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Christian Walker’s TikTok page is on fire. The openly ghey influencer shares dating advice with women on his popular TikTok page.

In his latest video Christian implores women to dump men who want to be treated like women. He describes a viral video in which a man complained that a woman wanted him to pay for dinner.

Another woman told the man she would’ve asked him to pay for dinner also — if they weren’t exclusive.

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“That’s the problem,” said Christian. “Men dating women right now want to be treated like women. We have an entire human history of men having to fight for women, earn women, prove themselves to a woman…”

He continued: “We have countries where a man can’t even be in a room alone with a woman who isn’t his wife. But in America, in the West, we have men who say, ‘Well, I bought you flowers, so show me what you can do!'”

Christian says some American men are “spoiled brats” who have “unlimited access to women and they get the maximum output out of a woman with bare minimum effort.”

He advised women to stop catering to men who don’t make an effort to earn their love and respect.

“You value yourself, you cherish yourself. You remember how your great great grandfather fought and earned your great great grandmother, and you don’t put up with this nonsense!”

The 24-year-old influencer is the son of failed U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

Christian’s followers left over 10,000 comments under the video. Some fans shared examples of how their traditional grandparents met.

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