LL Cool J unveiled his new clothing line “Todd Smith” at Macy’s in Culver City, California on Saturday. You would assume that a man Todd’s age would include more sophisticated pieces like tailored shirts and dinner jackets in his collection. Instead we see the same ole same ole.

Do we really need a 40-year-old thug designing clothing for other 40-year-old thugs who refuse to grow up? (Source)

Former Senate majority leader Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.), a co-chair of the Obama campaign, said Sen. Barack Obama does not have “any interest in being vice president,” because “he’s going to be our presidential nominee.”

Obama, sticking to his vow to be tougher on Sen. Hillary Clinton, sent out a memo sharply criticizing Clinton’s dirty tactics and accusing her campaign of attempting “to deceive the American people just so that they can win this election.”

In the memo titled “Doing Whatever It Takes to Win,” Clinton was accused of “tearing Barack Obama down” and said her campaign “should stop telling the American people things that they know aren’t true.”

Obama, who is leading Clinton by 140 pledged delegates, easily won the Wyoming caucus and is leading in the polls going into Mississippi’s primary tomorrow. He is expected to win most of the remaining caucuses and primaries except maybe Philadelphia where Clinton has a slight edge.

But Clinton may still pull a rabbit out of her hat if the superdelegates go against the will of the people and give her the nomination. Al Sharpton and others are ready to protest if that happens.

Daschle said it would be a “travesty” if Obama maintains his lead among pledged delegates but an advantage among superdelegates allows Clinton to win the nomination.

“I don’t see how we could possibly do anything other than respect the will of the people who have voted in caucus and primary states all over the country,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And what it would say to the world, to the country, that we’d overturn the verdict of those… elections would be a travesty for… the party and for the country.”

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Over the weekend I received a few emails from readers wondering if Young Jeezy and I were beefin’. It seems Jeezy dropped my name on a track called “Good Life Freestyle” off some random mixtape.

On the track, Jeezy spits:

Talk About Me Get it Right,
Sandra Rose, Get a Life

Obviously this track was recorded some time ago before Jeezy, Keyshia Cole and I became such good friends. Jeezy even invited me out to dinner two weeks ago. He asked me what my favorite food was and he suggested a nice restaurant to take me to. I could feel the love through the phone!

A day later, Jeezy’s assistant Erica Bowen reminded me that I had a dinner date with Jeezy, and she said maybe Jeezy would bring Keyshia along. So you see, false alarm. No beef – edible or otherwise. But thanks to everyone for the heads up on the track! 🙂

Rapup.com has the CD cover for Kelly Rowland‘s new digital mini album. The seven song EP contains 5 new tracks and 2 remixes: “Come Back” (Karmatronics Remix) and “Like This” featuring Eve (Redline Remix).

Here’s the track listing for the mini album.

  1. “Daylight” (featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes)
  2. “Broken”
  3. “Come Back” (Karmatronics Remix)
  4. “Like This” (Redline Remix)
  5. “Love Again”
  6. “Unity”
  7. “No Man No Cry”

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou are pregnant. I wonder if they’re having twins?:

Kimora Lee Simmons finally has her long-sought-after bun in the oven. The demanding diva has been trying for a child with her lover, Djimon Hounsou, and sources say the two have finally made magic. “She’s pregnant,” a source told us. A rep for Simmons couldn’t get a hold of her client for five days. Simmons already has two children, Ming and Aoki, by ex-husband Russell Simmons. (Source)

Does Tameka Foster Raymond have any reason to be worried about these pics of BX from Flavor of Love 3 and her husband Usher? I would say she does. They’re looking a bit too cozy in these pics. Most men prefer women of the same body type and features.

Ol’ Ursh may not be straying now, but you can bet he has BX’s number on speed dial.

Usher may be completely innocent – but it’s BX that Tameka should be worried about. Especially since she went on Miss Jones‘ show yesterday bad mouthing the Mrs. on the air. I’ve never heard of a man cheating by himself. And women make it sooo easy (and guilt-free) for a man to creep these days. Women like Bx make creeping into an art form. Tameka, be wary of a woman who tickles your man behind his ear.

Keyshia Cole‘s baby nephew was revealed during the Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Reunion Show taping last weekend in Atlanta. Had I paid more attention to my source, I would have posted about the bundle of joy sooner.

When he told me that he saw Keyshia Cole‘s sister Neffie with a baby backstage at the recent taping of Keyshia Cole’s Reunion special – it went right over my head.

I don’t watch much TV. And I hate to admit I have never seen an episode of Keyshia’s popular show on BET.

According to my source, a very proud Keyshia brings her baby nephew out at the end of the show and introduces him to the audience (Fred is sure it’s a boy).

Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Reunion Show is expected to air on BET within the next 5 weeks, so check your local listings.

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UPDATE: BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — Police on Friday found Waris Dirie, three days after the Somali-born model who launched a worldwide campaign against female genital mutilation had vanished.

Dirie, 43, appeared to be in good health and was being questioned by police about the disappearance, said Estelle Arpigny, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office.

She declined to give further details, saying it was unclear what had happened since Dirie vanished early Wednesday. Belgian media reports said police found her Friday afternoon walking the Brussels’ Grand Place square.

Hours earlier, police had announced they were launching a nationwide search for the former model, who had last been seen getting into a cab after a mix-up over a hotel.

Dirie gained international fame as a model posing in Chanel ads and acting in the 1987 James Bond movie “The Living Daylights” before launching her campaign against female genital mutilation in 1996.

She shocked the world with a best-selling book “Desert Flower” that described how her genitals were sliced off with a dirty razor blade without anesthesia, and then stitched together. (Source)

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