According to Karrine Steffans' twin brother B. Scott, Beyonce was spotted prancing around Manhattan looking slightly nervous. According to him, Bey Z will appear on The Early Show this Thursday. But the question is why?

Does she have an album coming out any time soon? Is she promoting a movie that's about to hit the theaters in a few weeks? The answer to both questions is no. You see, Bey Z is feeling the heat from all the attention her baby sister Solange is getting.

Sibling rivalry runs deep in some families. I'm sure the sibling rivalry in the Knowles household runs as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Maybe Bey Z got my memo about being nice to the paps and to stop acting like a bitch in public. So be prepared to see a kinder gentler Beyonce in future paparazzi shots (she's even smiling in the above shot which is something she never does).

This is why you can't believe everything you read on the Internets. Last week I received an email from someone claiming to work at Island Records who wrote, "as we speak Jermaine Dupri's termination of services contract is being typed."

"Yeah, right," I said as I sent a text message to my well-placed source who is practically a brother to JD. He didn't respond which is normally what he does when the rumor is unfounded. I also have a spy who works in the mail room at Island Records who didn't have a clue about the termination either.

I spoke with other industry professionals in Atlanta who believed the rumors even though there was no clear evidence to support them. This is the reason I didn't follow along with all the other blogs which posted the rumor. I need evidence or at least a credible source before I put someone like Jermaine Dupri on the unemployment line.

On Monday, a rep from Def Jam shot down the rumors calling them "untrue".

While his financial status may be in doubt, JD is still a much sought after producer. R&B singer Sammie, who desperately needs a hit, plans to work with the diminutive producer on his third studio album.

"We're trying to get in with Nitti and trying to get a record from JD (Jermaine Dupri) this time," he explains. "I haven't worked with Jermaine since 2001. As far as producer wise it is going to be a stacked house and I'm looking forward to the album and what their going to come up with next." (Source)

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A bunch of tracks have already leaked off of Young Jeezy's much-anticipated new set "The Recession". But THIS is the track I've been waiting for! Why? Because Street Market Entertainment produced it! I'm so proud of them. :)

    Everything (produced by Street Market Ent)

Street Market Entertainment is comprised of Wolsey David Thomas, Metkel Deglel, and Simon Gidewon (pictured above with Jeezy). The guys plan a party to celebrate the release of Jeezy's album. More details on that later.

Many thanks to my nephew J.D., who runs the popular Hip Hop Update blog, for this track! Go show him some love please. :)

Street Market 4 LIFE!!!!!!

Miami's Channel 10 News has the video of DMX showing out in a Miami courtroom today. [Side note: I used to work at Channel 10 for a few months in the early 80s before leaving to attend nursing school.]

Anyway, Earlier I wrote that Earl Simmons, aka DMX, cursed out a judge. Well, the video shows a different story.

Rather than curse out the judge or even curse at the judge, DMX merely turned away from the judge while mumbling under his breath. Hardly what I would call a good old fashioned tongue lashing as had been reported.

A Miami judge incurred the wrath of rapper DMX by denying his bond this morning. DMX was arrested in Miami on August 14th on a warrant for failing to appear in a Phoenix court to face drug charges. Before that, he was arrested on multiple drug and traffic charges.

DMX has remained in custody in Miami since the arrest because the Phoenix judge who issued the warrant revoked his bond.

When Judge Lawrence Schwartz denied his bond, DMX responded by cursing out the judge who quipped, “Oh that just ingratiated you to me. I've never heard the "f' word before so it's okay.” Maybe DMX forgot that he will have to go before this judge again? (Source)

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Clearly, rapper Nelly has no future as a DJ. This is what hanging around JD too much gets you.

I know you're tired of seeing pics of Rihanna and Chis Brown 24/7. Believe me, I am too. This is the last one, I swear for today, that is.

Young Jeezy models an Obama tee shirt for the world to see who he would have voted for come November if it weren't for those nuisance convictions fouling up his police record.

A Beyonce Stan emailed me asking why I didn't include this pic of Solange wearing pink leggings in my post this morning. She accused me of showing favoritism for not doing so. Okay, here's the pic. Happy now?

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No new details have emerged since I told you about the death of Dr. Dre's son Andre Young Jr., 20, who was found unresponsive in his home by his mother, Nicole Young. reports the younger Dre returned home early in the morning on Saturday and was later found unresponsive by his mother. The cause of death is pending. A rep tells TMZ that the famed producer is in mourning over the loss of his son.

Singer Solange Knowles is taking the industry by storm with her fresh new perspective on R&B music and style. She's also making everyone forget about you-know-who. AND WE LOVE IT!!! :)

I'd love to see the looks on the faces of those loons over on the Beyonce board when Solange totally takes over the industry (Yup, they ran me off that board too with torches and pitchforks).

In this video, Solange is shown on the set of her photo shoot for GIANT magazine. Isn't she hawt?! Thanks again to for always looking out on the links!