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Will Smith feels he is the target of a “smear campaign” after a long-time friend accused the actor of having s*x with Duane Martin in a dressing room.

Will, 55, vigorously denied the accusation, which was made by Brother Bilaal during an interview with YouTuber Tasha K earlier this week.

Bilaal said:

“I opened the door to Duane’s dressing room and that’s when I see Duane having anal sex with Will. There was a couch and, um, Will was bent over on the couch and Duane was standing up killin’ him. Murderin’, like, murder. It was murder in there.”

Bilaal, who is openly gay, described Will’s manhood as the size of a “pinky toe.”

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“If a woman is used to something the size of a baby leg, and you come in with a pinky toe, there’s nothing you’re gonna do to please her,” Bilaal said, “if she’s itching for that baby leg, she wants that baby leg.”

Duane, 58, has declined to comment on the scandalous allegations. But Will’s representative says he’s exploring his legal options.

“Will is focused on his forthcoming movie and charitable projects but is considering all legal options as he suspects he is the target of a smear campaign,” a legal source told exclusively.

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“Will believes the allegation is ludicrous and is hurt that a former friend would turn on him in this way,” the source added.

Will’s “life partner” Jada Pinkett Smith, 52, also leapt to his defense during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” earlier this week. She said they will be suing, and she called the allegations “ridiculous” and “nonsense.”

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“It’s ridiculous, right? And it’s nonsense,” said Jada.

“This is a person who tried to a shake down, a money shake down that didn’t work. We’re going to take legal action. Because it’s one thing to have your opinion about somebody, versus just making up salacious, malicious stories. So that’s actionable, so we’re going to roll with that.”

Jada further fanned the flames when she said Will tried to give Bilaal some money but he wouldn’t take it.

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When asked why Will would give Bilaal money, Jada said: “Some business that they have. I don’t know the complete details about it but that’s about to come out because like I told you, we’re about to take legal action.”

Jada was out and about in New York this week when she was asked if she’d ever seen her estranged husband with another man.

She confidently replied: “Never, never, never.”

Will reportedly said Bilaal’s comments “hurt” his wife, Jada, and children Jaden, 25, and Willow, 23, and Trey, 31.

“The kids are obviously hurt by this but nothing that comes out about their parents surprises them anymore,” the legal source told

Watch Jada’s interview below.