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Why don't we see beautiful commercials like this here in the states?


Loyal reader Dennis wrote:

I enjoy reading your blog, one can never predict what's coming next! Just a small fyi, the commercial in that video is actually Kenyan and not Nigerian.

Otherwise we both know that American tv is too puritanical for anything like that to show despite all the raunchy music videos we see. Too many double standards in America if you ask me, ultraviolent movies are made and even marketed to teens and young adults yet video games based on the same concepts are railed against like there is no tomorrow. Anyway let me get off my soap box.

Keep up the good work with the blog!


INF Daily
has the exclusive pics of Beyoncé's sister, singer Solange Knowles, sprawled drunk on the floor of LAX airport last week.

Sol-Angel's official story is she drank too much Nyquil, and she was dehydrated. Strangely, we believe her. Why would she lie? She does appear to be under the influence. Well, that's her story and she's sticking to it.


Music mogul, Baby, of Cash Money celebrated his 45th birthday at the Velvet Room this weekend. Also attending his birthday bash was Usher, Devyne Stephens, Keith Sweat and rapper Gorilla Zoe.
Photos by ATL PICS

Photos by ATL PICS

While his daddy Baby partied in Atlanta this weekend, Lil Wayne was preparing to go to court today in Manhattan to answer to gun charges. The judge set his trial for April 20.

Photo: Splash News Online

This is a switch: yesterday, the unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, threw his former friend Barack Obama all the way under the bus during an exclusive interview with Alan Colmes on Fox News.

I say it's a switch because, normally, it's Obama throwing his friends under the bus.

Ayers is the man responsible for bombing the U.S. Capital, the Pentagon, and NYC police headquarters in the 70s in protest of the Vietnam War.

It was at the Hyde Park home of Ayers that Obama launched his political career. Ayers and Obama would later be appointed to the Annenberg Foundation, where together, they funneled millions of dollars to idealogical allies.

But Obama would later say on national television that Ayers was just someone he "knew from the neighborhood."

Well, the chickens have come home to roost, so to speak.

During last night's interview, Colmes asked Ayers for his thoughts on Obama's decision to send 17,000 more troops into Afghanistan.

"It's a mistake. It's a colossal mistake, and, you know, we've seen this happen before... We've seen a hopeful presidency, Lyndon Johnson's presidency burn up in the furnace of war. I fear that this brilliant young man - this hopeful new administration could easily burn their prospects of a great presidency in the war in Afghanistan or elsewhere."

The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show 2009 was held at the Georgia World Congress Center over the weekend. Nu Expressions presents an array of products and hair styles along with Devyne Stephens and his group Krave, Hip Hop West coast Icon Yo-Yo, reality TV personalities Lisa and Sheree Whitfield from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, R&B songstress Tweet, Dru Hill and more brought to you by STEPS EVENTS.

Photos by

West coast icon rapper Yo Yo, left, and R&B singer Tweet

Dru Hill was in the house

DeVyne Stephens (Upfront Ent.) and Lisa Wu Hartwell (ATL Housewives)

Sheree Whitfield (ATL Housweives) with fans

Jay Z and Beyonce?

More pictures after the break!
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Our favorite Metrosexual couple, Kanye West and Amber Rose were out & about in London last night. They attended the Giles LFW fashion show, which is part of London's Fashion Week.
Photo: Splash News Online

Ludacris was spotted carrying his own bags through L.A.'s LAX airport yesterday. How humble of him.
Photo: Splash News Online

Prince performed during his "Purple Party" following the Oscars on Sunday night in Hollywood. His hand picked guests cooled their heels for hours waiting on him to arrive. Prince finally hit the stage around 4:45 a.m. eastern time.
Photo: Getty Images

So yesterday I wrote a post in which I copied & pasted a conversation between one of Kanye West's bodyguards (allegedly) and another blogger. Not that I measure my reader's interest based on comments, but that particular post generated a grand total of one comment.

So what's the big deal, right?

Within hours, a Cease & Desist letter landed in my email inbox with a thud! It caught me by surprise. Out of all the Kanye posts I've written in the past, why would I get a C&D for that post?

Anyway, after receiving the C&D, I hustled back to the to see if the text was still there. Of course the entire post was completely removed from the server. The Fashionista must have been shook when they emailed her.

But thank God for Google's cache pages, otherwise I might be left holding the bag like I made the whole thing up myself.

Do I believe The Fashionista manufactured the conversation like certain other blogs sometimes do? No I don't. That conversation was too intricately woven together to be fake.

Besides that, why would she make it up?

But a better question is, why would the legal goons pick that particular subject to get excited about?

Is it that our combined posts woke up the sleeping Louis Vuitton Gods, who weren't aware that their shoes were walking out the back door before they had the chance to hit retail stores?

I don't know that for a fact. I'm just guessing.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Actress Taraji P. Henson showed some love to singer Esperenza Spaulding at Prince's "The Purple Party" For in Hollywood last night following the Oscars. is a new website named for one of the three albums Prince will supposedly release this year.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

At Prince's party, Taraji was joined on the sofa by playwright/director Tyler Perry, singer Alicia Keys and her mother. If Tyler was a nice guy (he's only nice if you're "somebody") -- I would mention the fact that his movie "Madea Goes to Jail" topped the box office this weekend with an impressive $41 million, making this the biggest opening weekend for the "Madea" series and for the film's distributor. But since Tyler is not a nice guy -- I won't bother to mention any of that.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Actress Meagan Goode was on the guest list at Prince's party, but she showed up fashionably late as she always does. Still, Meagan wasn't as bad as Prince, who finally arrived around 4:45 a.m. eastern time. At least he performed, which must have been some treat for his hand-picked guests.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Kanye West was spotted at the Luella fashion show at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2009 at Covent Garden in London, England today.  Photo: Getty Images