The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, threw a grand opening party on Miami Beach last night for their new business venture, Dah Miami at Clevelander Hotel after vandalizing the store over the weekend to gain the maximum press exposure.
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Wow, Eve, do you think you have enough foundation on your face, mama? Rapper-turned-actress Eve showed off her new tranny look at the 2nd Annual Logo NewNowNext Awards at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC last night.
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Radio Diva Wendy Williams hit up the Logo Awards last night in NYC looking fabuloso. Wendy returned to the airwaves at WBLS after serving out a week's suspension for allowing her hubby to run amok in the station. Kevin had been previously banned from the station for allegedly sexually harassing Wendy's former scheduler (I forget the chick's name).

TV personality Bethanny Frankel also attended the Logo awards. Beth was one of my favorite cast members on this season's Real Housewives of New York, along with Jill and the very neurotic Ramona. LOVE them! Real always recognizes real. Can't wait for next season to start.
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Actor Tristan Wilds (90210) gave the cougars palpitations when he walked into the Lia Sophia Upfront Suite at The London Hotel in NYC yesterday. Here Tristan models a free pair of Solstice sunglasses. Just one of the many perks of being a celebrity.
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Former supermodel, and talk show Diva Tyra Banks attended CW Network's 2009 Upfront at Madison Square Garden in NYC today. As you know, CW canceled the atrocious urban soap opera The Game. The show jumped the shark when the writers asked its audience to believe that two intelligent black women would fight over an obviously gay man.
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Can Lady Gaga put on some clothes please? I'm so tired of seeing her half naked azz all over the blogs! She's about as bad as Beyonce.

Rapper/actor LL Cool J was spotted in NYC last night looking as cool as a cucumber on steroids. Doesn't LL look like he's auditioning for the remake of Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard? He should pose for the cover of a pamphlet on avoiding steroid abuse.

  • spongebobfan

    man im getting old.. LL looks like my uncle eww i miss the Doin It days

  • iscream

    WENDY1!!!!1 My plastic surgery barbie doll. You fit right in.

    EVE. Smh why don't you just return to rocking the Microphone cause that other Mic you rocking got you trippin. You looks a hot azz mess.

    LL Rip to your good looks.

  • Made4Success

    Da'hayle done landed on Eve's head?!?!? Bear season, rabbit season, bear season, rabbit season!

    Giggling @ a cucumber on steroids, haaaa!

    E'rybody else, wrong, wrong, wrong....all wrong!

  • Krysi J

    the jury is still out on Tyra's outfit collaboration...

    love the hair though

    BRB with the verdict soon...LOL!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Okay The Game is over so can we talk about The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Anybody know if there will be a season 2? They ended with a cliffhanger.

  • Lala11_7


    Ah...what's GOING ON WITH EVE'S FACE?!?! I MEAN...SHE LOOKS.....different...

    WHAT HAS TYRA DONE TO HERSELF?!?! I mean...SHE LOOKS...different...

    WHAT DID L.L. DO TO HIMSELF?!?!? I mean...HE LOOKS...different...

    Lady Gaga's body suits is her "signature", that AIN'T GONNA CHANGE...

    Wendy Williams...actually...she looks the same...

  • Daisy

    Wendys boobs are to big for her body!

    Nobody on the Game was gay or suspect.

    I like Tyras outfit but dont like her hair parted down the middle like that.

    Eve looks a mess

    Dont like Bethanys dress.

    LOVE the Karadashin girls!!!!! Great sense of style!

  • ELove

    LL looks LIKE Mike Tyson w/o the face-tattoo
    And he ALSO looks Extremely Tooty-Fruity LOL
    And YES, Eve can Still Get-It (REAL GOOD TOO...)

  • Shauny

    Love the Kardashians...LOVE KHLOE! I'd like to kick it with her

    Eve, Eve, Eve please go to the nearest removal place and get those damn paw prints removed. Tit tatoos are the staple of ghettoism IMO. It adds tackiness to you even if you are looking hella good.

    Betthany and the RHONY...aka same as ATL gals except lighter. They're "entertaining" though

    Tristan please cut your hair baby.

    I don't like Lady GaGa and can't understand why anyone would think Christina A was trying to bite from her. How long has Cristina rocked this white blonde hair and red lips? If Sandra didn't say it was Lady GaGa you'd think it was Christina.

    Thank You Tyra for darkening your hair. That light ash looking blonde brown was not cute.

  • miamore73

    Am I tripping or does that Lady GaGa chick having something on her inner thigh???

    Eve's makeup looks absolutely Michael Jackson ridiculous!!!

    LL so looks like someones uncle.

  • Daisy

    @Shauny I LUVS me some xtina that heffa can SANG all day

    For some reason I have always liked Eve's paw tats. They dont bother me just enough w/o being to much. I am an undercover fan of tatts I only have 2 and want a 3rd for my b day but I am trying to fight the


    wendy needs a new weave bad.

  • Shauny

    miamore - I only see that now but TMZ has shown her at least 3 times performing with a damn tampax string hanging from her leotard. It's just nasty!

  • Krysi J

    The Jury finds the defendant Tyra SOFIA banks talk show host 369,488....guilty of wearing shoes that threw off her outfit, even with a similar colored belt.

    Sentencing will commence on May 22, 2009 with Judge Sandra Rose Presiding.

  • Daisy

    I vote not guilty Tyra if I am on the

  • Imalover

    Eve looks great to me... since she's my girl crush I may be a little biased.

    Bethanny is my favorite too Sandra, and I absolutely despise bad-built-like-a-12yr-old-boy-Kelly.

    Love me some Tyra... I sent her an email in Oct. of '08 and received and invitation to be on her show back in February.
    I agree, LL is looking rather old these days, but hey, that's better than the alternative.

  • Krysi J

    I vote not guilty Tyra if I am on the
    sorry babe you were out numbered...LOL!

  • candycane

    If Sandra didn’t say it was Lady GaGa you’d think it was Christina.

    I did......

  • ReadTheBlog

    that hairstyle makes Tyras face look 10 x's longer than ever!

    Sandra, I think you are the only one that likes Tristan. He looks like he's got teeth like a shark. What's wtih him dressing like a gang banger - fake-a$$ wanna be Ice Cube.

    I don't care for Lady Gaga's music, but if Ciara and Beyonce can get props for running around acting talented, so can Gaga... GO GIRL!

    Wendy Williams has absoluteloy no hips or booty - just like the white guys like - all boobs, and no butt. Oh, and ugly, too!

    Eve - the haircut is cute - the color GOTS to go. Mary is the only Sista allowed to rock fake blond hair.

  • Shauny

    After reviewing all of the evidence, I am finding Tyra not guilty too. It's a mistrial Krysi!



  • ELove

    I MUST Agree (Real Talk)
    And Bey-Baby LOOKS A Whole Lot Better !!!

  • miamore73

    Oh Shawny that is sooooo nasty!!!

  • mjoylaw


    Eve looks great to me

    LL??? WTF. Return to the plastic surgeon STAT for repairs