Whitney who? Monica kilt it at For Sisters Only this weekend performing "Still Standing" with her cousin Ludacris who lip synced his rap. Mo's vocals have only gotten better and stronger with the passing of time.

Mo literally glowed as she emotionally connected with the audience. By the way, congrats to Mo and her fiance Rocko! Am I the only one in Atlanta who didn't know FSO was this weekend?

[EDITED 9/13, 11:58 PM: The woman in the photo is confirmed to be Lashon Dixon, mother of T.I.'s sons Messiah and Domani]

One of my loyal readers, Tay, did some private investigative work and came up with this pic of who she thinks is T.I.'s baby mama, LaShon Dixon - the one who took T.I. to court yesterday to raise her child support payments from $2,000 a month to whatever she likes.

I've never seen T.I.'s baby mama myself, but this pic fits the general description that I've been given of her. And T.I.'s sons are the spittin' image of her.

I guess I could put in a call to verify....

Anyway, her Myspace page says she's 29-years-old - as is LaShon - and she lives near Atlanta. Her Myspace page is private so I won't post it.

I'm sure T.I. will do the right thing by his baby mama. He's an upstanding young man.

I don't have any kids, but one thing I do know for sure is they usually grow up to disappoint you.

As a parent, you have your kids lives all mapped out. Their college funds are set and you even have the school all picked out.

Then they grow up and demand their college funds so they can travel the world. And, oh yeah, f*ck college!

Well, Angelina Zolie and her baby daddy, Brad Pitt think they have their daughter Zahara's life all planned out. The couple plan to build a TB/AIDS clinic in Zahara's homeland of Ethiopia and, get this: they want Zahara to run it when she grows up.

But what if home girl grows up and decides she doesn't want to go back to Africa?

I can see the attitude in Miss Z. I'm sure she'll be too busy running through a succession of white boys while snatching up the latest LV bags and Prada shoes.

You already know the paps will be doggin' her every move.

Quite frankly, I can't see Miss Z mixing up powdered milk for AIDS babies. But I could be wrong. I almost always am.

Fiddy talks about his 52,000 sq. ft. mansion in Connecticut (the one he bought from Mike Tyson). The home boasts a 40-person hot tub and an "adult entertainment area" to "make donations when you feel charitable," because, "there's a lot of single mothers out there."

Fiddy talks about his role in the movie "Righteous Kill" (he sucks in the movie), his publicity stunt with Kanye West -- everything but his longtime girlfriend Ciara whom he treats like a low rent stripper.

Soul Men marks the final big screen appearance of comedian Bernie Mac and soul singer Isaac Hayes who both passed away last month.

The two legends share the screen with acting great Samuel L. Jackson in this comical farce about two surviving members of a 70s soul group (Mac and Jackson) who come out of retirement for a VH1 tribute to soul music.

If the two group members can find a way to get along, they might get lucky and score a record deal.

Photos: Abaca Press and Splash News Online (right)

Just yesterday I received an email from a loyal reader asking me if I thought Kelly Rowland was a lesbon since she's never seen out with a man. Well, I guess not.

Kelly and Eve were spotted out recently accompanied by men who may or may not be their boyfriends. It certainly looks that way though.

I can't say I blame the ladies for stepping over to the other side where the grass looks greener. The current crop of available black men are a sorry lot indeed.

If they aren't undercover fags, they're creeping with your best friend, they can't pull their pants up, smoke too much damn weed, refuse to get a job, or won't pay their child support.

I know industry women right here in the A who stack plenty cheese but refuse to date brothas because they're so triflin'.

We have to do better with raising our boys to be men.

Kanye West left L.A. on a private jet yesterday afternoon after bonding out of jail following his dust up with paparazzi at LAX (click to watch Kanye boarding private jet).

'Ye landed in Hawaii and literally walked off the plane holding his $1,600 MacBook Air like, 'see, I'm working! I don't have a ghost writer!'

I guess appearances really are important to 'Ye because he wants it to appear that he wrote 10 posts on his blog yesterday before, during, and after tussling with the paps at the airport.

His juvenile antics ended up costing him almost 30Gs for a leased jet, jet fuel, two licensed pilots, and a $20,000 bond. All because he can't control his immature, volatile temper. I can see why Alexis left that ass.


I'm all late with this, but I just saw this video yesterday. Young Jeezy held a star-studded voter registration drive at Justin's last week (I see you, Stay Fresh).

I'm proud of Young Jeezy and his voter registration efforts to encourage the young brothas (and sistas) to get out and make a difference in their own lives instead of waiting for Obama or anyone else to do it.

Jeezy proves that ex-felons can vote as long as they've completed their debt to society and are no longer on parole or on probation. So don't let that hold you back from getting registered to vote!

Whether it's Obama or McCain that you're voting for - your vote counts, so make a difference and put on for your city! :)

Actor-director Tyler Perry covers this month's issue of Ebony magazine.

Perry made a guest appearance this week on Conan O'Brien to promote his newest flick titled 'The Family That Preys' in theaters today.

In this video clip from the show, Miss Perry wonders aloud why women flock to his football player friends but not to him.

Will someone explain to TP why he is not considered a great catch to females even though he's stacking much cheese?

This is my first Celeb Style post featuring singer Alicia Keys, and that is because, well, she has no style.

I would even take it a step further and say that I have more style than Alicia Keys. If Ak didn't have a stylist, she wouldn't know what to do with herself.

Even so, Alicia looked like an escapee from Bellevue's mental ward today. She was spotted walking around New York with a scarf tied around her head, wearing ballerina slippers and stockings with holes in them.

I do like her little tassel handbag though, so she isn't a complete mess. I don't know who makes the bag, but I found a cheap knock off for you ladies at Baghaus.com for only $22.00!



Maybe Chris Brown should rethink moving in with his BFF Rihanna. I hear she has a temper.

I'm just kidding, of course. :) Rihanna visited Chris on the set of his new movie today. The two were snapped getting their grub on in between takes. Don't they have assistants to fetch their food for them?