I heard from Ciara's camp tonight about yet another dumb rumor. Anyway, CiCi is on the West Coast rehearsing for the BET Awards next Tuesday. She sent word through her camp that she's not getting married to her boo 50 Cent. If you recall, I confirmed the rumors that the couple are very much in love.

While there are still some out there who doubt my word, Ciara and Fiddy are living their lives as one of Hip Hop's hawtest couples!

But wait, did Young Buck shed light on Ciara's and Fiddy's relationship on his new 50 Cent diss track "Taped Conversations"? Yes he did - and in a big way!

"Ciara go while you got a chance/Let a real nigga put a band on ya hand", raps Buck. OK now Fiddy has to come back hard 'cause Buck put baby girl smack dab in the middle of their beef! And that aint right!

So I put in a call in to Ciara's people to tell them to halt Ciara's BET rehearsals and get a response from her asap. I'll get back to you with Ciara's response. :)

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Miss Info has the exclusive audio of Young Buck's lyrical response to 50 Cent's ethering of him. Yesterday, Miss Info posted audio of a taped phone call between 50 Cent and a weepy, teary eyed Young Buck begging Fiddy to take him back.

His rap career in shambles, Buck responded the best way he knew how - with a diss track. While the streets laughed at him, Buck was holed up in a studio last night recording. Claiming the phone call was taped "a year ago", Buck does his best T.I. impersonation on this track titled "Taped Conversation".

"Ery man got an emotional side to him," Buck raps. "So yeah, they heard the emotional side of me, but they see the bitch nigga in you Fifty."

Our friend, rap artist Young Jeezy was ticketed by Atlanta police early this morning for driving with no tags on his brand new Corvette.

According to TMZ.com, Jeezy's official explanation was the drive-out (temporary) tag fell off when Jeezy took his fresh-off-the-lot Corvette to a car wash. As for the open container in the vehicle, that belonged to the passenger in the car. Anyone who knows Jeezy knows he never goes anywhere alone.

He rides in a convoy of vehicles which are always in front of and behind him. So why would cops pull him over for speeding? That would never happen. So stop getting your info from BOGUS websites! Always keep it here for the truth with no filler!

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US Open champ Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the 2008 PGA season due to damaged ligaments in his left knee, according to his personal website.

Woods is scheduled to have surgery to repair a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee - the same knee he had surgery on in April. Additionally, Woods suffered a "double stress fracture'" in the tibia, the bigger bone, of his lower left leg while rehabilitating from that surgery. The ligament tear occurred while Woods was running in the weeks after the 2007 British Open, according to a statement on Woods' website.

"Now, it is clear that the right thing to do is to listen to my doctors, follow through with this surgery, and focus my attention on rehabilitating my knee,'' Woods said. Doctors assured him there "will be no long-term'' effects.


BET has pissed quite a few people off here lately. Ever since the company was swallowed up by media conglomerate Viacom, which also owns VH1 and MTV - the network has lost its soul.

Protesters are still calling BET "a modern-day minstrel show". Now singer Michelle Williams has exposed the network on her blog saying BET execs refuse to play her music because it isn't "urban enough". Writes Michelle:

"A lot of you guys are wondering why it's not on BET!!! Well how can I say this without starting any drama........it may not be "urban" enough!!! Whatever the hell that means!!! (this is the political foolishness we artists go through on a daily basis)"

Now this is the same BET that recently named gossip blogger Perez Hilton for one of its Top 5 blogs awards.

What part of Perez Hilton's blog is urban? That blog is hands down the most racist blog on the Internets. You would think that BET would give that spot to another urban blogger especially since Perez Hilton couldn't give a damn about BET or anybody up there unless they're cutting him a check.

Does the other urban bloggers on that list have a chance in hell against him? What's the point? Oh yeah I forgot, his show is on VH1 which is owned by Viacom which owns BET.

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Rumor has it that Rihanna was really feeling football star Kerry Rhodes at her 'Good Girl Gone Bad' DVD screening at Guesthouse in NYC last night. Allegedly, someone in the crowd mentioned Chris' name to her and she responded, "who?"

Rihanna poses with LaToya Luckett

Teyana Taylor hugs her new BFF

Then gently wipes icing off her face

Estelle attended the party

Emeka Okafor was also there

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When did Pleather come back in vogue?

Normally Michelle Obama is the picture of perfection when she's campaigning for her husband Barack Obama. But we've never really seen Michelle let her hair down and party with celebrities, have we? I LOVE her outfit, but Mrs. Obama has way too much going on in the neck area. Basic black does not need to be accessorized to death. The old saying less is more certainly applies here.

I want to say Spike Lee is one of Leon Andre Talley's famous clients, but even Mr. Talley wouldn't commit such an offense with one of his clients. The entire look is a disaster: the loud shirt, the man purse, the hat. I just can't.

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LL Cool J and his wife Simone arrive at the home of Calvin Klein for a private party on Tuesday (6/17)

Speak of the devil: just a couple of days ago I asked why Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee are never seen together and here they are. The couple attended a private party at Calvin Klein's palatial spread in Manhattan yesterday.

LeBron James and his baby mama Savannah Brinson arrives at the home of Calvin Klein for a private party yesterday.

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