According to a report on, ousted Def Jam president Jay Z did not drop his Roc-A-Fella artists as some have suggested.

"Beans and Freeway didn’t get dropped," says Beanie Sigel’s manager, Mark Byers. "I just got off the phone with L.A. Reid talking about the next video for ‘Rain’ featuring Raheem DeVaughn that we’re about to release. We’re re-launching Beanie’s project and releasing a ‘Rain’ remix with State Property."

I have a few questions:

  • When is LA Reid going to be bounced from Def Jam like a bad check for wasteful spending?
  • Is his contract that iron clad that they can't break it?
  • Who's going to watch a Beanie Sigel video?
  • And finally, aren't the brass at Island Records tired of LA Reid throwing good money behind bad rappers?

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Rihanna Tops the Charts with Milk

Chart topping singing sensation and Grammy nominee Rihanna knows how to wow crowds with her incredible voice and presence. She also knows that in order to keep up with her busy performance schedule she needs to stay in top shape. That’s why she includes milk in her daily diet along with exercise to help her stay fit and healthy.

Rihanna is the latest celeb to join the ‘Body by Milk' campaign created to encourage teens to drink 3 glasses of lowfat or fat free milk everyday, and eat right to stay lean and healthy. Other celebs modeling the famous 'stache in the campaign include Amanda Bynes, Hayden Panettiere, Beyoncé Knowles, and the cast of High School Musical 2.

The ad copy reads, "Drink it in. Pop star? Not exactly. Milk is more my move. Some studies suggest that teens who choose milk instead of sugary drinks tend to be leaner and the protein helps build muscle. So shut up and drink." The ad debuts on February 5, 2008 in Teen Vogue.

Check out Rihanna's new ad, an exclusive interview with the singing sensation and get FREE Rihanna MP3's, as well as music from other hot artists just by logging on to

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If you're not familiar with Kat Deluna don't worry, you will be. She's about to be all up in your grill if her handlers have their way. Never mind that Kat's only claim to fame seems to be a song she made called "Whine Up" that I've never heard before.

Never mind that the song didn't crack the top 100 on Billboard charts. You see, she has "the look" and that seems to be all you need to make it in the music industry these days. The freckle faced 21-year-old from the Dominican Republic has made appearances in the requisite rap videos and she's been featured in all the right national magazines and MTV's TRL.

All she needs now is a little controversy and she's a bonafide starrah.

So here's a note from music industry execs to all you talented African American singers with negroidian features and nappy hair who can put Whitney Houston to shame in the vocal department: Wendy's is hiring.

I don't know if Oprah Winfrey is going to like this. It's actually a tribute to Oprah in the form of a full figured bronze sarcophagus which was favored by Egyptian royalty when burying their dead. The artist, Daniel Edwards, is the same one who created the controversial pregnant Britney Spears sculpture.

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I am told this is not Sean Kingston. But whoever it is took the cartoonish fake "bling" jewelry favored by rappers to another level! Anyone who has touched a real diamond knows there is no such thing as a colored diamond. That crap you see rappers wearing is all man made. More power to them if wearing that junk boosts their little egos.

Congratulations to comedian Lil' Duval and his girlfriend Mrs. Lil' Duval who gave birth to a baby girl. Lil' Duval, real name Roland Powell, was a finalist on BET's Coming to the Stage. From there he went on to tour with Cedric the Entertainer and quickly became rapper T.I.P.'s favorite comedian hosting Grand Hustle's Comedy nights at the Uptown Comedy Corner here in Atlanta.

All day yesterday I received angry emails from my loyal readers wanting me to put a certain site on blast for reportedly disrespecting one of our most respected and loved poets - Maya Angelou. Allegedly, this site referred to Ms. Angelou in a post titled "H* sit down."

First of all, I warned you guys about that site last year. At the time I told you that, unlike FUBU, that site is not by us or for us.

Yet you continually supported that site even when it referred to us as b*tches and h*s. Apparently it was ok for them to continually degrade our sistas and ridicule our culture, so why is it a problem now? Hmmm?

Personally I don't visit sites that degrade black women. When they call one of us a b*tch or a h*, they are referring to all of us. Respect yourself first if you want others to respect you.