Rick Ross Soars While Asher Roth Flops

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According to Drew Reports, Miami rapper Rick Ross’ album “Deeper Than Rap” tops the sales charts with 152,873 units sold in the first week.

On the other hand, corny rapper Asher Roth didn’t fare so well despite the truck loads of cash and the massive resources poured into his marketing plan. His album, which I won’t bother to name, came in at #4 with only 67,449 units sold. The execs at his record label can’t be happy with that figure. Especially since, as Bol points out, underground rapper Jadakiss sold twice as many albums, without half the budget of Sloth, I mean Roth.


Quincy Still Hasn’t Heard from His Dad

My apologies for the slow posts. Sometimes life intervenes and you have to disconnect from the computer to handle business personally. But I appreciate your continued support!

One of my loyal readers, Daisy, informed me of a new blog by Quincy Brown, aka iQ, the spawn of radio announcer Al B. Sure and socialite Kim Porter. As you know, Quincy recently posted his first letter to his father on Globalgrind.com detailing his life with an absent father. iQ poured his heart into that letter — and a subsequent song, but he has yet to hear from his dad.

    Hello World.
    I published a “Letter To My Father” recently and the tremendous response deserves my sincere thanks. I’m overwhelmed by how many people took the time to read my letter and listen to my record. I received thousands of calls, texts, comments and e-mails. Thank you for your compassion, support, and understanding.

    To those that share my experience, I thank you for your courage. Many of you shared with me your life-experiences without your fathers. I say to you “This is only a season,” one aspect of life. Take the lessons and let them make you stronger and wiser. Commit to never make the same mistake.

    I realized I was taking a great personal risk to share my feelings. I thought that revealing this part of my life was necessary. It was an important part of a process to help me understand who I am. I released years of disappointment and pain. My healing has begun.

    I haven’t heard from my Dad since I published my letter. I know that eventually our paths will cross in this journey called LIFE. READ MORE…

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Celebrity Seed: Usher

Trouble in paradise? R&B crooner Usher was seen vacationing on South Beach with his son Cinco, 17 months — without his wife Tameka Raymond and baby son Naviyd Ely Raymond, 4 mos., who were left back in Atlanta. Of course these pics are sparking more rumors of a separation between the Raymonds, but don’t believe any of it.



Here’s that positive Beyonce post I promised

Lat month I promised Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles that I would meet her challenge to release positive energy into the universe by writing a positive post about her sis Bey.

But then I forgot all about it and I never wrote the post. I’m sure Solo wasn’t waiting on my post with baited breath. But I am a woman of my word, and I keep my promises. So here it is:

    Sony/Screen Gems sent out a Twitter “tweet” on Sunday that said the $28.5 million opening weekend for their Beyonce film “Obsessed” is the second biggest opening in the studio’s history.

    The thriller stars Knowles and Idris Elba as a couple whose ideal marriage is threatened when a psychotic temp played by Ali Larter begins stalking the husband.

    “Obsessed” also holds the title of the biggest opening ever for a last-week-of-April release, beating previous record holder “Mean Girls” ($24.4M). It also gives Beyonce the best opening of her career as an above-the-title star, topping 2003’s “The Fighting Temptations” ($11.7M) and “Cadillac Records” ($3.4M) from late 2008. READ MORE…



Star Jones Says Don’t Tell Parents Their Kids Are Cute

This weekend, while browsing through the social networking micro-blog Twitter, I saw a curious exchange of tweets (messages) left by former talk show host Star Jones.

One thing I’ve noticed in my short time on Twitter is that everybody thinks they’re an expert at something on Twitter. I’m assuming Star Jones thinks she’s an expert at child rearing or something.

Consider what she tweeted to her followers if parents ask them if their children are cute:

    StarJonesEsq: never tell anyone the truth if they ask are their kids: cute, too bad, to fresh, etc. you can’t tell folk the truth about their kids. LOL

    Marcia_Sinclair: @StarJonesEsq “Truth” is subjective when it comes to cute, bad or fresh children. Usually a parent has been told enough times & don’t ask.

    StarJonesEsq: @Marcia_Sinclair “Not for Nuthin”, as we used to say in Brooklyn, you know if your kids are cute, bad or fresh… we don’t need to tell you!

I beg to differ: as human beings we do need compliments to help build self esteem and confidence as children. It’s called common courtesy to compliment a friend’s child. Common courtesy is something that Star Jones obviously lacks.

It’s clear to me now that Star never had anyone tell her she was pretty or worthwhile when she was growing up or she would not be online telling folks not to compliment their friend’s children.

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Obama’s Jet ‘Photo-Op’ Now Classified

The White House has classified any information regarding that terrifying attempt to update Barack Obama’s Air Force One jet file photos yesterday.

That means you will pay out of your pocket for the colossal cost of flying a 747 jet and two fighter pilots over a bridge in New York — and the White House doesn’t have to explain to you what the photo was really for.

As Greta Van Susteren remarked on her Gretawire blog: “they could have done it for no cost with photoshop!”

Wait for the conspiracy theorists to deliver their opinions on what they believe really happened in the skies over New York yesterday. That ought to be worth a few laughs.

By the way, I’m wondering if this was the Change you were hoping for when you voted this guy into office?


Usher introduces protege Justin Bieber to L.A. tastemakers

Some of you may remember this kid all up on Usher at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last month. Well, it turns out the kid is Usher’s protege, 15-year-old Justin Bieber, a young singer that Def Jam probably foisted on Ush and begged him to help them promote. Anyway, Usher introduced Justin to L.A. tastemakers yesterday.

Bieber, who is currently recording his album in Atlanta with producer Tricky Stewart and songwriter The Dream, already has a song at radio titled “One Time.” A video for the song was shot yesterday in L.A.

Below is a video of Justin singing Usher’s “You Got It Bad” at a earlier audition for Def Jam. Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid later offered him a recording contract based on the audition. I’m not at all impressed by the kid’s shaky pipes, but who am I to judge? The music industry is full of singers who got recording contracts based on who they know rather any real talent they might possess.


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