Now that Kanye West is cooling his heels in the slammer, NY Mag asks the question, "who is updating Kanye's blog?" I would say Marcus Troy but then Kanye might come find me once he gets out and smash my computer or something.

According to TMZ, Kanye West was just arrested at LAX for "felony vandalism" (he and a bodyguard allegedly smashed the cameras of a pair of paparazzi). Apparently his ghost blogger didn't get the message, though, because posts on his Website went up at 10:45 and 10:55, which would've been approximately the same time he was purportedly smashing cameras and (presumably) being handcuffed. So, either someone else is updating his blog or Kanye's even more talented than we thought! (Source)

Maybe whoever updates Kanye's blog didn't get the message that he was arrested?

Thanks to loyal reader Karen for the tip!

According to Style Razzi, one of T.I.'s baby mamas took the King to court over child support. Maybe she glimpsed that $6 million dollar ring that T.I. gave Tiny and decided she wasn't getting broke off enough?

The mother of two of T.I.'s children has sued the platinum-selling rapper for child support, saying she is having a hard time supporting the boys and now wants a court-ordered arrangement for payment.

Lashon Dixon and T.I. have known each other since they were teenagers and dated before he reached megastar status. They have two sons together, ages 7 and 8.

Dixon says T.I. currently gives her about $2,000 a month to care for the boys, but now she wants to schedule a more stable stipend that is commensurate with his success. Both parties appeared in Fulton County Superior Court on Thursday. (Source)

Attention whore Kanye West got himself arrested at LAX earlier today for breaking a paparazzi's camera. Cops had to restrain Kanye when he snatched a photographer's camera.

Video shows Kanye going berserk and smashing two video cameras on the floor before walking away.

I'm not sure why he was arrested. I thought the police arrest people for breaking faces, not cameras. I bet they wouldn't have arrested him if that was my camera Kanye broke.

Just the same, I'm filing this one under Publicity Stunt.

I know I've been slacking lately on the Morning Wood posts. So please be patient while I try to catch up.

Adrian Peterson is a running back for the Minnesota Vikings. I'm not familiar with him, but he was requested for today's Morning Wood. He's kinda young, but I guess that doesn't matter to some of you cougars. :)

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Now that ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell has convinced a Russian billionaire to take an interest in her, she desperately wants to have his kid so she'll be set for life.

But Campbell recently learned she had an ovarian tumor that prevented her from conceiving.

The 38-year-old British supermodel has revealed US doctors failed to diagnose the condition forcing her to head to South America for treatment.

Naomi - who previously claimed she went to Brazil for surgery to remove a cyst from her stomach - said: "In America they missed my symptoms. I was in pain for months. So I went to Brazil where they have wonderful doctors.

"They discovered an ovarian tumor that had burst and caused infection. They operated and now I can have children, God willing."

I fear for any child that Naomi has. The woman is not stable.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Sen. Barack Obama is taking heat for his offensive "lipstick on a pig" comment. I bristled when I heard his awkward comment yesterday.

While I am happy that Obama is finally fighting back against the personal attacks coming out of the McCain-Palin camp, he can't compare a female to a pig and then take offense when the media jumps all over him and takes him to task for it.

When a candidate refers to his opponent and says, "if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig," - someone is going to take offense. That's only natural. Now if the same were said about Michelle, Obama would be outraged - and rightfully so.

So maybe he should dispense with the "cute" metaphors and just get down to the business of running a smart campaign.

By the way, where is Michelle?

Old man Jay geezer, the very lovely Serena Williams, who still hasn't come down off her high from winning the US Open, and LeBron James at his cocktail party hosted by Ralph Lauren for The Lebron James Family Foundation in NYC.

LeBron and his lovely live-in baby mama Savannah Brinson. It doesn't matter if they're not married, hens. So stop your clucking. Some of you aren't married to your baby daddies either.

Carmelo Anthony and his baby mama La La Vasquez patched up their differences. As I said before, some women know when they sleep with dogs they wake up with fleas. So just put that flea collar on him and keep it moving.

Cassie was there too. Yes, I know, you don't care. But I love her shoes with that dress. Very nice.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Queen Latifah probably had Alicia Keys on her mind today at the Toronto Premiere of "The Secret Life of Bees" (wasn't that a Stevie Wonder song?). Anyway, I don't have any insider tips on what went down between them on the set. So please don't say you heard anything from me because I will strenuously deny the allegations.

LL Cool J performed live on the CBS Early Show yesterday. I guess they told him to keep his shirt on for safety reasons.

Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent looked dapper on the red carpet at the Righteous Kill Premiere in NY yesterday. We're surprised he showed up considering how the producers dissed his ass.

By the way, I had a conversation with a CiCi insider yesterday and it seems that 50 may - I said may - have been the one who convinced Ciara to take it all off for her Vibe shoot. I'm told Ciara's whole personality changed after she met 50 Cent, who clearly has zero respect for her. When you think about the fact that he refuses to be seen in public with his boo while creeping with untold numbers of other women, you can see why Ciara is slipping.

We still love you CiCi! And we miss you in the comment section but we know you're busy :)

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama visited the Dave Letterman show yesterday. LeBron James needed a little assistance with his 6 ft. long jacket as he entered the studio where the Letterman show is filmed.

The shameless slut Rocsi Diaz who is the subject of an International scandal involving another celebrity's husband, attended the Target Bullseye Bodegas Opening Night party last night in NYC.

Actress Sanaa Lathan who presently has no scandals attached to her name, also attended the Target Bullseye Bodegas Opening Night party in NYC last night.

Watch that trick, Joy! She'll take your man!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

In addition to forgetting to tell her producer boyfriend of four years that she was marrying Nick Cannon, it seems Mariah Carey was creeping with yet another one of her producers!

If you recall, producer Mark Sudack quietly dated Mariah for four years, and he thought they would eventually be husband and wife. But Mariah slipped away and married Nick instead! Now here comes another one of Mimi's former producers with a similar tale to tell.

Startling new revelations are coming to light in the form of a tell-all book that's about to hit the shelves:

Mariah Carey wants to quash parts of an explosive tell-all being penned by her former record producer Damion "Damizza" Young, who says he'll bare details of the "intense four-year personal relationship" they shared and "worked diligently to disguise from the world's press." Young tell us the songbird's lawyer Sonya Guardo, who works with powerhouse celebrity attorney Allen Grubman, fired off a letter reminding him of a confidentiality agreement to steer clear of blabbing any sensitive information about Carey in his upcoming book, "Guilty by Association." Guardo didn't get back to us. (Source)

What kind of slut is she and how many producers did she f*ck for tracks? Let me hear Jermaine Dupri got some trim for producing her comeback album.

Grammy award winning superstar Janet Jackson kicked off her Rock Witchu Tour on September 10th at the GM Palace in Vancouver, BC. Featuring more than five costume changes and 30 chart topping hits including "Rhythm Nation," "Control," "Let's Wait Awhile" and others, the Live Nation promoted Rock Witchu tour will crisscross the United States stopping in various cities including Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Washington, D.C., New York, Atlanta and San Diego.

Paati Webster
w&w public relations, inc.
Photo by John Darch/JDJ, Inc.

This funny pic comes to us by way of our friends over at You Been Blinded blog:

The latest issue of ESPN the Magazine hits newsstands Friday and will feature Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain in the 0.01 section going head-to-head in football uniforms. Obama is decked out in Chicago Bears gear while McCain wears the uniform of his home state Arizona Cardinals. Charles Gibson is going to referee the game although the McCain camp wanted the Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity crew and Barack’s side was hoping for Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. (Source)

Is Ciara suing Vibe magazine or is this just another publicity stunt? The funny thing is I was talking to a Ciara camp insider yesterday who told me Ciara was "upset" that Vibe magazine airbrushed her drawers off for this month's cover.

I trust my source (remember, she gave me the scoop on Ciara and her manager). But I totally dismissed these claims yesterday due to the fact that Ciara herself said she posed in the nude.

Here's what Perez Hilton wrote:

Sources reveal exclusively to that songstress Ciara's one-two-stepping Vibe magazine to court because the shady pub - according to her - airbrushed all the clothes off of her in a recent cover photo.

The song and dance queen appears to be naked on the October Vibe cover, but sources reveal exclusively to that she DID NOT pose nude and that she's suing Vibe for making it appear as such.

But according to my source, Ciara admitted she posed nude for those photos but she clearly didn't know the "sh*t would hit the fan like it did," and she is "desperately trying to save face" by putting out this fake rumor that she's suing Vibe.

"I don't believe it for one minute," said my source. According to my source, it isn't true and Ciara is not "thinking about" suing Vibe since she posted this video claiming the photo shoot was classy.

So I'm filing this one under Publicity Stunt.

Thanks to Scoop Lady at Project Scoop for the tip!

Billionaire talk show host Oprah Winfrey must be wishing she could wake up from this nightmare. The host diva is learning the hard way that she can't have a popular talk show AND unpopular personal opinions.

The same viewers who made Oprah a billionaire are now threatening to boycott her show by the thousands over a statement she released declaring she would not have Republican VP hopeful Sarah Palin on her show until after the election.

I laughed out loud when I read what Oprah said last week on the right wing Huffington Post blog. It would probably benefit Oprah more if she went ahead and extended an invitation to the gun-toting soccer mom.

Sarah Palin is only the hottest thing right now since white bread (no pun intended).

Is Oprah really that out of touch with reality that she thinks she can endorse one candidate wholeheartedly while refusing access to her show to others?

Yes, she has the right to pick and choose who she has on her show. But her viewers also have the right not to tune in.

Maya Brooks from TNT/tbs Public Relations, sent over these pics of actor Lance Gross, who will be in Atlanta in October to begin taping all new episodes of House of Payne.

Maya writes: "Lance looks amazing in these photos and I think your readers would enjoy some new eye candy of this up and coming star."

The photographer is Derek Blanks (who else?)

[EDITED 4:42 PM: to add video. Thanks, Candis!]

Everybody knows that FAUX News wind bag Bill O'Reilly is a coward who bullies liberals from the safety of his heavily-protected set in the FAUX News studio.

But lately, this coward has taken to sending out goon squads to intimidate liberals in the media who dare to say a disparaging word about him or his views.

The latest "victim" was the AJC's Pulitzer prize winning columnist Cynthia Tucker who coolly stared down a TV crew sent by O'Reilly to ambush her outside her Atlanta home.

Tucker's crime was pointing out the hypocrisy behind O'Reilly's biased views on Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol's pregnancy.

Tucker wrote that Bill O’Reilly had criticized the parents of 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears after she became pregnant. "The blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl, who obviously have little control over her," O’Reilly said.

But as Tucker noted in her column, O’Reilly had a different set of standards when it came to the parents of Bristol Palin.

Here's how the exchange went down according to Tucker:

O’Reilly guy: "Cynthia, in your column, were you comparing Bristol Palin to Jamie Lynn Spears?"

Cynthia: "In my column, I was criticizing Bill O'Reilly. And I stand by that."

O’Reilly guy: "Bill pointed out that Jamie Lynn Spears was running around unsupervised. You know that. So you were saying that Bristol Palin was running around unsupervised."

Cynthia: "If I said that, read that part. You’re holding the column (in your hand). Read where I said Bristol Palin was running around unsupervised."

O'Reilly guy: "You inferred (sic) it."

Cynthia: "I inferred O’Reilly is a hypocrite. And I stand by that. Good day, gentlemen. I’m going inside to finish my Saturday chores."

(They ran behind me, shouting, "Why weren’t you in Minneapolis? You went to the Democratic Convention. Why didn't you go to the Republican Convention?" I didn’t look back - just got in my car and drove into my driveway.) (Source)

Maybe the AJC should consider posting bodyguards outside Miss Tucker's home to protect her from nuts like O'Reilly. If the coward releases the video footage, I will post it.

Thanks to loyal reader Crys G. for the tip!

Thanks to loyal readers who emailed me links from local Philadelphia media outlets regarding the violent incident aboard a Philadelphia train earlier this month.

The victim, 20-year-old lab technician Dewayne Taylor, was asleep on the train when he was attacked without provocation by a mentally disturbed 26-year-old man with a history of violence.

After the man brutally beat Taylor with a ball pean hammer, he picked up Taylor's dropped cell phone and sold it on the street for $150. The transaction was caught on tape as was the senseless beating.

Hopefully, the check Taylor gets from the transit authority and the city after he wins his lawsuit will be enough for him to buy a car so he won't have to ride the trains.

Here's updated info on the strange case:

It didn't take long for Dewayne Taylor to be lulled to sleep by the rhythm of the train and the hip-hop tunes playing on his iPod.

After a long day of work at the University of Pennsylvania last Thursday, the 20-year-old lab technician didn't mind getting a little shut-eye while he rode SEPTA's Broad Street subway line home to East Germantown.

Then he felt bolts of pain explode in his skull.

When his eyes opened, Taylor said that he found a deranged man he didn't know standing over him, smashing him on the head with a ball-peen hammer.

"I thought it was possible, very possible, that he was trying to kill me," Taylor said last night.

The savage attack lasted for five minutes and ended on the Fairmount Avenue platform, when Taylor said that he fought back as the hammer-wielding psycho tried to push him down onto the rail tracks.

"I don't know how to God I got the strength, but I started to defend myself," Taylor said. READ MORE...

The sad part isn't the fact that 20 other riders stood by and did nothing to help Taylor, it's the fact that the hammer wielding psycho's young son seemed desensitized to the violence.

This is allegedly Idris Elba's ex-wife, Kim Elba. She's a celebrity makeup artist here in Atlanta. Kim Elba is very pretty, but she doesn't fit the type of woman that I've seen Big Driis out with lately (at popular skin clubs like Body Tap, for instance).

If the woman I've seen Driis with (on several occasions) is his girlfriend, it means he's gotten over his LSLH complex and realized that the true beauty of a sista does not lie in her skin color, but in her heart.

Here's an excerpt from a British online newspaper article in which Idris describes being married - and divorced:

I ask if he has a girlfriend. "For a long time, I’ve been very private with my life, but I’ve just realized, you know what, who cares?" he says. "So yeah, I’m dating. I’m not in a full-time relationship, and I like that. I’ve done it all, y'know, been married, all that s***. I honestly think that marriage is outdated. I think people need to get married because they're in love, not because it’s the "right" thing to do. I got married at 25 and was divorced by 29. You’re coerced by society, by family . . . by your religion." (Source)

Since Big Driis is now 36, that would mean his marriage was over in 2001 - and not recently as the source would have me believe.

Here's part of the email I received:

*Sandra, have you seen this?!*

hmph! I wonder what REALLY went on with Mr. and Mrs. Stringer Bell... like I said before, Mr. "Daddy's Little Girl" musta finally let his girl out of the dungeon, cause Idris' ex, Kim Elba, who is like a major makeup artist in ATL, has been spotted out and about all of a sudden in the "A", NY and LA and honey--- my girl (who works at the CVS in Atlanta) told me that she was shocked to read that article (i sent you) because apparently they looked so happy in their vacation picks from Jamaica last year....not to mention that the writer of that Times online article got his stuff ALL people do any fact checking anymore?

Peachy Mean1

Anyway, shout out to loyal reader Peachy Mean for the flicks!

Eve was out & about in West Hollywood yesterday showing off her new lacefront. Supposedly she was walking hand-in-hand with a new man. But I won't insult your intelligence by posting a pic of him. I'm guessing Eve's publicist put that rumor out there which means Eve has a new movie or TV show in the works. Is she still rapping?
Photo: Splash News Online

Actress/singer Jada Pinkett-Smith is the perfect woman IMO. She's beautiful, fit and classy. She's the perfect mother to her children and a good wife to her husband, Mega actor Will Smith. And that story about her sharing her bed with other women for the better good of her marriage makes her husband the envy of other husbands. How many women would be that selfless in this day and age?

I meant to post this pic of Bow Wow last week looking pitiful after losing that ridiculous video game challenge between himself and The Game. Look how far Hip Hop has fallen: rappers can only get media attention when they're threatening each other or playing silly video games. By the way, Shad lost 55-25 or some sh*t.

Speaking of Bow Wow, it looks like he came to his sense and got back with a real woman (Angela Simmons of Run's House). I won't even entertain the silly rumors about Shad and oral manipulator Karrine Steffans. Even Bow Wow isn't that crazy! Especially since his mama Teresa Caldwell don't play that.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty except where indicated.

So I'm on one of my favorite blogs this morning (Style Razzi), and I notice her first post is about that multi-billion dollar Atom smasher they built out on the Swiss border that they switched on earlier today.

The post that Style Razzi refers to is full of "woe is me", "end of the world" predictions similar to the ones that were widely circulated in 1999 about Y2K. I find these current predictions to be particularly amusing since Atom Smashing is nothing new.

When I was in high school, much talk was made of a mammoth Atom smasher out in Arizona somewhere (pictured right) that was 5 times the size of the one in Switzerland (about 5 football fields around).

At that time, similar predictions of doom and mass extinction flew wildly.

As you know, an atom is one of the smallest particles known to man (with the Quark being the smallest). It's basically a mass of energy that requires speeds to be electrically charged. Atoms are so tiny that they pass right through us without causing any problems.

The purpose of the Atom smasher is to shoot atoms (or protons) around in a huge circle at sufficient speeds to cause the particles to collide or crash into each other with the purpose being to reveal new, as yet undiscovered matter in the fragments or whatever breaks off.

The Doom part comes in because Bible thumpers think the Atom Smasher will "destroy the world by spawning mini black holes which will sink to the Earth's core before gobbling it up."

As I said, atom smashing has been around since before I was in high school and we have new inventions like the Internet to thank those scientists and physicists for. So I'm not losing any sleep over the Atom smasher in Switzerland.

The sky isn't falling, but it is partly cloudy with a 30% chance of rain.

If you're one of those die hard Crackberry users who can't live without your hand held device, read on.

Some mobile QA engineer over at Yahoo! Mobile, posted a video revealing a first look at the new Blackberry Thunder for Verizon... Verizon? I thought Blackberry was T-Mobile?

Anyway, the ninja speaks about the new Crackberry Thunder at the 2:50 mark of the video, saying, "I don't like it, it's it's an ok phone."

What he doesn't like about it is the touch screen function which acts as a button which means the whole screen has to be pushed - hard - to get the thing to work.

That sounds like boo boo to me. I still don't get the whole hype over Crackberrys in the first place.

Spotted at

Beyonce is holding onto her wig while trying desperately to stay ahead of the blazing hawt Rihanna and other more talented singers like Monica and Brandy who are set to drop new product in the coming months.

VIBE online reports that Beyonce is so desperate to return to the top of the charts that she is releasing two singles on the same day!

On October 7, Beyoncé is releasing two singles radio simultaneously. “If I Were A Boy” and the ironically titled, “Single Ladies”, both of which appear on her upcoming, still untitled, third full-length studio album. The album, featuring all new songs co-written and co-produced by Beyoncé, will be released on November 18. There is still no title for the album. (Source)

On today's Tyra Banks show, Tyra throws the covers off one of our community's most shameful secrets: black women who bleach their skin - and their baby's skin to be lighter!

Ironically, I tackled that very subject yesterday on this blog when I wrote about a certain actress' baby whose beautiful mocha complexion appears to have lightened considerably in the past two months.

But I was chastised by some of my loyal readers who refuse to open their minds to the possibility that some black women are ashamed of their baby's skin color.

Watch the episode trailer after the break. *CAUTION* Autoplay audio after the break...

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A Dayton, Ohio woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for cooking her 28-day-old baby in a microwave oven after fighting with her boyfriend.

Judge Mary Wiseman sentenced China Arnold, 28, to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

"No adjectives exist to adequately describe this heinous atrocity," Judge Wiseman said. "This act is shocking and utterly abhorrent for a civilized society."

Arnold told prosecutors she intentionally placed Paris Talley in the microwave and burned her alive after arguing with her live-in boyfriend. The argument was over the paternity of the baby.

Arnold's first hearing in 2005 ended in a mistrial after a young witness came forward to say he saw an 8-year-old boy take the baby into a nearby apartment and heard the microwave go on.

The witness said he later saw the burned baby in the microwave oven.

Arnold was convicted of aggravated murder in her second trial last month after the boy's mother testified they were not in Arnold's home on the day the baby was killed.

Arnold, who has four other children, waived her right to be present in court during her sentencing hearing on Monday. Instead, she watched the proceedings on a monitor in a side room.

Judge Wiseman rejected a plea from Arnold's lawyers to allow for parole after 25 years. Arnold's lawyers said their client's former cellmate changed her previous testimony.

The cellmate originally testified that Arnold told her she microwaved the baby because she feared her boyfriend would leave her if he found out he was not the biological father.

A jury last week spared Arnold the death penalty when it couldn't reach an agreement on the sentence.

Source 1, source 2, source 3

Rap artist Andre 3000 recently launched his new men's clothing line Benjamin Bixby at Barney's New York during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The new line named after a cartoon character in Dre's head, is inspired by the 1930s letter sweaters and Varsity jackets worn by Aristocrats while they watched leisure sports such as Polo and Lawn tennis that nobody is really into these days outside of the monied Country club set.

Dre has come a long way from that skinny kid writing rhymes in a dank Southwest Atlanta dungeon to now being out of touch with his humble beginnings and designing clothes that no one in East Point would be caught dead in.

The premiere took place last Friday during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kick-off. It was hosted by actress Charlize Theron and many celeb guests stopped by to see what Andre 3000 had in store.

His Fall 08/ Spring 09 collection consists of 70 pieces inspired by college football documentaries of the 1930’s. When asked about referencing the 1930's, he says, "You had rough guys who played football, but they were impeccably dressed. So now, if a guy wants to wash his face, they call him a metrosexual or whatever. So my thing is, cut all that out. People feel like just because you like to dress well ... that don't mean you're gay! I don't know where that came from! You know? It's clothes!" (Source)

More pics after the break...

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck slams Michelle Obama in this video. On the one hand, I agree with Elizabeth about public figures coming to interviews with a list of demands when they are the ones who need the exposure. This is why I decline to do interviews with celebs.

But on the other hand, Elizabeth is such a bitch and that factor alone makes any point she makes suspect.