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The mother of a 16-year-old Massachusetts girl who died from suicide last month has an open case of child abuse.

The Boston Herald reports that Calvina Strothers, 41, was charged with assaulting a teenage child last year.

Mikayla Miller died from strangulation on April 17. Police found her with a thin belt looped around her neck and tied to a small tree branch. She died just steps away from the $3,800-a-month apartment she shared with her mom.

Strothers and activists blamed 5 white teenagers, including Mikayla's ex-girlfriend, for murdering her.

The child abuse charges are outlined in a Hopkinton police report dated March 6, 2020. The report doesn't name Mikayla, but she is Strothers' only child.

A worker at a local fast food restaurant called police to report a teenager had been struck in the face by her mother.

According to the report, the mother and child began to argue while riding in a car. Strothers pulled the car over and "began to hit her," striking her three or four times with an open and closed fist.

The officer noted that the daughter had a split bottom lip and was bleeding.

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The teenager told the officer that the argument started when she came home and noted Strothers throwing items around the room. She then allegedly hit Mikayla with a baseball bat before the teen ran away.

The officer spoke with Strothers who said she hit the teen to "defend herself," according to the police report. The officer observed that Strothers didn't have any marks on her from the fight.

Strothers was arrested and posted bail on April 17, 2020. Her next court date is July 23, 2021.

The officer called DFCS who removed Mikayla from the home. The 15-year-old was placed in temporary custody of the state.

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Strothers raised over $53,000 in a GoFundMe account created to fund an "independent investigation" into Mikayla's death.

Strothers is accused of neglecting and physically abusing Mikayla -- a member of the LGBT+ community -- and leaving her home alone for weeks while visiting her boyfriend in Chicago.

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Family handout

16-year-old Mikayla Miller was found hanged from a tree just steps away from her apartment in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on April 17.

She reportedly binged on drugs and suffered a mental health crisis in the days before she died.

Mikayla's death touched off baseless rumors on social media that she was lynched by four white teenagers following an altercation.

Mikayla reportedly fought with the teens, including her ex-girlfriend, Kaitlyn Anderson, in the clubhouse of her apartment complex.

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Kaitlyn would later admit to punching Mikayla in the mouth during a scuffle when she went to Mikayla's apartment to pick up clothes after their breakup.

Kaitlyn reportdly asked her friends, two boys and 2 girls, to go along with her to Mikayla's apartment that night. One of the girls, the driver, reportedly stayed in the car.

Days earlier Kaitlyn contacted Hopkinton High School's guidance counselor Kiely Murray via email to say she was worried about Mikayla's mental health.

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"I don't trust her alone with herself and I'm scared she might hurt herself. She tore up her room and she's screaming and yelling," Kaitlyn wrote in the email.

Mikayla's mother, Calvina Strothers, was away in Chicago visiting her boyfriend at the time.

Murray replied that she would check on Mikayla but she apparently never followed up.

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After the emails were sent, the troubled teen Face-timed Kaitlyn and attempted to kill herself with the same belt that was found looped around her neck on April 17.

In text messages to a friend before she died Mikayla detailed her drug use (Xanax, mushrooms, marijuana, alcohol). She admitted harassing Kaitlyn with spam text messages and phone calls.

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Mikayla's mother raised over $42,000 on GoFundMe page for an "independent investigation" into Mikayla's death.

Strothers did well for herself financially even before setting up the GoFundMe page. She and Mikayla lived in a $3,800 a month condo. She drove a Mercedes-Benz and purchased a new car for Mikayla -- all on a part-time hair dresser's salary.

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Mikayla reportedly spent weeks home alone while her mother jetted off to Chicago to be with her boyfriend.

Strothers attended a vigil for Mikayla in Hopkinton on May 6. Se told a crowd of 1,000 people "I'm never going to see her get her license and drive the new car that is still sitting in my driveway, graduate from college, fall in and out of love, get married, have kids."

State law enforcement officials initially ruled Mikayla's death a suicide. But pressure from her mother and community activists prompted police to take a closer look at the evidence.

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Black Lives Matter activists and congresswoman Ayanna Presley blamed the 5 teenagers for Mikayla's death. The FBI was asked to take over the case.

Tracking Mikayla's steps on her iPhone's Health app, investigators determined she walked about 1,316 steps -- roughly the distance from the complex into the woods where her body was found the next morning.

Additionally police pulled surveillance video from a McDonald's that shows the two boys were eating inside the restaurant when Mikayla died.

GPS signals placed Kaitlyn and the other two girls miles away. Middlesex district attorney Marian Ryan confirmed none of the teens were in the woods that night.

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A teenager was found hanged in an elementary school parking lot around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 16. Police say the boy was not a victim of foul play.

The Harris County Sheriff's Department in Texas confirmed a 17-year-old boy was found dead, hanging from a tree in the parking lot at Ehrhardt Elementary School.

Schools are closed for the year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Police say the deceased teen had a "history of suicide attempts" with one of the attempts occurring "as recently as a few weeks ago."

Suicides among children and teenagers have been on the rise in recent years.

The boy's death brings the total to 6 Black people who were recently found hanging from trees in the United States.

Robert Fuller, 24, and Malcolm Harsch, 38, were found hanging from trees in California. Officials ruled both deaths as suicides.

But Fuller's death is now being investigated after his family rejected the official cause of death.

"The explanation of suicide does not seem plausible," his family said in a statement. "There are many ways to die, but considering the current racial tension, a Black man hanging himself from a tree definitely doesn’t sit well with us right now. We want justice, not comfortable excuses."

If you are in crisis or having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741.

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Writer Jas Waters' cause of death was revealed Thursday. Waters, also known as JasFly, died from suicide by hanging, E! News reports. She was 39.

Waters' death sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Her death was announced in a statement on the "This Is Us" writers Twitter account on Wednesday.

"The entire #ThisIsUs family was devastated to learn of Jas Waters passing," the statement read.

"In our time together, Jas left her mark on us and ALL over the show. She was a brilliant storyteller and a force of nature. We send our deepest sympathies to her loved ones. She was one of us. RIP @JasFly."

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Waters was a columnist for Vibe magazine. She was a writer on Comedy Central's "Hood Adjacent with James Davis," VH1's "The Breaks," and "Kidding" on Showtime. She was also an alum on VH1's reality series "The Gossip Game."

Additionally, she had a story credit on the Taraji P. Henson feature "What Men Want."

Waters' close friends comforted each other in a private Facebook group on Thursday. They said she took her own life after suffering from depression and anxiety for many years. "The coronavirus lockdown pushed her over the edge," wrote one grieving friend.

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Tyler Perry has hired a well-known medical examiner to conduct a second autopsy on his nephew, Gavin Porter's body, after the 26-year-old allegedly committed suicide in prison on Tuesday night.

Officials at a prison facility near St. Helena Parish in Louisiana insist Porter hanged himself in his cell, after being placed in solitary confinement following a fistfight with another inmate.

Porter's mother, Perry's sister, isn't convinced her son took his own life. She expressed her doubts which lead the Union Parish Sheriff's Office to open an investigation into the alleged suicide.

The Sheriff's Office noted there is no evidence of foul play. Porter was alone in the cell when he was found hanging.

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Perry, 50, is using his own clout by hiring Dr. Michael Baden to conduct a second autopsy on Porter's body.

Dr. Baden is best known for conducting a second autopsy on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who hanged himself in a Manhattan jail in August. Baden concluded Epstein's cause of death was homicide.

Explaining the move to hire Dr. Baden in a post on his Instagram page on Thursday night, the famed director wrote:

"I have hired Dr. Michael Baden to do a second autopsy, and we are expecting the results soon. I want to be clear that we are not a family of conspiracy theorists, and we want to believe that there was no foul play, just as the sheriff has stated publicly."

Perry added that he had hoped Porter would eventually turn his life around after being handed a 20-year prison sentence for fatally shooting his biological father in 2016.

Tyler Perry


"Despite this horrible act, before he went to prison I went to see him in the local jail," Perry continued.

"I assured him that we all still loved him, but it was important to all of us, including his mother, that he was punished for this horrific crime that he had committed. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

"It was my hope that after serving his time, really reflecting, showing much remorse, and asking God for forgiveness, that he would have been able to come work for me. Where he would join all the other former inmates that work for me and turn his life around, just as they have. But that day will never come."

In an interview, Tyler confessed he struggled with thoughts of suicide after enduring years of abuse at the hands of his father.


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Britain's Prince Andrew has stepped back from his Royal duties after a series of damaging revelations about his close friendship with American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew was accused of being a part of Epstein's child sex ring.

Epstein, who was charged with multiple counts of child molestation and human trafficking, hanged himself in a Manhattan jail cell in August.

Prince Andrew's problems began when a photo leaked that showed the Duke of York embracing one of Epstein's young victims. The image was reportedly taken at Epstein's infamous NY townhouse at 9 East 71st Street years ago.

Initially Prince Andrew denied knowing Epstein. Then, after the photo leaked, he claimed the image was Photoshopped and that wasn't his hand around the young lady's waist. But photo experts analyzed the image right down to the pixels - and determined the photo was not Photoshopped.

In a recent interview with the BBC about his friendship with Epstein, Prince Andrew claimed amnesia, saying he didn't recall taking a photo with the young girl.

In the interview, which aired Saturday, Andrew denied having sex with Virginia Giuffre, the girl in the photo.

Giuffre claims she had sex with Andrew three times in 2001 at Epstein's properties.

Prince Andrew announced he was stepping back from public duties for the "foreseeable future."

"It has become clear to me over the last few days that the circumstances relating to my former association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family's work and the valuable work going on in the many organizations and charities that I am proud to support," Andrew said in a statement. "Therefore, I have asked Her Majesty if I may step back from public duties for the foreseeable future, and she has given her permission."

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Two New York City jail guards were arrested on Tuesday for failing to check on Jeffrey Epstein the night he took his own life in his jail cell in August.

The two federal Bureau of Prisons employees are suspected of failing to check on Epstein every half-hour, as required when an inmate was recently taken off suicide watch. The jail guards are also suspected of fabricating log entries to say they had checked on the high-profile inmate.

The guards, who were taken into custody early Tuesday morning, are expected to be formally charged in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan later Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Investigators believe the guards failed to check on Epstein for several hours, giving him ample opportunity to fashion a noose and hang himself with it.

Epstein was in jail awaiting a hearing on multiple counts of felony child molestation and human trafficking.

He was placed on suicide watch after he attempted to hang himself on July 23. He was found unconscious on his cell floor with bruises on his neck.

Epstein was taken off suicide watch about a week before his death, but guards were still required to check on him every 30 minutes because he was still considered at risk for self harm.

Conspiracy theorists argue that Epstein did not kill himself. They say Epstein was killed to silence him because he was about to reveal the identities of high-profile pedophiles in his inner circle.

A famed forensic pathologist hired by his brother determined that Epstein died by homicidal violence. The pathologist found tiny broken bones in Epstein's neck that are indicative of strangulation.

Forensic experts told the that the hyoid bone near the Adam's apple can be fractured when a person hangs himself, but a broken hyoid bone is most often found in cases where victims were strangled to death.

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Guards at the jail where serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide on Saturday failed to make mandatory checks on the inmates the night before. Epstein, 66, was found unresponsive in his cell in the Special Housing Unit at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan at 6:30 a.m. Saturday.

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