Who knew Heath Ledger was a crackhead?

So John Gibson was right after all. The truth about actor Heath Ledger’s serious drug habit has come to light a week after he was found dead in his Soho apartment. A video circulating the Internet shows Ledger attending a party where drugs are openly used and passed around.

The national media tried it’s best to turn Ledger into a saint even though it was a well known fact that Ledger was a drug addict. Ledger took so many illegal drugs that he was literally bouncing off the walls, too wired to sleep. He tried every sleeping pill on the market and often complained that the pills didn’t work.

The reason the media bent over backwards to sensationalize Ledger’s death is simple: he played a gay cowboy in the film Brokeback Mountain. And as you know, gays run the national media.

For that same reason the video has been pulled from national TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight – once again highlighting the bias within the news media. We wonder if the media would exercise such censorship if Will Smith was found dead surrounded by pills and there was a video of him doing drugs.

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Forbes Names Beyonce The Richest Woman in R&B

Forbes named singer/entrepreneur Beyonce richest woman in R&B based on her concert grosses, merchandising revenue, album sales and other business interests.

According to Forbes, Beyonce, who came in #5 on the list and #1 in female urban music, earned an estimated $27 million dollars in revenue thanks to endorsement deals and sales of her multi platinum album B’Day. (Source)


Response to Alexyss Tylor video (these women are a mess!)

As some of you know, I have NO love for the groupies on Lipstick Alley. I think the majority of them need psychological help and the rest of them are like the gawkers who can’t drive by a auto wreck without slowing down and causing major traffic jams. I left that board years ago because I am not attracted to the ghetto mentality that the board attracts.

This video is an answer to the Alexyss Tylor video that I posted yesterday. It’s a very sad commentary on the status of groupies and jump offs in our community. We have to do better than this.


New Music: Missy, Ciara, Jay Z – Ching-A-Ling Remix

Photo: FilmMagic/Getty

New music from Missy Elliott featuring Ciara and Jay Z rapping. And yes, Ciara kills it! Shout out to Missy for the hook up! Remember where you heard it first…


New Music: Jay Z – Ain’t I

New music from Jay Z off Dj Clue‘s mixtape I Am Legend Pt 1. (Source)


Alexyss Tylor puts Lipstick Alley lesbots on blast

Why does sex guru Alexyss Tylor even care what those delusional women on the Alley have to say? I’m still trying to figure out what a “lesbot” is, lol! WARNING: excessive profanity.


Video: Aulaura singing Colby Caillat’s Bubbly

Whenever I hear this little girl sing her voice sends chills up and down my spine. Too bad she will never be offered a record deal because she doesn’t fit the industry standard cookie cutter formula.


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