Photo may have been deleted

Rubi rose’s #1 spender confirmed what many suspected — that it was all a hoax.

If you recall, Rubi claimed a Bitcoin billionare spent over $62,000 on her OF content.

The aspiring rapper shared a screen shot of $62,321.70 she claims he spent on her.

Then she shared screenshots of alarming text messages that seemed to suggest Brandon was stalking her.

However, in an interview with Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast, the guy said everything was fake.

“I didn’t purchase any of her OnlyFans content,” he told Adam22.

The man said he “got paid” to take a picture with Rubi Rose. “I didn’t know exactly what it was for. I think it was a promo thing or something like that.”

“I met up with her to take this picture. The next day, I’m the OnlyFans top spender,” he added.

“They kind of let me know that I was gonna be one of her subscribers, I guess… I was like, ‘Ok, that sounds cool.’ I didn’t know it was gonna blow up to this big huge story, you know? They said it was gonna be big,” he said.

He says he called Rubi’s team demanding money. “I was, like, when’s the money gonna start coming in? I wanna get paid for this.”

He claimed the $62,000 figure was real and it was paid by another guy.

The man admitted tattooing Rubi’s face on his leg. He said Rubi’s camp offered him money to get the tattoo. But they balked when he asked for $20,000 to get the tattoo.

Adam22 was skeptical of the man’s story. The good news is Ruby isn’t being stalked by a crazed lunatic.

Watch the video below.