As I wrote yesterday, I had no idea who NBA star Richard Jefferson was until my readers emailed me to say he left his gold digging fiance at the alter.

According to online reports, Jefferson is easing his ex-fiance's pain by giving her a six-figure pay-off. I think he did the right thing since money is apparently what she was after from the start.

In an interview, Jefferson said, "There was a lot of stress and tension in the relationship. We've been through a lot — but we just couldn't continue."

That's code for she wouldn't sign the pre-nup.

Say what you will about Jefferson being gay, but what sense would it make for a down low brother to spend $2 million on a wedding just to cancel it the day before? Wouldn't he go ahead with the wedding as a cover -- and to shut his critics up?

It sounds more like Jefferson realized Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols was a gold digger. Especially if what he said about them constantly bickering is true. Who wants to marry a golddigging nag?

In addition to being an adulterer and a cheat, NFL legend Steve McNair was also lax in his responsibilities to his family. The 37-year-old former Titans quarterback obviously thought he was immortal so he didn't bother to prepare a will.

According to the AP, his widow Mechelle, in court documents revealed McNair didn't leave a will before being gunned down by his jumpoff two weeks ago.

A Nashville judge made Mechelle the administrator of McNair's estate -- ensuring that she and the two sons she bore McNair are well taken care of.

But where does that leave his other two sons by a previous relationship? And what about family members such as his distraught mother, Lucille? What if she didn't get along with her daughter-in-law? Is she out in the cold?

Instead of chasing tail, maybe McNair should have been handling his business.

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Rihanna and her "personal assistant" Melissa seem to be more open with their relationship lately -- and we LOVE it!

In this pic posted on Rihanna Daily, we can easily see who is the top and who is the bottom in their relationship. These two are inseparable. We still don't know exactly what Melissa does as RiRi's Assistant. We do know that there aren't too many Hollywood starlets with their assistant's name tattooed on their bodies.

Maybe Rihanna finally realizes that a man is not what she needs in her life. Maybe Melissa is all the woman she needs?

Photo: Rihanna Daily

*YAWN* RHOA NeNe Leakes appeared on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday (I guess). The last time Wendy had a TV show, it flopped miserably in the ratings didn't it? Someone tap Wendy on the shoulder and let her know she is not television material. And then tap NeNe on the shoulder and tell her to get a real job. She is not a celebrity.

Gawd, urban entertainment is so boring... :yawn:

Question: How do you know when Barack Hussein Obama is lying? Answer: His lips are moving.

Remember when Obama urged Congress to pass his wasteful 800 billion stimulus package because it would save or create 3 million jobs?

Well, now you know that was a lie. 3 million jobs have been lost since Obama took office. Can't blame that one on George Bush.

Here's another lie that recently rolled off Obama's lips: remember when Obama said you could keep your private insurance if his health care reform bill passed?

Well, guess what? He lied.

Tucked deep inside the House Democrats' House's "health care for all Americans" bill -- on page 16 -- is a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal once his bill passes.

Under the Orwellian header of "Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage," the "Limitation On New Enrollment" section of the bill clearly states:

"Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day" of the year the legislation becomes law.

So we can all keep our coverage, just as promised — with, of course, exceptions: Those who currently have private individual coverage won't be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers. READ MORE...

To further explain: those who don't have coverage on the date that ObamaCare becomes law will not be able to acquire private insurance after that date.

Welcome to the Socialization of America. One day you will regale your grandkids with stories about a time when America was the land of the free.

The last time a jet flew this close to occupied city structures, it was the fault of Barack Obama whose administration approved an AF1 photo op over Manhattan. Obama's Air Force 1 airliner buzzed buildings sending New Yorkers running for their lives.

Last weekend, a F18 buzzed a Detroit building, but this time Obama wasn't at fault.

A Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet crew got permission for a low-level demonstration flight, as part of the opening ceremony for a speedboat race on the Detroit River, last weekend. This is what it looked like, for Motor City residents. [link]

Photo via The Mail Online

Reality TV personality and former Xscape lead singer, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday in Atlanta. Tiny was joined by family and friends at a party hosted by Grand Hustle comedian Lil Duval. Other guests included former band member Kandi Burrus, rapper Rasheeda and Tiny & Toya co-star Antonia Carter.

Even though her baby, rapper T.I. is currently incarcerated, his presence was still felt. T.I. gifted Tiny with a 10-carat diamond ring and a diamond pendant in addition to a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Thanks to Prince Williams of for the pics!

MORE pics after the break!

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Boxer Arturo Gatti flew to Brazil on Friday to meet his estranged wife, Amanda Rodriguez, and their 10-month old son. He had hoped to be reconciled with his jealous wife and give their tempestuous marriage another chance. Then he planned to fly out the next day to attend his sister's wedding in Canada.

But Rodriguez's jealous fits extended even to his own family members. She forbade him to attend his own sister's wedding. After a night of arguing and drinking, Rodriguez waited until Arturo fell into a drunken stupor before stabbing and choking him with her purse strap.

Brazilian authorities then say the ruthless Rodriguez called Gatti's sister, Anna Maria Gatti -- on her wedding day -- to tell her that her brother was dead.

"Can you imagine? On her wedding day, it’s unbelievable,” said Gerardo Di Francesco, Arturo and Anna-Marias’s stepfather. Di Francesco revealed that Gatti and his wife had separated and he was living with his mother instead of in the Montreal condo that he shared with Rodriguez.

“At the beginning, he had his condominium, the penthouse up top on Jarry [Street]," said Di Francesco. "But then, the fighting started. They were separated. He was coming here to sleep. And she would come here to yell at him, ‘Why don’t you come back to the house?’ It was quite the drama…”

Family members say Rodriguez dominated and controlled her husband to the point where she even demanded that he stop seeing his daughter by another woman.

According to Erika Rivera, the mother of Arturo Gatti’s 3-year-old daughter Sophia, Rodriguez requested to meet with her and then afterwards she told Gatti to cut ties with Rivera and their daughter.

"She told him: ‘You cannot see your daughter. She was holding him back. How could you do that as a mother? Children are innocent,” Rivera told the New York Daily News. “Now she’s left my daughter without a daddy.”

Rivera believes Gatti didn’t understand women, but wanted attractive females in his life. “He did the right thing since the day she was born. He had a trust fund and a college fund for her [Sophia],” said Rivera.

Rodriguez was arrested Sunday in Brazil and charged with murder. Gatti's 10-month-old son remains in Brazil with Rodriguez's family, but Gatti's family members say they will fight for custody of the boy.


I receveived about 3 emails today with the subject line 'Richard Jefferson Calls the Wedding Off'. After the 3rd email, I clicked on the link to see who the heck this Richard Jefferson was.

Turns out he's a 29-year-old NBA star who, at the last minute, got cold feet and decided to call off his lavish wedding to former Nets cheerleader Kesha Nicole Nichols.

Pictures of the smiling couple are splashed on sports blogs all over the net. She looks like the typical gold digging LSLH groupie that these dumb jocks run behind because she fits the prerequisite Beyonce mold.

You can see the dollar signs in the chick's eyes. No doubt, Jefferson came to his senses after NFL legend Steve McNair was gunned down by his jumpoff who then turned the gun on herself.

According to the NY Post, Jefferson spent $2 million planning his wedding and even handed his boy his AMEX black card to splurge the night before the wedding.

"He called about two hours before the wedding. It was nuts," said one Jefferson pal.

He never showed up at the hotel, but "all his boys were there," the friend said. "He gave his best friend the Black Amex [credit card] for the night."

After seeing what happened to McNair, Jefferson probably realized he could have his cake and eat it too without spending TWO MILLION dollars of his hard earned money on a wedding. Any chick who would allow her man to spend $2 million on a damn wedding (as opposed to investing it) isn't worth marrying!

When are our brothas going to learn that these trifling gold diggers aren't housewife material? Especially not a cheerleader whose purpose for becoming a cheerleader was to meet and marry some dumb jock like Jefferson.

At least he wised up before it was too late.


According to a Press release from Whitney Houston's record label, sheer pandemonium broke out as the audience full of VIPs, press and tastemakers raved and danced in the aisle while listening to tracks from Whitney’s new album titled, I Look To You!

The “Queen Of All Divas” was greeted by a standing ovation after Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment, Clive Davis presented select tracks from the album.

There will be two more listening sessions -- in New York and L.A. next week -- before Whitney's sixth studio album drops on September 1st. I guess I'll make my plane reservations right now!

Visit regularly for up-to-date album information, exclusive photos and breaking news!

Source: Theola Borden | Arista/RCA Music Group

I was shocked to see this photo of TV and radio personality La La Vazquez taken at the 17th Annual ESPY Awards yesterday.

From the looks of it, she's packed on at least 30 pounds since we last saw her. She's only a cheese burger away from being classified as obese. Maybe her baby daddy, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, likes her better that way. At least she looks healthy.

We love you no matter how big you get La La!

Old photos taken of Michael Jackson before he died appears to show a necrotic ulceration on his lower right leg that may have been caused by an IV extravasation that occurs when caustic IV fluid leaks out of the vein and into the surrounding tissue.

This usually happens when an IV catheter is not inserted properly in the vein or the catheter (needle) becomes dislodged from the vein.

The photos obtained by ABC News were taken in 2002. "On the photographs of Michael Jackson, it looks like there was necrosis on his lower leg where there might have been fluid that went into his lower leg," a possible result of an IV that had leaked into the leg, Dr. Debra Jaliman, a leading dermatologist and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology, told ABC News.

"If, in fact, he had an IV here, and the IV fluid, which may have been acidic fluid, went into his skin, it might may have, in fact, destroyed the skin," she said. "That's all dead skin that would then make an ulceration underneath that skin."

There are reports that Jackson was self-injecting narcotics.

Jackson's skin also show signs of discoloration, possibly as a result of the skin lightener/bleaching cream that he used to turn his skin white. If the skin lightening cream is discontinued, his natural dark pigment (melanin) would return.


Loyal reader Janice writes:

In his State of the Union Address in January 2003, Bush outlined a five-year strategy for global emergency AIDS relief, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. Bush announced $15 billion for this effort. This plan went unnoticed because most of the funding went to Africa. (The Dutch and the British own way more real-estate there than America) this was almost double throughout his term.

This is his first term lets remember. No one, not Obama (who has close ties there and cant even get his own aunt a green card), Michael Jackson, or any other president (that includes that weak ass apology Clinton gave in '97 for slavery) has gone to task and followed through on any type of aid to the Extent Bush has.

Give the man that. Dont be so hard that you cant tell a person "good job." I say good job for Obama winning the election, I think he been walking into walls every since, but at least I have the common sense to acknowledge the fact that it is historical and a great accomplishment on his part.

One thing that I can say about Bush that I can't say for Obama is the fact that everything he said he was going to do he did it. I'm talking about from Governor of Texas to beyond. Looking back on Obama, I cant say the same thing.

The only cast member of the RHOA who didn't lower her standards to demean herself for a paycheck was unceremoniously booted from the show after the 1st season.

But DeShawn Snow didn't allow small minds and ghetto mentalities to rain on her parade.

She's hosting a camp to empower young girls that will run from July 20 - 24. Visit for more info. 200 spots are open and registration is FREE!

Alex Gidewon (Gidewon Foundation) and Deon Grant (Grant D Knowledge Foundation)

On Saturday, the Gidewon Foundation hosted its annual Party for a Cause Ball. The invitation-only event was held at the Atlanta attraction and beautiful Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

The night was full of sophistication and elegance. Themed as "An Evening under the Stars", over 500 guests enjoyed an evening like no other filled with great music and a live band performed by the Georgia Perimeter Wind Ensemble, dancing, hor'dourves, an open-bar and the night's popular Harlem Nights Casino Room.

Attendees included supporters of the Gidewon Group, the Gidewon Foundation, the Grant D Knowledge Foundation, corporate partners and an array of guests from the Atlanta community. Notable attendees included Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, Georgia State Senator Kasim Reed, Attorney Charles Mathis, Deon Grant of the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Charles Grant of the New Orleans Saints (NFL), Kandi Burruss of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and former member of Xscape, Chaka Zula CEO of Disturbing the Peace Records, Abou (Bu) Thia CEO of Konvict Music, Devyne Stephens CEO of Upfront Entertainment, Manny Halley CEO of Imani Entertainment and manager of Keyshia Cole, Interscope Recording Artist Verse Simmons, and female rappers Rasheeda and Diamond.

Source: Sheena McDonald | 5 Star Relations LLC

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Multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD is already treating Michael Jackson's death as a homicide, and they are focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray.

Law enforcement sources tell us the evidence points to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of Jackson's death. As we first reported, vials of Propofol were found in Jackson's home after he died.

Law enforcement sources say there is already "plenty of powerful evidence" linking Dr. Murray as the person who administered the drug to Jackson. The evidence includes various items found in Jackson's house, including the Propofol, an IV stand and oxygen tank.

Dr. Murray's lawyer would neither confirm nor deny if his client administered the Propofol.

And we've learned the LAPD has had "multiple conversations" with the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the case has not been formally presented to the D.A.

It must be difficult for the Obama worshipers in the mainstream media to accept the fact that no one outside of their close-knit fraternity obsesses over Obama the way they do.

From MM:

Aptly named. Lemon certainly looked like he had swallowed something sour after Mabuse rejected his obsequious suggestion that President Obama’s warm welcome was somehow “unprecedented.”
Golden moment:

Mabuse: “It’s not unprecedented. When President Bush was here, you will remember, in February, there were people who were drumming, there were dances, and President Bush joined some of them.”

LOL, the blank stare on Lemon's face is priceless! Here's his face when African CNN correspondent Nkepile Mabuse tells him Obama got the same welcome that George Bush did. :blink:

Lemon was definitely caught off guard by her unbiased professionalism. Obviously Ms. Mabuse didn't get the memo that she's supposed to worship Obama as her counterparts at CNN do.

Former British child star Mark Lester recently spent some time with Michael Jackson's three children following the emotional public memorial for Michael in L.A.

Lester, 50, who flew over from London where he resides with his own four children, is Godfather to Prince Michael I, 12, Paris Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, 7. Lester and Jackson were friends for 30 years before Jackson passed away after suffering a heart attack on June 25.

Lester told that the children Jackson raised as his own are sorting through their grief in their own unique ways.

"The kids seemed to be coping quite well and they are surrounded by their family right now," said Lester. "They are very polite and quite quiet kids and despite all the publicity surrounding them and their family they are trying to keep things as normal as possible at home."

He said, Paris "loves to draw and paint and has been spending a lot of time with those hobbies" while Prince "loves playing video games to try and keep occupied." As for Blanket, he is "like most seven-year old kids who simply loves to play with his favorite toys and run around a little 'crazy' at times."

"They are getting strength from each other and the other family members that are supporting them while the whole family mourns Michael's death," Lester added. "I actually got strength from them after Michael's death and I think it was very important for Paris to speak at the Memorial service."

In 1968 Lester was chosen from among 2,000 young hopefuls to star in the Oscar Award winning musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel Oliver!. He became an overnight sensation when he uttered the immortal line, "Please, sir, can I have some more?"

Whitney Houston was all glammed up at a party at a London, England Hotel. That's a lot of makeup she's wearing. Whitney's new album, I Look To You, is slated for a September release.

After making us wait almost a decade for new music from the aging Diva, her boss Clive Davis says we will never forget her album after one listen.

But do we still care enough to listen?

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The inept Obama administration has reversed its earlier report that Michelle Obama's dad was buried at the Burr Oak Cemetery where 4 workers were arrested and charged with digging up corpses to resell plots last week.

Earlier in the day, White House spokeswoman Camille Johnston was quoted in the Chicago Tribune as saying Michelle's dad, Fraser Robinson III, was buried in the Burr Oak Cemetary. She later emailed the Tribune to say he was actually buried nearby in Lincoln Cemetery.

How embarrassing! You would think the Obama administration could get such sensitive information straight before releasing it to the media?


Dr. Arnold Klein, the dermatologist most responsible for disfiguring Michael Jackson's features, is officially under investigation for overprescribing medications illegally to the singer for years.

According to, an official with the L.A. County Coroner's office just showed up at Dr. Klein's office to confiscate medical records pertaining to Michael Jackson's care. We're sure most of those records have either been destroyed, altered or gone missing.

It doesn't matter because Dr. Klein will most certainly lose his license to practice medicine anywhere in the country. And he might even do jail time, though that's unlikely.

You can add Dr. Klein's name to the list of disgraced medical practitioners who chose money over the welfare and safety of their patients.

L to R: Manny Halley (Keyshia Cole's manager), Jeezy's manager Marlon Lang, Alex Gidewon and Young Jeezy

Local businessman and promoter Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment celebrated his 25th birthday last week at popular industry nightspot Door 44. The club reached capacity quickly and many guests were turned away. But those lucky enough to make it inside experienced a night to remember!

Thanks to Prince Williams of for the exclusive pics!

L to R: Kandi Burrus (RHOA), rapper Rick Ross, and rapper Rasheeda

MORE pics from AG B-Day Bash after the break!

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I received a few requests from readers requesting the identity of the "thug" photographed walking with First Daughter Malia Obama in a post I wrote yesterday.

Thanks to loyal reader Patricia for coming through with the young man's identity. It turns out he is Michelle Obama's hair dresser, Johnny Wright. My readers are so informative:

Hi Sandra!

Hope all is well with ya! I’m writing from Chicago. The “thug” that these fools are referring to is the First Lady’s hairstylist, Johnny Wright. How dare they call him a thug!! He is a very good friend of mine. Click on the link beneath your article below. I added another picture of him too. I'm surprise YOU didn't catch this!!

They say a sucker is born every minute. But in Atlanta, suckers are born every second it seems. The females, aka Land Sharks, in Atlanta are so desperate to say they have a man that they don't mind sharing him as long as their friends don't find out about their peculiar arrangement! "Just don't embarrass me or put our business in the streets," they say as their man slips out the door to the strip club and doesn't return until the next day.

Which brings us to "Bishop" Thomas W. Weeks III, who recently celebrated his birthday with a new sucker, er, woman, by his side. And we bet she has money.

The last time we heard from Weeks was when he made national headlines for beating down his then wife, evangelist Juanita Bynum, in a hotel parking lot.

Weeks, head of Duluth-based Global Destiny International Ministries, told the AJC he wanted a woman to mend his broken heart after his quickie divorce from Bynum.

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