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“Basketball Wives” cast member Brittish Williams was arrested on January 12 when she failed to report to the Bureau of Prisons as ordered.

According to court documents obtained by, Williams failed to report to prison on January 3 after spending the Christmas holiday with her 5-year-old daughter.
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Williams was sentenced to 4 years in prison after she pled guilty to 15 federal charges, including bank fraud, insurance fraud, misuse of social security numbers, misuse of pandemic funds and falsifying documents to the IRS.

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Prosecutors say she continued to commit fraud after she was indicted in September 2021.

Williams, 34, immediately filed an appeal, but she was ordered to surrender to prison while awaiting the outcome of her appeal.
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The reality TV star was originally due to report to prison in December, but a federal judge granted her request to delay her surrender until January 3 so she could spend her last Christmas with her only child named Dash.

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On January 2, Williams’ attorney filed a motion to reduce her prison sentence from 48 months to 32 months, reported.

The motion claimed her prison sentence wasn’t properly calculated.

On January 4, Williams asked the judge to extend her surrender date — after she failed to turn herself in to the Alderson Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia on January 3.

Williams’ lawyer claimed she was “unable to report as ordered.”

The attorney asked the judge to postpone Williams’ surrender date until a decision was made to reduce her sentence.

The government opposed the motion to reduce Williams’ sentence. Prosecutors argued that the 4 year sentence was appropriate considering her serious charges.

Prosecutors wrote, “even if Williams did qualify for a potential reduction, the Government would oppose relief because she failed to report to the Bureau of Prisons as directed.”

The government ran out of patience and ordered the U.S. Marshals service to bring her in.

She was arrested on January 12 and her current location is unknown.

According to, the Federal Bureau of Prisons does not currently list Williams as an inmate at Alderson FPC.

On January 16, her attorney filed a motion to continue a bond revocation hearing scheduled after the reality star was arrested.