Blogger Nigel D. of sent along these behind the scenes pics from the video set of Fabolous' video shoot for "Say Aah" featuring Trey Song. We're still waiting for one-hit-wonder Trey to score a hit so we can add that 'Z' back to the end of his name.

Over the weekend, I received an email from producer/songwriter Johnta Austin (pictured, right), who defended his home boy Trey in a most civil and respectful manner.

Johnta was so courteous and nice in his email. You can tell he really likes Trey a lot. Johnta asked me not to post his email, so I won't. But I remember little child prodigy Johnta from one of those kiddie TV shows from back in the day. He has grown up to be quite the hunk. So I asked Johnta for some shirtless pics since my readers have been hounding me about doing a Morning Wood featur on him.

Johnta promised to send a few 'vacation' pics of himself. But like I said, that was over the weekend. And here it is Thursday and still no pics. Oh well. I tried, ladies.

When is Trey going to get his buttery teeth whitened?

Hhhow They Doin?

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