Abortion survivor Gianna Jesson questions Barack Obama for his active opposition as state senator to Illinois' Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Born Alive was introduced to stop Illinois hospitals from leaving babies who survived their abortions in soiled utility rooms to die.

Gianna was aborted 31 years ago by a saline abortion procedure and left for dead, but she survived. [Link]

Solange Knowles performed yesterday at the Rock The Vote 08 road Trip with Talib Kweli. We love LOVE those wedge heel sandal boots she's wearing! Does anyone know who makes them? By the way, there's a hoax email going around alerting Obama supporters to wear blue on September 30th for Obama Blue Day. But Obama's camp tells me they know nothing about it.  Photo: INF DAILY

Bystanders could do nothing but stop and stare as singer Rihanna left a Paris airport yesterday. Her beauty and swagger is evident even after a grueling trans-atlantic flight to Paris, France.  Photo: Splash News Online

Singer Brandy looks hawt in this new promo pic. Her album Human is due out on November 11. I can't wait to add her CD to my Emergency Survival Kit!  (Photo source)

Singers Chris Brown and Keri Hilson on the set of the video for his new single "Superhuman". Keri is a talented producer, but she is just another unremarkable singer in an industry that's saturated with unremarkable singers. We really need to focus more on talent and less on image.  (Photo source)

Those of you who guessed that the air head with the ill-fitting butt pads was socialite Kim Kardashian - you were right! Congratulate yourselves on having sharp eyes. :)

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An airport camera captures the tragic crash of Spanair JK 5022 while trying to take off in Madrid, Spain last month. The camera captures the plane hurtling down the runway at take off speed (250+ mph).

The airliner lifts off, but barely gains altitude as smoke begins to pour from a wing before the doomed plane crashes back to earth in a ball of flames and thick black smoke.

154 souls were lost in the crash. Don't watch if you're planning on flying any time soon.

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Thanks to loyal reader Cherish for sending this pic of T.I. and Tiny's adorable son, 4-year-old King Harris, on the set of Mike Jones' video shoot for the song "Cutty Buddy".

By the way, I'm still reading through yesterday's Say Something Nice post to determine the winner of the two passes to T.I.'s private, star-studded birthday party at a private location - AND the dinner for two next week.

There were a few nice, genuine comments - key word being 'genuine' - and it's going to be difficult for me to choose a winner who will get the opportunity to meet the King and his Queen, Tiny.

T.I. and Grand Hustle are doing it up big for T.I.'s upcoming 3-day weekend. The winner will be announced tomorrow and you will be notified by email!

Paper Trail is in stores September 30!

Loyal reader Tanya points out that Solange Knowles may have had another nose job. We know that Solo had a nose job last year to take about 3/4 of an inch off her beak. But according to Tanya, Solo had an additional 1/8 inch removed recently.

I included a ruler so you could see the difference. Not that it matters, because a nose job won't keep me from enjoying Solo's music! :)

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As some of you who have money invested in the stock market right now already know, the market has collapsed.

Lat week, the government took extraordinary measures to help bail out a private financial company called AIG by sinking $85 billion of our money into the company. The feds are now running the former insurance giant.

On Sept. 7, the government seized mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to keep them from going under. And you already know about the failed banks that were seized by the government a couple of months ago.

These companies are being taken over by the federal government - which is sinking hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into them - because the government says the failure of companies like AIG would further disrupt the markets and send other firms into a "financial death spiral."

I heard that Wachovia bank, where my money is invested, is a major player in this mess. So I called my investment broker at Wachovia today to ask him to explain in layman's terms what's going on.

He said Wachovia is in talks to merge with Morgan Stanley - with the smaller bank (Wachovia) planning to buy the larger investment bank. My Wachovia broker is confident that the deal will be done by this weekend, if not by tomorrow.

He said this is the best time for me (a small investor) to invest more of my money because he thinks the market will rally by next week.

Morgan Stanley's shares plunged as much as 44% yesterday which makes me wonder how this merger benefits Wachovia?

No doubt, Wall Street is in a major crisis right now. This whole mess can be traced back to the Enron debacle involving Bush and his good ol' boys. Financial decisions made by Bush and his cronies in private back rooms in the White house are now coming home to roost.

This morning, president Bush was forced to cancel a trip so he could address the crisis.

Just a few minutes ago, the feds announced a 180-billion-dollar cash line to fight the racing fires of global financial crisis - with foreign banks stepping in to help.

People, keep watching the news - even if you don't have any money invested in the markets. The economy is in a steep nose dive and it's always the little people like us who suffer the most. :(