According to online reports, federal agents, armed with search warrants, raided Dr. Conrad Murray’s Las Vegas home today. As you know, Dr. Murray is the last person to see pop icon Michael Jackson alive before Jackson died of a heart attack on June 25.

Police believe Dr. Murray fell asleep after infusing Jackson with IV Diprivan (Propofol) and then awoke to find Jackson dead.

Diprivan is a potent short-acting sedative used to induce anesthesia in a hospital setting. Patients receiving Diprivan intravenously should be carefully monitored for a drop in blood pressure/and or decreased respiratory rate that could lead to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.

It is recommended that Diprivan be administered slowly to prevent a dangerous drop in blood pressure. The rate of infusion should ideally be controlled by an IV machine or Diprivan can be titrated slowly by hand. But under no circumstance should the patient be left alone while the IV is infusing.

Diprivan is not available by prescription, therefore, the feds are searching for the source of the drug and how it came into Dr. Murray’s possession.

According to, feds also served a search warrant on a storage facility in Houston where associates of Dr. Murray stored files and other items. Dr. Murray’s staff removed items from the storage locker the day Jackson died.


  • anti-PC

    I am sickened by this. MJs death could have very well been prevented.

    Even if this doc isn’t charged with manslaughter, he will have to hide forever because some crazed MJ fan will probably do him in.

  • SunnyPA

    Who didn’t see this coming?!? It’s just a matter of time before they get the other doctors as well.

  • SunnyPA

    I think an appropriate punishment is to force all the doctors involved to have plastic surgery in the image of Michael Jackson.

    Damn, I’m starting to sound like Goat and Charles.

  • Krysi J

    Well if it was malpractice, I definitely want justice served.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. There are millions of Americans, especially white ones, that are talking prescribed drugs that shouldn’t be prescribed to them. I feel that if they can incarcerate our brothers and sisters for yrs and dyrs for trying to make a dollar on the corner selling illegal drugs, they can prosecute these drs who prescribe these deadly drugs legally.

  • ELove

    As LONG as they get the YT-ones too I’M KOOL WIT IT !!!

  • coaretained

    cosign 5 and 6!!!

  • iscream

    I figured he probably fell asleep and dropped the ball. I believe everything happens for a reason so I’ll just leave it at that.

    Darn it Coa where are you. Jermaine Jackson has a song out dissing Michael here’s some of it..

    Once you were made
    You changed your shade
    Was your color wrong?
    Could not turn back
    It’s a known fact
    You were too far gone
    You know I tried to be there for you
    Like a brother I care for you
    It didn’t matter you always play me off
    You only care about what you want
    You don’t care about how it’s done
    You only think about you, your throne
    Be it right or wrong

    Btw this and the book that’s likely to be released that he co wrote… :popcorn:

  • coaretained

    I’m right here iscream… was on vacay in CO….jermaine better quit playing… he don’t know WHICH side of the fence he wants to be on… where’d you find this??

    *whispers* pretty pic btw

  • coaretained

    just re-read the lyrics…. he gets the sitchoazzthefvckdownsomewhereforsomeoneslapsyou award for today.

    :sick: ( hope that’s the little throw up emoticon)

  • Shannon

    $5 says before the end of the week there will be 10+ postings saying Obama and his administration have something to do with this.

  • mizzdallas

    I co sign to #5 & #6

    Im so tired of this MJ story just arrest the dr and others that were involved already…

    can we get some gossip? sandra are you going to watch RHOA on the july 30?

  • Charles

    Lmfao serves that greedy boojie f a g right

    His career = overrrrrr hope he can retire with whatever he doesn’t have in his savings..

  • coaretained

    :rotf: @ shannon!!!

    my 2 year old has been so saturated with MJ ( which is mostly my doing) that she can identify him ANYWHERE…I’ve been recording her singing his songs too

  • coaretained

    I still wonder if they would be doing such diligent work if dr KLEIN or (insert yt drs name hurr)was the dr involved? Nonetheless.. still glad they are “maybe” going to pursue this case involving a black superstar….you know sometimes that gets swept under the rug…

  • iscream

    Hey Coa :waving: <<<—- are you working on that Sandra?

    My boyfriend sent it to me I guess if you google Jermaine Jackson word to the bad it’ll come up. I also read on Pance report there is a book in the works that Jermaine & some dude wrote in 03 saying he thinks Mike touched those kids but he had to back him because Michael would’ve killed himself in jail.

    I knew there was a reason he cut them out the will.. :rules:

    Thanks about the pic.. Same to you. Unlike you my eyes are contacts :rofl:

  • coaretained

    :party: I wonder if that will work…

    glad to be back ( here.. not work) As far as minute he says he’s MJ’s backbone.. the next he’s talking shyt….he better fall the fluck back… effin media whores… the only one we ain’t seen is Janet.. oh and rebbie… even Tito done came out the woodwork.. ALL with conflicting stories… Katherine.. come getcho kids!!!

    *gone to google*

  • ELove

    I THOUGHT those were contacts !!! LMAO
    U know I’m just kidding wit you

    As far as the Will, Mike actually stopped taking care of them financially YEARS AGO

  • mizzdallas

    ummmm charles check twitter

  • iscream

    @ Coa

    Same with my 8 year old. He has ME sick of hearing MJ music. Told me he loves Michael more than I do. Sneaks on the computer when I’m sleep to watch video’s on youtube. Smh I’ve created a monster.

    But I love the fact that a whole new generation of MJ fans have been created. I laugh at the fact that when I was his age I was trying to learn the same steps.

    That’s timeless music, that’s a legend, that’s an Icon, that is Michael Jackson.

  • iscream

    @ Elove

    *slap ya hand* lol, in my defense they are Rx..

    @ Will comment yeah I know here’s a lil more of Jermaine song.

    Thinkin’ about that pie that you’ve been takin’ from me
    From a brother to another brother hard to believe
    Lost and don’t know it yet you still show it
    Givin’ seems to be harder than it is to receive
    The glass has gotten shady, time to make it clearer,
    Clean it up and lets start with the Man in the mirror.
    Theres sadness there brother, aint no mistaken it,
    Get a grip cause youre not far from breakin it.
    Thinkin about the time when we used to be close,
    It shouldnt be past tense, cause nobody knows,
    What the future may hold, what tomorrow might bring,
    Its not guaranteed that youll be spreading your wings

    But meanwhile, I continue to smile, cause in the back of my head,
    I know you’re still a child
    You say that your a man, but that will never be
    (cant figure out what the rest says)

    Gone too far, ya better turn back, I know who you are
    You know where Im at, sad but its true, from me to you.
    Pick up the phone, Dont be alone, step off the throne, come back home.

  • Daisy

    I am good at breaking the :rules:


  • coaretained

    @iscream the words I found were different…hmmm :shrug:

  • coaretained

    this is what I found

    What up yo, word to the badd

    I gave my love
    You gave your love
    Thought we’d never part
    Said you loved me
    Then you left me
    With a broken heart
    You never think about who you love
    You only think about number one
    You forgot about where we started from
    You only think about what you want
    You don’t care about how it’s done
    You only think about you, your throne
    Be it right or be it wrong

    It ain’t about your world
    It ain’t about the things that you do
    If you don’t care, i don’t care
    ’cause you keep thinkin’ about you
    It ain’t about you takin’ my pie
    You been takin’ for a long time
    If you don’t care, i don’t care
    If you keep
    Well i ain’t thinkin’ about you

    Word up yo, word to the badd

    Once you were made
    You changed your ways
    Even told me lies
    Could not trust you
    Still i loved you
    My mind worried overtime
    You know i tried to be there for you
    Like a lover i cared for you
    It didn’t matter you always play me off
    You only care about what you want
    You don’t care about how it’s done
    You only think about you, your throne
    Be it right or be it wrong


    Oh no no, i ain’t thinkin’ about you
    Oh no
    What up yo, word to the badd

    Thinkin’ about that pie that you’ve been takin’ from me
    From a lover to another lover hard to believe
    Lost and don’t know it yet you still show it
    Givin’ seems to be harder than it is to receive
    The glass has gotten shady when it should have been clearer
    But it’s you always starin’ in the mirror
    Constantly fakin’ it ain’t no mistakin’ it –

  • Kat

    i hope that song by jermaine is old.

  • iscream

    Hummm those are the words I had sent to me as well but with the other part added.


  • attorneymom

    Damn, arrest his azz already.

    Sidebar: Don’t you think that the Doc has already gotten rid of any evidence by now??? Then again, he isn’t that bright. Never mind.

  • coaretained

    lmao @ attny mom… just cause someones a dr don’t guarantee they are smart…lol

  • attorneymom

    @ coaretained, you done wrote a mouthful right there. The following is an excerpt from my Real Talk post:

    “As I enter this new and exciting phase of my life, I realize that I cannot be as accessible to people as I once was. I am now realizing what my mother has been telling me for most of my life, “Everyone that smiles at you is not your friend.”

    Another thing is that not everyone with education, career, marriage, home, children, notoriety (referring to politician, athletes and celebrities) or financial success is WISE. I have met some really educated fools. They are public successes but private failures. They are more concern with their image as oppose to their character.

    Another thing I have learned is that your age does not mean that you are mature. Some people are over 40, but behave and make decisions as if they were 18 years of age. Selah.”

  • Shauny

    Isc and Daisy – I will be expecting you to post a schedule for a seminar on HOW TO DO ALL THE DAMN SMILEYS! Yall know all of them and I want in damnit! I’ll be looking for

  • Daisy

    Shauny you just put your cursor over the smiley and it will show you the code :lol:

  • Shauny

    Doesn’t work on crackberry. I’ll keep that in mind for tomorrow. Thanks Daisy

  • coaretained

    you ain’t neva lied attny mom!!!!