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Loyal reader Jennifer wrote:

Greetings Sandra,

I am a Real Estate/Insurance Broker here in Atlanta and I love your website. I just wanted to share some photos of me and my really good friend Taraji Henson at the movie premiere in Los Angeles for the movie "The curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" with her co stars Brad Pitt and Cate Balnchett. She plays Brad Pitt's adopted mother and she is awesome in the movie. I wanted to get the word out that she is in the film and for your readers to go out and support the movie on Christmas day. Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston both have movies coming out on that day however, this movie is getting a lot of Oscar buzz and this is a break out film for her. SUPPORT TARAJI HENSON'S MOVIE WITH BRAD PITT ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!


Jennifer Walker

Loyal reader Shannon wrote:

Hi Sandra my name is Shannon from Oklahoma City. I still can't believe I got this picture with Idris Elba. I was in Vegas on my honeymoon the same weekend Chris Webber's "Bada Bling Weekend" was happening in July 08. We went to his fundraiser party at Planet Hollywood and that's how we ran into Idris Elba. All I could say was WOW!!!!! He was so nice to us and such a sweetheart with accent and all. My husband was networking of course and that's his business card in Idris's hand. My wonderful husband took the picture and he was happy to do so. I read your blog everyday. Have a good one.

Shannon B.

Loyal reader Jonez wrote:

Hi Sandra,

My name is Jonez (Ice Jonez). I am Entrepreneur/Rapper in the entertainment business, CEO of JackMobb Inc. I'm also an avid reader of you blog. I was just emailing you a photo of myself and Midget Mac at a private party that I threw in Jackson, MS (Jacktown). This picture is a picture of us relaxing and having fun after a commercial video shoot that Midget Mac did for one of my businesses back in my hometown. I've moved to Atlanta, GA where I currently reside. Well thanks for showing love and posting us up on your blog. Enjoy.

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Last week I told you that Soulja Boy and his homie Sammie shot this video in Sandy Springs at a private home (12/7). Isn't it amazing how quickly they're dropping new videos like flies now? I remember when it took months to edit a video.

Soulja Boy's 3rd studio release iSouljaBoyTellem drops on Thursday (12/18). While Sammie's as yet untitled 3rd CD is expected to be released in the 1st quarter of 09.

MTV's year end countdown to MTV News Woman of the Year is underway [LINK]. Rihanna, Britney and someone named Hayley Williams is in the top 6-10 list released today.

MTV will release names 2-5 tomorrow and the winner will be revealed on Thursday. MTV names Beyonce twice on the list as herself at #10 and ranking Sasha Fierce higher than Rihanna at #6 which makes no damn sense!

MTV must be sucking up to Matthew Knowles for that scathing article they wrote calling Bey boring [LINK].

Anyway, it's obvious that Madonna will be named woman of the year. Congrats to our girl RiRi! She certainly deserves all the honors and accolades that has been heaped on her this year.

Rihanna's fans know she deserves to be Woman of the Year as the leading industry trend setter in fashion and hair. MTV better recognize.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Photos: Splash News Online

[EDITED: Dec. 15, 2008 6:45 PM]

Suspended NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress, 31, attended a charity event with his wife, Tiffany Glenn, and daughter son, Elijah, at The Madison night club on Saturday night in NYC. Plax was suspended after he was arrested on gun charges for carrying a concealed weapon into a crowded nightclub. The weapon slipped down inside Plax's pantleg and discharged shooting him in the thigh. If you listen to the rumor mongers you would think Plax and his wife were headed for divorce court. But they seem like a happy couple to me.

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo and VH1 donated musical instruments to the M. Agnes Jones Elementary School today. Ne-Yo is always giving back to the community and we appreciate him!
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Frank Ski and his wife Tanya Ski (left), who heads the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, held their annual Wine Tasting & Auction at their lovely estate yesterday. I'm told the house was slam packed with celebs and VIPs who opened their wallets and purses to donate to the Foundation. In years past, the auction has taken in over $100,000 in one night! The Frank Ski Kids Foundation was formed to meet the financial and educational needs of under-served children in Atlanta and beyond. Many thanks to Tanya and JeNika Thomas for the invite, even though I couldn't make it.

Tanya Ski

Frank Ski with Warner Musc Group's Kevin Liles, who attends every year

DJ Spinderella (Salt N' Pepa)

Singer Ce Ce Penniston

Fashion designer Mychal Knight and Eric Snow

DeShawn Snow and her husband NBA player Eric Snow

Warner Music Group EVP Kevin Liles and his date Erika Jones

Julius Erving and his daughter Dorys Erving attended the Wine Tasting

Julius Erving and producer Jazze Pha

What auto crisis? A local Lincoln dealer donates new cars to the foundation every year

Photos: Moses Robinson/Wireimage/Getty

Keyshia Cole performed during Lil Wayne's I AM tour yesterday at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. I'm sorry, but Keyshia is too large to be opening up shows for that troll. Call me Manny!
Photo: Getty Image

Akon and African watch designer Mazzocchi pose during the launch of her Maranello watch line in London, England over the weekend. That's how we do it in London and the Caribbean y'all! We don't work to make others rich! I've already placed my call for an interview with her and I don't even do interviews. Check out her website [LINK].

Brandy prowled the stage during the 2008 Q102 Jingle Ball in Camden, NJ over the weekend. Too bad her album isn't shaping up to be a hit. I heard half of the album last week. Not good.

Rihanna and her BFF Chris Brown were seen walking through the Miami airport on Saturday. That's one globe-hopping couple. There's no need for Chris to hide behind his hoodie. Boy, we already know you and RiRi are slapping skins. Grow up! By the way, we love the matching Louis Vuitton bags!

Singer Chrisette Michele said 'fukk it' to all the talk about her putting on the extra poundage. Chrisette knows she's healthy, she looks good and the men loves them a thick woman. So stay hating!

Jamie Foxx celebrated his 45th birthday TAO in Vegas over the weekend with Sean Combs croaking 'Happy Birthday' next to him. Then he flew into Atlanta last night to continue the celebration at the Velvet Room. More on that later.

Ludacris did his best Urkel impression with rimless glasses at the Hawks/Cavaliers game in Atlanta Saturday.

Warner Music Group's EVP Kevin Liles was in town to attend the Frank Ski Kids Foundation Wine Tasting & Auction held at his stately mansion annually. This year's event took place last night and I hear it was slam packed! They said it was so tight in there you couldn't turn around. I hope all those people opened their wallets and Louis Vuitton Pochette's to give to the cause. I was invited to shoot but I was still sick so I sent my photographer Alphonso who had a mishap with his camera. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. Thanks for the invite JeNika! I got you next year! By the way, I did note that Kevin and Ludacris had on the same leather jackets in different colors. I wonder who makes it? We see you honey with your Chanel bag.

Polow Da Don overdressed for the occasion. Here in the A we do take off our faux rabbit collar coats indoors, so you have to excuse Polow. He's kind of extra sometimes, but we love him! I love Jeezy's style but didn't the bubble jacket go out with the 90s? There was no other celebrity worthy of noting at the game or you know I would have posted their pics.

Kanye West posed backstage on Day 2 of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Xmas event in Universal City, CA yesterday. He behaved himself for once.

LL Cool J and 50 Cent did their thing at the Spike TV's 2008 "Video Game Awards show in Culver City, CA last night.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty except where indicated

George Bush, the outgoing POTUS, has denied a request by the incoming POTUS to move his family into the official guest house across the street from the White House. [LINK]

In response, Obama aides complained to the media that Bush wouldn't make the historic Blair House available to the Obama's early -- as if that was going to change his mind.

An Obama aide, who isn't authorized to speak on behalf of the family -- but did so anyway, said the Obama's needed to move in early so their daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, could begin classes on January 5 at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School.

But Bush denied the request because there were already previously scheduled events for the historic Blair House. Bush aides say he did not wish to displace his guests so the Obama's could move in early.

A Bush aide said the earliest the government guest house is traditionally made available to the incoming POTUS is January 15. But the Obama's insisted upon moving their family and entourage in two weeks early.

MTV took a crack at hating on Beyonce by suggesting that her album I Am... Sasha Fierce isn't selling nearly as well as her closest competitors because Bey is, well, boring.

In an article posted last week on its news blog [LINK], MTV compared Beyonce's sales to that of Britney Spears whose Circus CD sold 505,000 copies in its first week. While Taylor Swift's Fearless sold an impressive 1.3 million since its release a month ago.

On the other hand, Bey's Sasha has stalled out at 893,000 copies sold in 3 weeks. Unimpressive numbers for the singer whose last album, B'Day, went triple platinum.

MTV figures Bey's competition is outpacing her because they're lives are an open book and they relate well to their fans: "Your music is great, don’t get us wrong," writes MTV's Jocelyn Vena. "But we suspect that the album-buying public can’t get past the fact that you come across as, well, boring."

Speaking of weddings, you still won’t really talk about your new hubby, Jay-Z. Privacy is one thing, but you guys barely even take pictures together. And maybe you do like to go out and have a good time, but how are we supposed to know this? It kind of takes away from the fun of your party anthems if we think you’re actually sitting at home embroidering pillows or something.

So, here’s a new game plan: Maybe the kooky wild Sasha Fierce can get out there and start gossiping about Beyoncé. Take this split-personality thing a little further and allow her to tell us a little more about you. Until she does, you’ll always be a few steps behind Britney and Taylor. [LINK]

Isn't it funny that MTV is just now catching on to Bey's lack of personality and cold attitude toward her fans, while I've been saying this for two years now?

I see there are a few of you who are still in denial about the trouble your new president is in. Here's a video which clearly points out the lie that Obama told, which is that neither he nor his team were in talks with Blagojevich about his Senate seat. That is simply not true.

The point is that Obama did not even have to lie about talking to the governor. By lying he made matters worse for himself. But lying is so ingrained in his personality that his immediate reaction to a perceived threat is always to lie first and then work backwards from there.