We live in an age of social media and everybody wanna go viral. I get it, because that’s the way you make money. Go viral. I gotta do something to get people’s attention.”

Following the furious backlash on social media, Timbaland went live on TikTok and apologized for his tacky comments.

“I apologize to the Britney fans and her,” he said. “Yes, you know, about respecting women? Hell yeah!”

Timbaland, real name Timothy Mosley, produced Justin’s hit single “Cry Me a River.” He also produced most of Justin’s albums, including FutureSex/LoveSounds (2007) and The 20/20 Experience (2013).