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Sorry, I didn't have a Morning Wood ready for you ladies today. I know you need that Morning Wood to get you through your day at work. Will Chris Brown do until tomorrow? Yeah, I know he's sadly lacking, but his Nike kicks are kewl.

Tomorrow I'll make up for it with two Morning Woods! :)

Click the image to take a sneak peek at Mo's new reality show on Peachtree TV! Everybody is talking about this new reality show featuring one of R&B's premiere singers, Monica Arnold.

The show is only available on Peachtree TV in the Atlanta markets. But Peachtree TV underestimated the far reach Monica has with fans across the globe who want to tune in to see the show but can't.

Thanks to Theola Borden of Sony/BMG and MDP2, Inc! takes another swipe at Hip-Hop under the guise of satire and parody. I used to be wary of their video parodies, but not anymore. Rappers did this to themselves by turning a wildly successful music genre into a circus sideshow.

Now Rick Ross is the head clown (that used to be Ja Rule's position). Clown on rappers. Soon you'll be back on the corners slinging rocks for real when the record labels wise up and cut the purse strings.

Jay Z was out & about in NYC yesterday trying to look the part of a hustler turned business man. A sharp eyed pap noticed Jay was wearing his wedding ring. For normal married people this would not be unusual. But the simple act of wearing a wedding ring is a dramatic production for the "retired" rapper.

Maybe Jay noticed the lack of paparazzi following him around lately so he thought this might be as good a time as any to pull the ring out and draw some attention? Then again maybe his and Beyonce's rings just arrived from the jeweler.

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Rap artist Trina and her boyfriend, Denver Nuggets player, Kenyon Martin, were shaken up in a horrific car crash over the weekend. The young lovers traveled from their home in Miami to Belize on Friday (7/26) to attend a peace rally and basketball tournament on Saturday.

As they left the airport, the vehicle they were riding in swerved off the highway to avoid oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. The couple were shaken up but unhurt. Two young boys riding with them were injured.

According to, the accident may have been caused, in part, by the police motorcade escorting the vehicles. The motorcade took up a wide portion of the narrow two lane highway, forcing oncoming traffic to go around them. The 6-9 power forward comforted his boo Trina at the scene after helping her out of the twisted wreckage.

As you already know, Trina and Kenyon - who is a married man - make no secret of their romance which you heard about here first.

The couple seem to have the blessing of Kenyon's wife and baby mama, Heather (pictured right with Kenyon in happier times). The news of Trina and Kenyon's relationship came to light when Trina helped organize Kenyon's 30th birthday bash in Miami, Florida last year. Heather's name was not on the guest list.

Supposedly, Heather is content as long as those child support and alimony checks don't bounce. I'm sure Heather has some other young NBA baller to keep her bed warm at night.

Thanks to for the crash scene photos and for the pic of Heather and Kenyon!

Last week, a Bad Boy Records rep leaked word of Sean Combs' upcoming nuptials to singer Cassie. Star magazine got duped into publishing the "scoop" from an inside source. Of course the news was denied by Sean Combs, 39, who claimed the story was a complete fabrication and he had no intentions on marrying the 21-year-old Cassie.

And just to prove it, Sean arranged a family day outing in Central Park yesterday with his baby mama Kim Porter and 4 of his 5 biologicals - Christian, Justin, D'Lila and Jessie.

While Sean and the boys played touch football with friends, Kim and her girls frolicked in the grass -- in full view of the paparazzi of course. Judging from the photos, each twin had her own nanny which I found odd. It isn't like Kim was off playing touch football with the fellas and couldn't tend to her own brood. How sweet that Kim is still playing the part of the long-suffering girlfriend that stands by her man who just won't do right.

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Rolling Out TV caught up with Monica at the Down South Takeover concert in Marietta, GA last weekend. RO's roving reporter asked Rocko about his upcoming nuptials to Monica. He said: "We just really settling it down. I just want to make it all the way right. We're putting it together real big."

Monica was also asked about the announcement of their engagement made by longtime boyfriend and baby daddy Rocko Da Don during his concert. Here's what Monica said: "That's a beautiful thing. We have two children, but most of all he has the household like a man should. That's setting a good example."

But then RO's roving reporter asked Monica if the wedding date was set yet and Mo said it wasn't. Mo went on to say the wedding wouldn't be a secret because, "We too real for that." Some speculated that Mo was taking a swipe at Beyonce and Jay Z who went to extraordinary lengths to front like their nuptials were so hush hush when they were the ones secretly leaking information to the media!

But always the lady: Mo reached out to fellow gossip blogger BlogXilla to set the record straight that she wasn't taking slick shots at Bey and Jay Z.

Monica also revealed the title of her first single is "Still Standing". This is the song my photographer Freddy O raved about when he heard Mo record it in the studio last month. You will get your chance to hear this hot track on August 5th when The Single: Monica premieres on Peachtree TV!

For the benefit of those of you who don't get Peachtree TV in your markets, the episodes will be uploaded to YouTube immediately following the broadcasts. I will post the links and also links will be posted here.

We all know by now that Senator John McCain has a short term memory problem and might even be suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease. The major news networks realize that the presidential race is over if wind of this ever gets out.

So last week, CBS did a little creative editing to cover up a major McCain blooper and help their candidate out a little. CBS edited out McCain's blooper and replaced it with an attack on Obama.

Unfortunately for CBS, Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) and the were on the job and replaced the video that CBS aired with the video of what McCain actually said. In the interest of fairness, CBS later uploaded the unedited video online.

But the fact that CBS chose to edit McCain's gaffe with an attack on Sen. Barack Obama is very telling and puts CBS snugly in bed with Fox News as two major networks that can't be trusted to deliver fair and unbiased reporting.