Designer Christian Audigier isn't exactly a household name, but his name was enough to draw the biggest stars in showbiz to his 50th birthday party at the infamous Peterson Automotive Museum in LA last week. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg, Mickey Rourke, Fergie, Pamela Anderson, and more were in the house. If this were 5 years ago, Michael's attendance would have shut down Miracle Mile in LA. But nowadays, nobody cares. Most of you will recall it was at the Peterson Automotive Museum where The Notorious B.I.G. attended his last bash before being killed in a drive-by shooting in 1997.

Usher posed with industry veteran Mark Pitts (Zomba Label Group) at his album release party. Michelle Williams, Gayle King and Busta Rhymes were the only celebs to hit Usher's album release party at Norwood in NYC last night after the "Sex in the City" Premiere. I guess nobody cared. I believe Usher borrowed his outfit from one of his stepsons.

Lil' Kim still looks blissfully disoriented as usual, but at least she's color coordinated.

I had no clue Sarah Jessica Parker was that tiny! Jennifer Hudson finally found the time to attend a "Sex in the City: The Movie" Premiere after missing the first 3 or 4 premieres. This one was at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night.

Mary J Blige and her faithful hubby Kendu Isaac also attended the 'City' premiere last night. Black love is sooo beautiful! Love the Chanel clutch and dress. Chanel must have had a fire sale because everyone is Hollywood is wearing the line.

Michelle Williams also attended the premiere. Not sure why though.

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    Christian Audigier is a household name because he designed ED HARDY and is rich. He also has alot to do with Harley Motorcycles.

    Michelle needs on a push-up bra!

    J-Hud looks like a giant standing over Ms. Parker.

    M. Jackson scares me!

    Mary & hubby look so happy!

  • Mimi Renee

    everyone looks nice but, and I'm not tryna be mean, but the two plastic victims of the knife look, ummmmmm.....

  • tintin

    Sandra is a hater on Usher. First off how do you know who was at his album release party, clearly you don't cause he would have never invited your a$$.

    Lil Kim is over, her face is gonna eventually melt off

    Jennifer Hudson looks gorgeous, her weight is coming off nicely.

    Mary and Kendu are perfect.

    Michelle Williams is too skinny.

    Am i the only one who doesnt' care about this sex in the city movie?

  • Mimi Renee

    i'm sorry but are Michael Jackson's lips drawn on with a red lipliner pencil? i love his music but i just can't....

  • Bubbles

    Michael almost looks human. Almost.

  • mimimumbi

    Hmm, Everyone looks okay, I cant really understand why Jennifer Hudson continues to wear such awful outfits, i donno, maybe its just me. As for Mary, no matter how much Couture she wears, she still looks hoodish (and i am a fan), but the Chanel and the Tatoo, i donno, There's always something missing with her.

  • Kymystry

    Lil Kim's Dress looks like it was made in a Home-Ec class ..

    and thats all I have to say about that

  • iyonah

    Good day ALL!

    If MJ were in Japan or somewhere overseas, it would have been nothing but pandemonium.

    I really used to like Usher, I did, so it hurts me when I have to say something bad ... lol. He looks a HAM. He can do so much better, what is he wearing? I am all for the comfortable and cozy look ... but when its appropriate.

    On Kim those colors look good her face is another story. Kim and MJ are true example of when plastic surgery GOES WRONG!

    For some reason every time I see SJP, my stomach turns. I don't know what it is about her face, but she makes my stomach hurt. J Hud seems to have a shiny face to match her metallic inspired outfit. The big and small comparison here is priceless. Moving along ….

    Mary & Kendu look great, I love to see BLACK LOVE :-)

    WOW ... that dress is not doing Michelle any justice, the color is nice but the dress doesn't look good on her at all! She looks like she needs some protein …. I knew she was small but this shot makes her look extremely thin. Even if her breast were situated better, it still wouldn't look good.

    OK enough of m 2 cents on the pics. Sandra … what is our criteria for photos of the day? I’m just curious ….

  • chocolatechild

    Sandra, you neglected to mention how nice Jen Jen (Jennifer Hudson) looked...

  • Sandra Rose

    BLACKBARBIE404 Says:

    Christian Audigier is a household name because he designed ED HARDY


    No dear, the clothing line is a household name. No one knew who Christian Audigier was until today. :)

  • preciousfromomaha

    Lil Kim looks so different. I am a Sex In the City fan. I can't wait to see the movie. Best birthday present ever.

  • Detroit48205

    Michelle looks pretty...I wish lil kim would invest in the right make-up for her complexion (her real complexion)...and everyone else looks beautiful....



    Christian Audigier also has a clothing line with his name on it as well. Most people who bought Ed Hardy - knew that Christian Audigier is the one who made it.

    Maybe I'm just one of few, but I doubt it.

    If you're into the new jean trend of Rock & Republic and True Religion, then I'm sure you know Christian Audigier.

  • milly

    1.Lil kim and M. Jackson just scare me...and I'm not even trying to be mean this time.

    2.Michelle needs some tape for them boobies

    3.I never knew Sarah Jessica P. was so tiny either...J-hud looks good, she looks healthy and I am looking foward the movie in 2 days( yes I'm counting down)

    4.Usher looks the same..but at least he looks comfy in those clothes

    5.Mary and her hubby look I wont touch that

  • LAChick

    I just wanna jump Jen-Hud's stylist for real, that dress is literally gold foil wrap and all kinds of wrong for her, her hair is a bad wig and she looks uncomfortable and 50..why why???? SJP dress is one of 100 she has that look just like that, she should have let Patricia Field hook her up. I love black love but hate Mary's blonde wig and tat combo, just way too hoodrat. Kim has left the building.

  • black beauty

    J-Hud - should have missed this one to with that wack ass outfit and her weave is very unfortunate LOL

  • black beauty

    But Michelle looks nice but her breast should not be leaving her this early especially if she has no children

  • MzDetermined


    Usher looks nice and simple

    Kim looks like a apple

    J. Hud looks nice, and michelle's breast needs to be lifted jus a little, but other then that she looks nice.

  • gemini83

    Milly says:

    1.Lil kim and M. Jackson just scare me…and I’m not even trying to be mean this time.


    Michael scares me too. Real talk, true story. I was just telling my boyfriend that the other day. If I were to see him, I think that really would be scared, for real. Imagine a child, they might just pee on themselves!

  • mr mr

    I have to disagree with Sandra...

    Christian is VERY WELL KNOWN and has been for years...if you know anything about fashion and/or celebrity style, then you know who Christian is...

  • candycane

    I just saw an old pic of Lil Kim in Vibe, back when she looked normal and she was really cute. I wonder what made her decide to do that to her face.

    Michael....... well.... ummm.. yeah

    Michelle looks really pretty, I like her dress

    I see Mary is working that new wig/weave

  • katgirl33

    I saw Mary's VH 1 - "Storytellers" over the usual, she ripped the stage to pieces!

    I slept on Growing Pains, but I'm awake now LOL......I will keep my Mary collection current for as long as she makes music.

    I'm happy that she's finally happy...she looks it!

    Go Mary!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Good 'head Michelle...she is the sweetest person ever guys!!! She is looking very fab in that dress...

    Lil Kim should really take time out to draw those brows on properly...and I wish she NEVER decided to have plastic surgery.

    J-Hud looks really nice...SJP looks like a lil doll standing next to her. I'm tall too...and personally, taking pics with a very small person makes me feel like Godzilla lol. They both look lovely though...

    I love MJB...she looks nice! Kendu and her make a cute couple...

    No comments for MJ...and I luv Christian Audigier, his stuff can be fun if you don't overdo it.


    SJP is a shrimp.


    I believe Mary gives her husband HELL!! Her smile always looks forced when she is in public with him.

  • bklynchick

    Lil kim and.
    Michael look awful!! J-Hud looks okay. Michelle needs some of Bey Popeye's chicken.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ sandra: Designer Christian Audigier isn’t exactly a household name..

    ...(you should've indicated in YOUR household)...i have to agree w/ blackbarbie and mr mr, he is VERY popular...if you were sitting across from me right now, i would give you the "are you kidding me" look :)


    @ bloggergirlz


  • AllICanSay

    I am loving MJB whole look in that picture.

  • Zuley

    Lil Kim should sue the bastard that did such a horrible job to her face. Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. look cute. Michelle looks sickly like she is desperate need of a Popeyes chicken and biscuit combo or something. And sorry Sandra but Christian Audigier is really a big household name here in NYC and LA.

  • ReadTheBlog

    I'm happy for Mary J, but I'm tired of looking at Kendu every time Mary's around.

  • Yazzmin

    Lil Kim looks like she went to Michael's doctor (jokes aside). They messed her face up! Maybe if she get those cheeks toned down, she'd look normal.

    That's what happens when your not comfortable in your own skin, trying to be someone your not.

  • lexdiamonz

    Christian Audigier has always been popular it is just now getting popular with us through Ed Hardy lil kim needs serious therapy and michael is truly a chick inside j-hud looks good get it girl and SJP need a peanut butter and jelly sammich stat