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Rosita is canceled.

Sesame Place in Philadelphia responded to a $25 million lawsuit by removing all traces of Rosita from the park.

Sesame Place came under attack last month when viral videos showed the Rosita character apparently ignoring Black children at the Sesame Street-inspired theme park.

Viral videos seemed to show the furry 5-year-old Mexican character walking past Black and brown children while stopping to engage with white kids.

Photo may have been deleted

Sesame Place

The Rosita character no longer appears in the theme's park's daily parade. But Rosita's picture is still on the website.

Sesame Place workers told a reporter the characters are instructed to remain on the floats and to avoid interacting with any children.

The move comes after a Black family filed a $25 million lawsuit against Sesame Place.

"None of the character's walk the street in the parade any more, and any meet and greets for her have been called off," an employee said, according to

"That is all because of the allegations, they don't want anyone potentially making the same claims. Essentially, Rosita has been cancelled and I don't think she'll be back any time soon."

Photo may have been deleted


Sesame Place Philadelphia has announced bias training for its performers after one character is seen allegedly ignoring Black children in viral videos.

Multiple videos show a furry character hugging and interacting with white children at the Sesame Street-inspired theme park in Philadelphia.

The same character is seen waving off two Black girls while dismissively shaking his head "no," and continuing to walk past them.

Other videos show the character ignoring several more Black children while engaging with white children next to them.

In a statement on Monday, Sesame Place Philadelphia said the performer was following policy by not taking pictures with children or holding children.

Sesame Place spoke with the performer, who "has confirmed that the 'no' hand gesture" seen in the video was "not directed to any specific person" but was instead "a response to multiple requests from someone in the crowd" who asked them "to hold their child for a photo which is not permitted." The performer "did not intentionally ignore the girls and is devastated about the misunderstanding."

But the videos contradict the statement that the performer "did not intentionally ignore the girls."

As the public backlash escalated on social media, Sesame Place apologized to the family, promising, "We are taking actions to do better." Sesame Workshop also announced "bias training" for employees "and a thorough review of the ways in which they engage with families and guests," as "what these children experienced is unacceptable."

The family of the two girls has retained an attorney and are exploring potentially filing a lawsuit.

Attorney B'Ivory LaMarr told TMZ, "While we hate to rush to judgment to consider 'race' as the motivating factor to explain the performer's actions, such actions both before and after the young girl's request only lead to one conclusion."

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Tariq Nasheed is calling out Sesame Place's character, Rosita, for apparently ignoring Black children at Philadelphia's Sesame Street-inspired theme park.

Tariq called out Sesame Place for allowing the character to blatantly ignore Black children.

Tariq posted two videos that seem to show the furry blue character walking past Black and brown children while stopping to engage with white kids.

"The employee who performs in the Rosita costume seems to engage in a pattern of deliberately ignoring Black children who tries to engage with the character," he wrote in one post.

"This employee needs to be fired TODAY, unless Sesame Place condones this type of anti-Black energy."

"@SesamePlace Black children should not be repeatedly subjected to this type of targeted neglect at your establishments. So again, your bogus statement you released give the appearance that you condone this pattern of behavior."

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has been dropped as a brand ambassador for a stroller company after her recent altercation at a theme park on Easter Sunday. Chyna was at the theme park with her two children and friends. Numerous park patrons uploaded cell phone videos of Chyna trying to swing her daughter's push-along car stroller at the Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of Los Angeles.

It was all a bit too much for the stroller company, who were horrified at the sight of a stroller being used as a dangerous weapon.

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Ne-Yo & Crystal Smith spends the day with their kids at Disney California Adventure

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and his pregnant wife Crystal Smith spent quality time with their children, son Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., 2, Mason Smith, 6, and Madilyn Smith, 7, at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, Calif.

Ne-Yo spends the day with his kids at Disney California Adventure

Mason and Madilyn are Ne-Yo's children by Atlanta socialite Monyetta Shaw. Crystal is happy to step into the role as the children's stepmom.

Ne-Yo & Crystal Smith spends the day with their kids at Disney California Adventure

Crystal was recently involved in a heated online controversy over the texture of her biological son's hair. She upset her followers when she asked for suggestions for hair care products for her son's tight coils. She regretted that he wasn't “blessed with Hawaiian silky hair" like hers.

Ne-Yo & Crystal Smith spends the day with their kids at Disney California Adventure

Crystal defended herself against colorism allegations. She said people were critical of her because they were jealous that Ne-Yo was with a mixed race woman.

They're jealous "because they assume that I'm not mixed with black -- I absolutely am -- and they don't like a black man being with white women or other races," she said.

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Belly dancer Beyoncé was spotted at Disneyland in Paris, France today with her nephew Julez and the boy's father, Daniel Smith Sr. Bey was wearing a pluto cap and she was fully clothed, which probably explains why no one seems to recognize her. Beyoncé is on vacation with her family while her record label tries to encourage U.S. radio stations to give Bey's lead single, "Run The World (Girls)" more spins. I wasn't aware that there was a Disneyland in Paris.

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