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I wasn't going to post this because I know every other blog is posting pics from the NAACP Awards yesterday. But I couldn't let this slide. I have no clue why former America's Top Model Eva Pigford allowed her stylist to do this to her head. This is what happens when a stylist is in a hurry and convinces her client that a bad weave job is in fact the new style.

It looks like a tangled web of weave matted in with her natural hair. I think the stylist meant well, but when she saw that the style wasn't taking shape after 6 hours of weaving she said, 'f*ck it, she'll never know the difference!

I thought we as a people were beginning to embrace our natural hair and abandoning the weaves and extensions? No doubt Eva asked her boyfriend, actor Lance Gross, if her weave looked good. And no doubt he told her 'hell, yeah it looked good.' Because he knows like every other man that when a woman asks her man a leading question - she's already given him the correct answer.

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Just as the chorus of 'I told you so's' resounded throughout newsrooms and sports bars around the country - the AP reports that a presumed failed drug test by slugger Barry Bonds was a typo.

A typo in court papers regarding Barry Bonds filed late Thursday by federal prosecutors touched off a brief tempest over the mistaken belief that he failed a drug test in November 2001, one month after breaking the home run record.

In fact, the government meant to reference a previously reported November 2000 failed drug test, U.S. attorney spokesman Josh Eaton said. That drug test was included in the indictment unsealed last year, when prosecutors said the test was for a player they called "Barry B."

The mistake prompted at least one erroneous report that was quickly posted to Web sites around the country.

The filing amounted to federal prosecutors defending their questioning of Bonds before a grand jury, and urging a judge to keep the slugger's perjury prosecution on track.

Bonds had argued that the questions posed to him by prosecutors were ambiguous and confusing. He demanded that the five-count indictment charging him with lying to a grand jury be tossed out. Bonds has pleaded not guilty. (Source)

Valentine's Day was a special day for lovers all over the A. But today was even more special for an Atlanta area couple who awoke to learn that they had won an all-expenses paid wedding courtesy of Essence magazine.

Eugene T. Glover & Kendra Shuler, both Atlanta educators, beat out 5 other couples nationwide to take the Grand prize in Essence magazine's "Will You Marry Me" wedding contest sponsored by Tiffany jewelers and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Thanks to loyal reader LaTria Garnigan of South Fulton Neighbor newspaper for the tip!

Detroit based Rashad Morgan A.K.A. Ray Ray is a multi-talented artist being phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer. He writes and co writes all of his own material accompanies himself with his studio wizardry and sings as if his very soul depended on it. Ray Rays first single from his debut album Rashad Morgan People Call Me Ray Ray, Just Lay impacted local radio in early April, creating a buzz for him that had him showcasing his talent at various key events through out Detroit with crowds that have been very receptive. Since then he has followed up with his 2nd single What They Wanna Hear sending his buzz to a new high. The debut project Rashad Morgan People Call Me Ray Ray will feature guest appearances by Shady Recording Artist Obie Trice, Sho Nuff Recording Artist Tone Tone and SickNotes Entertainments artists lock and MaeDay and will prove to be a credible display of his musical expertise. Ray Ray is being backed by the multi-platinum producers SickNotes who are behind the hit single for Eminem / D-12 How Come (D12 world), and have also produced songs for the debut projects of Bizzare (Handicap Circus) and Proof (Searching for Andy Garcia). Combined Ray Rays soulful sound and SickNotes passion for creating great music, has led them to resurrect the Motown Sound. (Source)

I BOUGHT 10 ALBUMS OF DAMITO JO, AND 20 OF 2O.Y.O.....and now she tells me she knew they sucked?

- Random poster on Janet Jackson Forum

Janet Jackson has incurred the wrath of her hard core fans by admitting she knew her last two albums flopped because the song selection was lacking.

While the revelation is not something her fans wanted to hear, this may actually signal a new change of attitude for Miss Jackson. Maybe it means Janet has taken control of her career and selected better producers for her new album Discipline which drops February 26.

Or maybe some wise person at her new label sat her down and told her something she hasn't heard in over a decade: the truth.

Rapper Rocko Da Don's catchy follow-up to his street anthem "Umma Do Me" is called "Tomorrow" produced by Drummer Boy. The track follows the same "do for self" theme as "Umma" with Rocko encouraging his troops to "stunt, ball like it's no tomorrow."

Rocko's album "Self Made" drops March 18.

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On the eve of Valentine's day, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo hosted the official launch of R & B Live at Justin's Restaurant in Atlanta. From the Big Apple to the music mecca, a musical phenomenon makes its way down south to resurrect the supper club atmosphere. Hennessey Cognac presented the official launch of R & B Live, headlined by the smooth, silky hit-maker Ne-Yo and friends on Wednesday, February 13th, at Justin's Restaurant.

Originating in New York, R & B Live has generated a cult following of real music lovers and pure sound enthusiast, with A-list celebrity talent, music's next biggest names, and an acclaimed house band. Re-creating hits in an acoustic manner, R & B Live ushers Atlanta's music scene into the world of unplugged.

Celebrity guests included Sammie, Bobby Valentino, Cheri Dennis and D. Woods of Danity Kane. This premiere event was brought to you by Compound Entertainment, J Erving Group, Mute, and First Class Entertainment.

Source: The Garner Circle PR

Special thanks to Nicole Garner for the personal invite!

Click to see more pics from the party

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Celebrity stylist and Atlanta socialite Tameka Foster Raymond was spotted out last night with friends at the R & B LIVE event at Justin's Restaurant and Lounge. The event was sponsored by Compound Entertainment, Hennessy, J Erving and First Class Entertainment.

Tameka's close friends say she is enjoying her new bundle of joy and she is a warm and loving mother to all her children. Tameka graciously posed for my photographer last night and he said she was very pleasant and cordial.