If I don't post this video, a few loyal readers will be very unhappy. So in the spirit of Christmas, here it is.

This is Beyonce oversinging as usual alongside the newly crowned X-Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, who claims Bey as her idol.

I don't have time to watch it, but let me know if Burke has any chance of unseating Beyonce as the oversinging champeen of the world.

[EDITED: Dec. 16, 2008 4:18 PM (scroll down)]

The blogs are all a twitter about a blunder by Obama's new secretary of education, Arne Duncan.

Obama nominated Duncan to be his secretary of education because, "He's not beholden to any one ideology, and he's worked tirelessly to improve teacher quality."

Duncan is the CEO of Chicago public schools which ranks at the bottom percentile in standardized test scores compared to the national average.

Says Michelle Malkin:

An impromptu flub would be one thing. But Obama Education Secretary-designate — and Harvard grad — Arne Duncan was reading from a prepared text. Guess they teach inventive grammar at Haaaaahvahd. (LINK)

Still, I didn't find anything wrong with what he said. That's why I'm a blogger and not out teaching your kids.

UPDATED: The flub is when he says "My sister and I." According to the Grammar experts, he should have said "My sister and me."

MTV will wrap up its year end countdown by naming its Man and Woman Of The Year on Thursday.

50-year-old Madonna is expected to be named Woman of the Year (LINK).

Today, MTV revealed the names of celebs listed 2-5 on its Woman of the Year list. Those celebs are 5. Katy Perry, 4. Miley Cyrus, 3. Taylor Swift, and 2. Britney Spears.

Yesterday we guessed the winner would be Madonna once we learned Rihanna was relegated to #8, one notch below Sasha Fierce. Who else set fire to the industry like Rihanna or Madonna this year?

Everyone knows RiRi should have been #1 and due to that obvious snub, MTV's list is not being taken seriously by fans.

Anyway, congrats to Madonna for whatever it's worth.

Can you guess who the two bespectacled young men in this photo are? Here's a hint: they are both rappers based in Atlanta and they still wear glasses.

The answer is after the break!

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Rihanna performing during the KDWB Jingle Ball in St. Paul Minnesota yesterday. Meanwhile, wannabe Nicole Richie is denying reports that Rihanna is helping her work on her first album. LOL! Nicole wishes Rihanna would bless her first album. Who told her she could sing?
Photo Source: Rihanna Daily

Singers Ne-Yo and Solange pose during rehearsals for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2009 yesterday in Hollywood, CA. We haven't given up hope that Solange can still be a force to reckon with in urban music. She just has to work on that oversinging problem that she picked up from her sister.
Photo: Getty Image

Gabrielle Union shows off her goodies at the D&G Flagship Boutique Opening in Beverly Hills yesterday.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Rapper Jay Z attended the launch of Holm Spa at Jeunesse Spa / Fabio Scalia Salon yesterday in NYC. Jay wore his Dirty Couture jeans matched with a Cashmere sweater topped off with a Louis Vuitton scarf. He's getting better.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The family of the Iraqi man known around the world as the "shoe man" are accusing his captors of abuse.

Muntazer al-Zaidi is the man seen on video hurling his size 10 shoes at George Bush's head during Bush's final farewell tour of Iraq over the weekend.

"He has got a broken arm and ribs, and cuts to his eye and arm," said his brother, Durgham al-Zaidi. "He is being held by forces under the command of Muwafaq al-Rubaie [Iraq's national security adviser]."

Thousands of Iraqi protesters took to the streets of Baghdad for a second day yesterday demanding al-Zaidi's release. Thousands more marched in Mosul, Iraq's third largest city, north of Baghdad, carrying banners proclaiming al-Zaidi a hero.

In Baghdad, the head of the Iraqi Union of Journalists described Mr al-Zaidi's action as "strange and unprofessional" but urged Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to give him clemency.

"Even if he has committed a mistake, the Government and the judiciary are broad-minded and we hope they consider his release because he has a family and he is still young," Mouyyad al-Lami said. "We hope this case ends before going to court." (LINK)

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Loyal reader Jennifer wrote:

Greetings Sandra,

I am a Real Estate/Insurance Broker here in Atlanta and I love your website. I just wanted to share some photos of me and my really good friend Taraji Henson at the movie premiere in Los Angeles for the movie "The curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" with her co stars Brad Pitt and Cate Balnchett. She plays Brad Pitt's adopted mother and she is awesome in the movie. I wanted to get the word out that she is in the film and for your readers to go out and support the movie on Christmas day. Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston both have movies coming out on that day however, this movie is getting a lot of Oscar buzz and this is a break out film for her. SUPPORT TARAJI HENSON'S MOVIE WITH BRAD PITT ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!


Jennifer Walker

Loyal reader Shannon wrote:

Hi Sandra my name is Shannon from Oklahoma City. I still can't believe I got this picture with Idris Elba. I was in Vegas on my honeymoon the same weekend Chris Webber's "Bada Bling Weekend" was happening in July 08. We went to his fundraiser party at Planet Hollywood and that's how we ran into Idris Elba. All I could say was WOW!!!!! He was so nice to us and such a sweetheart with accent and all. My husband was networking of course and that's his business card in Idris's hand. My wonderful husband took the picture and he was happy to do so. I read your blog everyday. Have a good one.

Shannon B.


Loyal reader Jonez wrote:

Hi Sandra,

My name is Jonez (Ice Jonez). I am Entrepreneur/Rapper in the entertainment business, CEO of JackMobb Inc. I'm also an avid reader of you blog. I was just emailing you a photo of myself and Midget Mac at a private party that I threw in Jackson, MS (Jacktown). This picture is a picture of us relaxing and having fun after a commercial video shoot that Midget Mac did for one of my businesses back in my hometown. I've moved to Atlanta, GA where I currently reside. Well thanks for showing love and posting us up on your blog. Enjoy.

Website www.JackMobb.com or myspace.com/youngjonez

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