Photo may have been deleted

Four years ago, biracial pop singer Doja Cat revealed she had a head full of 4C tightly coiled hair.

Doja took a closeup image of her tight 4C coils and put it on her current album cover.

But her fans didn’t react positively to the cover image of her real hair.

Over the weekend Doja called out trolls for mocking her new album cover.

In the video, Doja tugged on a strand of her lacefront wig. “This isn’t my hair, everybody knows this isn’t my f***ing hair,” she said.

She went on to say she had a photographer take a photo of the top of her real hair.

“We blew it up and we made it so that my album cover is my hair,” she said.

“So my hair, to describe it, it’s 4C hair texture, it’s just 4C – and a lot of y’all don’t give a f*** and that’s good, great… However, I’m seeing a pattern. I’m seeing consistent pattern in my comment section of people saying, is my hair public hair? Is it carpet or sheep’s wool?”

Many of Doja’s followers assumed the album cover was an image of a carpet or lamb’s wool. They say the cover doesn’t look like 4C hair texture – which Doja insists it is.

She continued: “We gotta move forward. Let’s move forward. Let’s grow!”

Doja turned off the comments on her Instagram post.

That brings us back to the main complaint that many Black people have about Doja: her racism.

Doja has been caught disparaging Black people in white chatrooms. Some of us still haven’t forgiven her for that.

So, her complaints about fans mocking her “4C texture hair” fall on deaf ears.