Celebrity Seed: Kid Rock

Here’s photos of Kid Rock and his son for those of you who didn’t realize Kid Rock had a son by a black woman.

Here’s the back story: In the early 90s Kid Rock’s girlfriend had a daughter by another man. Kid believed the baby girl was his and showed her off to his friends who voiced their doubts. Tests proved the baby wasn’t his which left Rock feeling hurt and confused.

The couple broke up, but they eventually hooked up again and she later gave birth to his son. The baby mama agreed to give full custody of their son to Kid who raised him from birth as a single father.

Not long after, Kid stopped dating sisters as a result of his tumultuous relationship with his baby mama.

Last October, Kid was involved in a brawl at an Atlanta area Waffle House which landed him in jail. Kid pleaded no contest to a battery charge and was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $1000. Yesterday, TMZ.com posted a video from a surveillance camera showing Kid and his goons jumping a lone black man at the diner. This has raised speculation that Kid Rock is a racist.

Some point to the fact that Kid abandoned rap music for hard rock, meaning he never was down for the cause.


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  1. 1

    He looks just like his dad, but again, why mention the fact his mom is black sandra?

  2. 2
    Sharonda says:

    Lol, he does look like him..

  3. 3
    trulyposh says:

    he is the spitting image of his dad…just a brown version. however, i’m not riding with you on the assertion that he is a racist. how do you know that kid “stopped dating sisters”? why would he have such a close relationship with rev run if he is, as you want us to believe, a racist? and…kid’s rap music always had a lot of rock thrown in the mix. with that said, it wasn’t surprising for him to crossover to rock completely. (but he’s experimental…you neglected to mention his dabbles in the country genre.)

    you’re really reaching this week…halle wanted a white baby…kid rock is a racist…soledad isn’t a black woman….are you gonna turn on your beloved rhianna next?

  4. 4
    j-lo843 says:

    Sandra I’m really trying to figure you out this week…what is up with all this animosity toward blacks…damn did somebody call you the “N” word. Besides I have been taught believe nothing you hear and half what you see!!!…and you’ve definitely have made this statement true this week…Come on girl get with it.

  5. 5
    maema says:

    I don’t really see the racist angle. Kid Rock is kinda wild and he gets in a lot of brawls. I saw a behind the music on Kid Rock and back in the day, he was dropped from his label after vanilla ice blew up. They didn’t know what to do with him. He struggled for years and developed a new sound based on all of his influences — both rap and rock. nothing wrong with that.

    cute kid.

  6. 6
    brwnsugga4you says:

    cute kid and we all know kid rock is not racist sandra…for god sakes he hangs out w/rev. run. + he went on tour with him…and maybe he has decided not to date sisters which is his choice…that doesn’t make you racist though…h*ll my brother’s mom is white..but, i haven’t dated a white man…i’m not racist though…morning wood sandra cause you’re tired from all that blogger fighting this week..lol.

  7. 7
    oshikoyah says:

    Sandra you are so full of doo-doo!!! I swear I come to this site to see what lies you’re telling now. That’s all you do. Lie to give “credibility” to a story. I’m not going to say that this story is a lie, but hell, is it true. How many of us really care to know the truth about Kid Rock. The dude still makes decent music. We all know he’s not racist, and it’s not because he got into an altercation with the dude at the waffle house off of Buford Highway. There wasn’t any audio on that tape so you don’t know what was said. YOU said he was racist. I haven’t heard anyone else say it. It makes me wonder if Sandra is black. I, for one haven’t seen any pictures of you. Only a white person would keep perpetuating the nuances of racism like you are. WE don’t do this on a consistant basis like you do.

    I’m so in agreeance with Trulyposh… you are truly reaching this week. But you’re doing your job by being messy and bringing folks back to your site because you know people in general like chaos and drama! Too bad you don’t know how to use your influences for a good cause!

  8. 8
    Kymystry says:

    Really … Seriously ….wow …. lol

  9. 9
    terika83 says:

    Good info Sandra…I never thought he was a racists anyway…he’s too close to Rev Run.

    Because he gets into an altercation with a black man he’s a racists….ohhh that makes sense…

  10. 10
    Detroit48205 says:

    Kid rock grew up in a wealthy household in the city of Howell. He couldnt stand being up there, so he made his way to a small city outside Detroit called Mount Clemons.. If you’re from the “D”, you know that Mount Clemons is known for whites and blacks getting together. The black girls dig the white guys, and the black guys dig the white girls.. It is true, that he dated the black girl, and the baby was proved not to be his. This is the first I’ve heard about Kid having another baby with the chick… I dont think he’s racist, I think ole’boy got out of pocket, and they had to rough em’ up…

  11. 11
    terika83 says:

    So Sandra, how did the confrontation with Angel go?

  12. 12
    mizzdallas says:

    And you expect us to believe that Kid Rock is racist. whatever man!!

  13. 13
    bloggergirlz says:

    u str8 up took one of ur old posts (and pics), added it w/ the waffle incident, and created a new post…blah, blah, blah…both topics have been discussed on here already…

    can you post something “new”?

  14. 14
    Mzsuave says:

    Not…really…interested…in this particular blog

  15. 15
    teecee says:

    i saw the video of him in the waffle house and that was a b!tch move move if i ever scene one. nobody is paying kid rock any attention because hes a nasty looking needing a shower d lister

  16. 16

    I have seen Kid around Detroit a few times and he is cooler than a fan ! He does not in the least bit give off a racist vibe ! He is TOTALLY comfortable around black people and doesn’t seem to notice color at all.

  17. 17
    Smokie says:

    Now THIS is interesting. I wonder if the kid acts totally white…

  18. 18
    mjoylaw says:

    super cute kid, who knew KR has a black child? He always looked a little red under the collar to me but

  19. 19
    mjoylaw says:

    super cute kid, who knew KR has a black child? He always looked a little red under the collar to me..just sayin

  20. 20
    AlwaysSweet says:

    “Some point to the fact that Kid abandoned rap music for hard rock, meaning he never was down for the cause.”

    He was down for that black pie pie though.

  21. 21
    intensemocha says:

    I saw his story on mtv and knew that he had a black girlfriend in the past……I like his swagger he has a mind of his own and doesn’t seem to care about what people think….I guess the rumor about him being a racist is obviously untrue-lol

  22. 22
    Seattle Slim says:

    I’d smash lol

  23. 23
    Seattle Slim says:

    Kid rock I mean lol just had to clear that up. Cute lil boy

  24. 24
    SnootyPooty1 says:

    His son is so cute!!!!

  25. 25
    georgiapeach1972 says:

    I bought one of his albums years ago and i knew this sounded familiar. here are some lyrics from one of the songs BLACK CHICK, WHITE GUY!!!!!

    Black chick, white guy
    Does it mean ****, maybe
    I don’t know, but yo it never phased me
    But either way here’s one tail
    Of two like that and what prevailed
    It started way back in the eigth grade
    In the small old town where the two both stayed
    He came from a family of middle class
    Where everything he did he always had to ask
    She came from a place that was so alone
    You know the same old tail of a broken home
    Her momma was an alkie and more like a friend
    Had three different kids from three different men
    And that’s just the way **** was
    Couldn’t change it, couldn’t rearrange it so there it was
    Anyway the two kept on
    With the phone calls notes and so on and so on
    And after the bull****in and whatten
    That day came the two started ****in
    All the time you know kids habit’s
    Every single day ****in like rabbits
    Sneakin out the car when he was 15
    Climbin in the window and ****in all night see
    ****in during lunch in the junior high bathrooms
    Drinking champagne and trippin on mushrooms
    His **** was metal her pussy was a magnet
    Ninth grade came, I’m pregnant
    **** got frantic and man oh Lord it was a tough decision
    But they decided to abort it
    It might have been right, it might have been wrong
    But one thing’s for sure, it really ****ed his head up
    Where is it, who is it, how is it, was it right
    These are the things he thought in bed at night
    A lot of people might laugh at this
    But **** em they don’t know the half of it

    Ain’t no sunshine when you’re low
    I’m low
    People tell me life’s a game, I’m not playin
    Bitches don’t mean **** to me anymore
    I have taken my blows, I’m still standin

    Now for the next year there was some good times
    A few bad times, mostly good times
    See he was a ramblin man to the bone
    He liked women and wine and he loved to roam
    Not like she was any kind of Saint
    See in this story there’s a lot of red paint
    But time kept slippin and made her crazy
    And she talked about havin another baby
    The guy was like, Oooh Lord
    We got one now that we can’t afford
    But she convinced she could handle even two
    Said I want your child or I’m leavin you
    I can’t figure out why then he didn’t run
    I guess he was attached to her and her son
    All confused about what to do
    That girl met another guy and was ****in him too
    Could barely pay her rent
    And then the same old ****, I’m pregrant
    And if that ain’t some **** cuz
    The girl didn’t even know who the father was
    And still by her side the first guy stayed
    Head gettin more ****ed by the day
    He stuck it out for nine months I don’t know why
    And then a little girl on the Fourth of July
    Was born in the front seat of his car
    It was amazing
    Kinda like a shooting star
    He was happy told his family and friends
    Only to realize later his little girl wasn’t his
    And that crushed him quick
    Suicidal thoughts were in his head real thick
    But before he found all that out
    From the same chic another kid popped out
    And that ****’s real ill
    Girl told him that she was takin the ****in pill
    She must have known all along
    The little girl wasn’t his and she was tryin to latch on
    Three different kids from three different men
    History repeats itself again
    And after some more **** got stirred
    He kicked that bitch to the curb
    And now from her he’s got a little boy that makes him laugh a bit
    Huh, And he loves him
    But still you don’t know the ****in half of it

    Ain’t no sunshine when you’re low
    I’m low
    People tell me life’s a game I’m not playin
    Bitches don’t mean **** to me anymore
    I have taken my blows, I’m still standin
    I’m still standin
    I’m still standin
    I’m still standiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  26. 26
    georgiapeach1972 says:

    sorry i didn’t realize it was so long.

  27. 27
    milly says:

    Girl stop being messy!

  28. 28
    dblaq says:

    It’s a bunch of black people that abandonded rap, so they ain’t down for the cause??? Maybe rap abandoned the cause. A lot of white musicians appreciate the art of music meaning they actually have real bands with real musicians unlike rap, where everybody is a producer with fruityloops where they just have to connect the dots to make a track.

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