In an video blog posted at, producer Rodney Jerkins confirmed rumors that Janet Jackson has left Island/Def Jam Records.

Jackson, who is currently in the midst of a sold out concert tour, did not release a statement. But Jerkins, who produced tracks on Jackson’s disappointing album, Discipline, did plenty of talking for her.

We didn’t get the support from the record company. Janet felt like it wasn’t pushed. I felt like it wasn’t pushed correctly. She just didn’t get her just due as an artist of that magnitude.

I could make an album with her, possibly me, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis. Keep it real simple. They focus on what they’re great at, I focus on what I’m great at. We come together and make a classic Janet record. (Source)

…a reality show nobody like Tiffany Pollard would crawl back under whatever rock she came out from just as soon as her reality show run ended.
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…real singers like Armani spokesmodel Solange would be Superstars instead of non-talents like her sister Beyonce.
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…wanna-be black chicks like Kim Kardashian would invest in a more realistic looking pair of butt pads.

…former America’s Top Model contestant Nik Pace would never leave her house with a combover that barely covers her thinning hairline.
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…Omar Epps and his lovely baby mama Keisha would not have the caption, “Actor Omar Epps and Guest,” under their pictures on Wire Image.
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Talk show Diva Oprah Winfrey would come out of the closet already and drag her friend Tyler Perry out with her. That one unselfish act would greatly increase social tolerance for gay people in America.
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Singer Natalie Cole, who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, was recently hospitalized due to complications related to chemotherapy treatments according to People magazine.

Cole was in NYC promoting her just-released new album, Still Unforgettable, when she experienced a “set back,” and had to be hospitalized, according to a family member.

Last week, Cole visited the set of “Entertainment Tonight” where she talked about her disease, saying, “This is a virus that was dormant in my body for 25 years. I had no symptoms, was feeling great, working out like a crazy person — and this just keeled me over, like a feather… What I have is treated with chemo… every week.”

However, chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer, not Hepatitis C. So why would Cole be receiving chemotherapy treatments, you ask?

The answer is the antiviral medication she’s taking can be referred to as chemotherapy, although technically, they aren’t classified as chemotherapy drugs.

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Kerry Rhodes is a safety for the NY Jets who can do it all on the field. But off the field, the 26-year-old confirmed bachelor is something of a mystery.

He’s been romantically linked with Jennifer Hudson, who prefers her men with kool aid in their blood — and Dawn Richards from Danity Kane, who also goes for men with a little sugar in their tanks.

That’s not to say that Kerry Rhodes is How U Doin’. It just means he attracts fag hags for some reason.

Speaking of Dawn, I have a male friend in the industry who went on a date with her earlier this year. In fact, he called me the night the night of their first date. I was happy for him because he’s been around the block quite a few times and I hoped he would hit it off with Dawn and settle down.

Plus, he’s a real man which I felt Dawn needed. But afterward, he told me he was totally unimpressed with her and the two never went out again.

Did I mention my friend is ALL man?

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Halle Berry and her daughter Nahla enjoyed a fun day together yesterday at the same LA park where Usher and his seed was snapped. As usual, daddy Gabriel Aubry is too busy to spend quality time with his baby mama and seed. But isn’t Nahla adorable with her trendy bowl hair cut? I love it how mommy and baby are both barefoot in the park. How cute. 🙂  Photos: Faded Youth


Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith attended Trey Smith’s football game over the weekend. Trey is Will’s son by his first marriage. Apparently he’s a tight end or wide receiver — on and off the field. I’m kidding about that last part, of course.

Rap legend LL Cool J is reportedly ‘baffled’ and ‘stunned’ by the low sales of his latest musical offering titled Exit 13.

He is also said to be ‘shocked’ that Jessica Simpson’s album charted higher than his did. LL’s ’13’ came in at number 9 on the Billboard charts while Simpson’s debut country LP, Do You Know, entered the charts at #4.

“He is stunned. He simply can’t believe what’s happened,” a source tells British newspaper the News of the World.

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